Courses After 12th Arts

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Have you passed 12th standard with Arts stream subjects? Are you searching for the list of top courses to do after 12th arts? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top arts courses in India.


In this post, readers will find the following details –

  • List of courses after 12th arts
  • Scope, jobs & salary
  • Duration, eligibility criteria and course-details


Towards the end of the article, a short explanation regarding career opportunities after 12th Arts stream is also given. Arts stream students will find this article very useful! Do read the entire post and choose a course that suits you best. And if you like my poor stick drawing that I’ve provided throughout the article, please do share them too!

what to do after 12th Arts stream?

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courses to do after 12th Arts
Here are some good courses that one may do after 12th Arts-

List of courses after 12th arts in 2022 –

  1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  2. BA (Hons)
  3. Fine Arts courses
  4. Performing Arts courses
  5. BCA
  6. Management courses
  7. Integrated law courses
  8. Journalism courses
  9. Hotel Management courses
  10. Event management courses
  11. Aviation courses
  12. Fashion Design courses
  13. Travel and tourism courses
  14. Animation and multimedia courses
  15. Teacher training courses
  16. Diploma courses
  17. Graphic design courses
  18. Home science courses
  19. Photography courses
  20. BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)


Come, let us take a close look at each one of these courses. Here is the in-depth analysis –


Analysis of top courses to do after 12th arts: Syllabus, Salary, Jobs & Scope


1 BA (Bachelor of Arts)

B.A. stands for Bachelor of Arts. It is one of the traditional professional courses that still many Arts stream students pursue. This course is 3 years long. B.A. students are supposed to go through a not too tough syllabus.


The advantage of selecting this course is that it is an easy to do Undergraduate program! You see, many Government jobs require applicants to be Graduates. So, if it is a Government job that you are targeting, you may pursue this course. It is an easy to pursue course and one may concentrate one’s efforts towards preparing for Government Job entrance exams! You may also check – list of entrance exams after 12th.


Apart from the above mentioned advantage, there is another attractive advantage that this course offers- easy availability of seats and Colleges! Yes, throughout India, there are many Private as well as Government Colleges offering B.A. course. So, if one doesn’t want to leave one’s native place and pursue a professional course right there itself, this course could prove to be of help!


Talking about eligibility criteria in case of B.A., 12th Arts (or any other stream) students who have successfully cleared 12th standard examination from a recognized School may pursue this course!


After B.A., one may also go for M.A.! Doing so will enhance one’s skill set and market value! B.A. Graduates may land Government sector jobs such as in Banks, Armed Forces, Police Force, Administrative Office, Schools etc. They may also take up Private sector jobs such as- Accountants, Managers, Administrators etc.


BA is just like a liberal arts program. Unlike the honors program, the general BA program doesn’t focus on any area of specialization or particular domain.


Important subjects present in BA syllabus –

  • English Language
  • History of Cultures
  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Introduction to Graphics
  • Introduction to Design
  • Visual Arts studies
  • Study of Materials
  • Visual Perception
  • Workshops


Apart from the above mentioned common subjects, B.A. students then have to select a combination of courses that they have to pursue after the first year. Some of the important choices that they have are- Psychology, Archaeology, Economics, Mathematics, Languages (like Hindi, English, French etc), Sanskrit, Sociology, Indian Culture, Politics, Geography, History etc.


BA Jobs, Scope & Salary

BA is like a general Bachelor’s Degree. After completing this course, a graduate will have access to government sector jobs, private jobs and self-employment opportunities.


UPSC and State PSC boards have set Bachelor’s Degree as the minimum qualification for many class 1 and 2 posts. Similarly, many government banks too hire Bachelor’s Degree holders for filling up Officer-level posts.


In short, government job opportunities for BA graduates include – Civil Services, banks, PSUs, Indian Railways, Municipal Corporations, Village Offices and more. Private job opportunities include – private banks, MNCs, finance institutes, IMPEX firms, retail firms, manufacturing firms etc. In private firms, BA graduates may find office-based and clerical jobs. Their work usually involves file-management, records-management, accounts-management etc.


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – profile of the employer, type of job (government or private), job location and more. When it comes to government job, the salary will be based on the grade of the employee. On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 10-20K INR per month.


2 BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) stands for BA (Honors). It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. The key difference between BA (Hons) and BA program is that in case of BA (Hons) program, you will be able to specialize in a specific subject/domain. Few examples are –

  • BA Political Science
  • BA (Languages)
  • BA Archaeology
  • BA Media Science
  • BA Travel and Tourism
  • BA Banking and Finance
  • BA Hotel Management
  • BA Management Studies
  • BA Animation
  • BA Humanities and Social Science
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Economics
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Hospitality
  • BA Journalism
  • BA Mass Media
  • BA Linguistics
  • BA Geography
  • BA Social Work
  • BA Defence and National Security Studies
  • And more…


Syllabus varies from one course to another. The syllabus depends upon the area of specialization. For example, in the case of BA Political Science course, the curriculum focuses on political science and relevant subjects.


BA (Hons) Jobs, Scope & Salary

Though BA (Hons) program will help you specialize in a specific area/domain, the career prospects of BA and BA (Hons) programs overlap each other. Just like BA, BA (Hons) graduates too have access to ample amount of government, private and self-employment opportunities.


Just like in the above case, government job opportunities for BA (Hons) graduates include – Civil Services, banks, PSUs, Indian Railways, Municipal Corporations, Village Offices and more. Private job opportunities include – private banks, MNCs, finance institutes, IMPEX firms, retail firms, manufacturing firms etc. In private firms, BA graduates may find office-based and clerical jobs. Their work usually involves file-management, records-management, accounts-management etc.


Let us check out some job profiles that are based on the area of specialization. For example – BA Archaeology. After completing this course, one may don the title of an Archaeologist. One may work for the Archaeological Department, private museums and other archaeology-based recruiters.


Another example of domain-specific job is – BA in Journalism course. After completing this honors program, one may find a decent job in journalism and mass communication sector. This program will give access to job profiles and roles like – news readers, presenter, editor, journalist, correspondent, reporter etc.


In short, the area of specialization may easily affect the nature of the job as well as job profile. It also has an influence on the starting salary. It could be anywhere between 25-45K INR per month. At the end of the day, the starting salary depends upon the job profile, type of recruiter and other factors. And if it is a government job that you are interested in, the salary will be based on the pay scale, grade, class and post allotted to you.


3 Fine Arts courses

Fine arts deals with the study of visual forms of arts. For example, some of the areas of specialization within this course (and thus subjects) are- Painting, Sculpting, Music, Dance, Photography etc. According to me, this course suits students who are into the creative side of things!


I think students who are not too creative and those who don’t have skills in the above mentioned fields must not think about pursuing this course. Because, to succeed and thrive in this field after Graduation, creativity and skills are must haves!


Fine arts is quite different from performing arts in many ways. When we talk about arts, what’s the first thing that comes to our mind? Dance, music, painting or any other form or art? To be precise, the field of arts is quite broad. It is made up of elements such as – visual arts, applied arts, performing arts etc.


Fine arts, the sub-domain, primarily deals with aspects such as – design, visual arts and museology. Let us check out some of the popular fine arts programs –

  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting)
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture)
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Applied Arts)
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Art History)
  • Diploma in Visual Arts (Sculpture)
  • Diploma in Visual Arts (Painting)
  • Diploma in Visual Arts (Applied Arts)


The Bachelor’s Degree program (Bachelor of Visual Arts) is 4 years long. On the other hand, the Diploma in Visual Arts program is 3 years long. Students who have passed 12th class are eligible to pursue this course. Some of these programs (like BVA Painting) may require a drawing certificate too!


In short, if you are passionate about visual arts, you may explore the above mentioned programs. Let us find out more about career prospects, job profiles, salary and more.


Fine Arts Jobs, Scope & Salary

It is not uncommon to see fine arts graduates don the role of an instructor. They are known to train students and fine arts colleges and institutes. Apart from that, fine arts graduates may also find domain-specific work. For example, a candidates who has specialized in the field of photography may join advertising firms, movie production firms, TV broadcast channels, print media firms etc.


Like I mentioned above, one may even explore the path of self-employment. For example, a candidate who has specialized in painting may exhibit his/her work, gain recognition and benefit monetarily from his/her work!


Fine arts graduates are also hired by – art galleries, art workshops, printing agencies, magazines/newspapers/other agencies involved in printing and publishing etc. Fine arts graduates may even start their own publication, printing venture, art gallery or coaching (fine arts) setup, graphic design firms, creative solutions firm, fine arts workshops etc etc. They may even make a living by selling their creations (paintings, sculptures or other forms of artistic work). This can be done online or through the traditional mode of exhibitions.


Teaching is another popular domain among fine arts graduates. In order to thrive in this profession, one must possess higher academic qualification though. Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and a PhD can help you become a professor or lecturer at fine arts colleges. One may even teach students at fine arts entrance coaching centers.


Salary totally depends on the job profile, nature of work and type of job. For example, if you are an artist whose paintings get sold like crazy at exhibitions, you will earn much better than a cartoonist working for a newspaper!


What I’m trying to say is that it is difficult to indicate a particular figure or sum. In a traditional work place (like publishing firm or marketing firm), fine arts graduates may earn anywhere between 30-65K INR per month (in the beginning).


4 Performing Arts courses

As I mentioned before, the domain called ‘arts’ is quite broad. It consists of sub-domains such as – fine arts and performing arts. BPA program deals with the sub-domain known as performing arts.


What is performing arts all about, some of you may ask. As the name suggests, this domain deals with forms of art, which are performed in front of an audience or crowd. Dance, acting and music are perfect examples of performing arts!


A dance performance in usually carried out in front of an audience. Similarly, a musician sings a song in front of his/her audience.


In India, performing arts courses are available in the following formats – Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD, Diploma and Certificate programs. Let us check out some of the popular performing arts courses –

  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Kathak
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Odissi
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Bharathanatyam
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Kathakali
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Music
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Vocal Instrument
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Natyashastra
  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – Acting and Theatre
  • Diploma in Acting
  • Diploma in Kathak Dance
  • Diploma in Odissi
  • Diploma in Kathakali
  • Diploma in Natyashastra
  • Diploma in Music
  • Diploma in Music Instruments
  • Certificate in Kathak
  • Certificate in Odissi
  • Certificate in Music


BPA is the most popular UG level performing arts course in India. The course is four years long. Students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue BPA course. Diploma in Performing Arts programs last for a period of three years. Students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue this course. Certificate programs last for a period of six to 12 months.


In short, if you are passionate about any form of performing arts – music, dancing, acting, instruments etc – you may pursue relevant BPA or DPA program and specialize in that form of art. Let us find out more about the career prospects now.


Performing Arts Jobs, Scope & Salary

Performing artists are usually hired by the following establishments – drama theaters, dance schools, professional dance groups/troupes, drama troupes, professional music troupes etc. At the end of the day, performing artists have access to self-employment opportunities in different ways.


For example, good dancers are known to carry out their own dance shows and performances (in front of an audience, in the form of stage shows and all). Similarly, they also work as choreographers in the traditional film industry. Musicians are also hired by the film industry, music production studios, advertising agencies etc. Musicians are also known to organize their stage shows and events. Actors are hired by film production houses, OTT platforms, drama theaters, advertising agencies, modeling agencies etc. You may also check – Choreography courses in India.


In short, there are ample amount of job opportunities available in front of performing artists. You just need to have the right amount of talent, perseverance and ‘luck’ to thrive in this field! A solid performance, gig or event can change your fortune and make you a star!


A traditional job profile belonging to this domain is – teaching. After completing BPA and Master of Performing Arts, you may don the role of a lecturer at performing arts schools. After completing PhD, you may become a lecturer.


Due to the nature of this domain, it is difficult to point out what the starting salary will be like. On one hand, you will be able to see actors, dancers and musicians earning crores each year. On the other hand, you will also be able to see struggling performers who earn 25-50K INR per month (or even less).


When it comes to a conventional job profile like lecturer or professor, the starting salary could be anywhere between 45-80K INR per month. And for the other job profiles, it is very difficult to mention a particular figure or sum!



BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is a Bachelor’s Degree course. The duration of this program is three years. Students who have passed 12th standard from a recognized board are eligible to pursue BCA course.


As the name suggests, BCA is a computer education program. The program deals with topics such as – software development, computer network, internet technology, computer hardware, IT systems, C programming, problem solving, mathematics, computer organization, computer architecture, object oriented programming, operating systems, data structure, file structure, python programming, mobile app development, database management, computer graphics etc.


The program also deals with practical classes (computer lab) and non-technical subjects such as – management and communication skills. In other words, this program trains students in areas related to programming, database management and IT.


After completing BCA, those interested in higher studies (computer education field) may pursue MCA course. MCA is a PG level computer applications programs. You may also check – job oriented computer courses in India.


BCA Jobs, Scope & Salary

BCA graduates are usually hired by the following firms/establishments – technology companies, IT firms, computer software development firms, tech consultancies, tech startups, digital marketing firms, game design studios, app development agencies, internet technology firms, corporate firms, MNCs etc.


In the digital age, many businesses, corporate firms and offices rely on IT systems, software and computer networks. And these establishments need computer specialists to take care of their IT systems, networks and database. And such firms are known to hire BCA graduates.


In the above mentioned places, BCA graduates may don the following roles – system administrator, programmer, database administrator, web developer, software developer, project associate, project manager, tech analyst etc.


After finishing MCA, the PG course, one may even become a lecturer after cracking relevant selection or entrance examination! Starting salary depends upon factors such as – job profile, type of job and profile of the employer. On an average, it could be anywhere between 25-45K INR per month. These are just average figures though.


BCA graduates may even apply for government jobs such as – UPSC, State PSCs, SSC, Banks, IT specialist (in PSUs, banks, railways etc). In case of a government job, the salary is based on the pay scale and grade of the employee.


It is not uncommon to see BCA graduates choose the path of entrepreneurship and self-employment. A BCA graduates may start his/her own software development agency or small-medium consultancy service. He/she may even take on freelancing gigs (software development, testing and more).


6 Management courses

Arts stream students have access to different types of management programs. UG level management programs are available in the following formats – Bachelor’s Degree, Integrated programs and diploma programs.


The main aim of a management program is to train students and turn them into skilled administrators. The program deals with management principles, ethics and practices. The program trains students to solve problems (related to work/business/any field) by applying the principles of management.


Here are some of the popular management courses after 12th arts in India –

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Integrated MBA
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  • BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
  • BIBF (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)
  • BBE (Bachelor of Business Economics)
  • Diploma in Management Studies
  • Diploma in Retail Management


Bachelor’s Degree programs (BBA, BMS, BBS, BIBF and BBE) last for a period of three years. An integrated MBA program lasts for a period of five years.


Programs like BBA, BMS, BBS, BIBF and BBE are general management programs. These are UG level courses, which deals with core management subjects such as –

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Business Communications


On the other hand, integrated MBA program combines a UG program and MBA program. For example – BBA + MBA. This integrated program bundles BBA and MBA programs together. That’s why they are known as integrated management programs. You may also check – List of management courses in India.


If you want to specialize in a particular domain/discipline, you may always rely on BBA specialization program. Unlike general BBA course, a specialization program deals with general management subjects and specialization subjects. Some such notable specialization programs are –

  • BBA in Airport Management
  • BBA in Retail Management
  • BBA in Media Management
  • BBA in Banking and Finance
  • And more…


Management Jobs, Scope & Salary

Management graduates are usually hired by – MNCs, corporate firms, office spaces, banking institutes, financial institutes, airlines, retail firms, marketing firms. In these establishments, they may don the following roles – manager, business development manager, project manager, finance manager, staff manager, materials manager, marketing manager etc.


Bachelor’s Degree holders in the field of management may also apply for government jobs such as – UPSC, SSC, State PSCs, municipal corporations, bank jobs (PO, clerk, manager etc) and more. In short, they may apply for any government job, which has Bachelor’s Degree as the minimum qualification required to be considered eligible.


If you want to further boose your career prospects, try to pursue a PG level course (like MBA or PGDM) from a premier management institute (after Bachelor’s Degree). MBA or PGDM holders from reputed institutes are able to command a better salary package while applying for jobs.


For a Bachelor’s Degree holder (management), the starting salary could be anywhere between 30-65K INR per month. This is just an average sum. The actual sum relies on many factors ranging from the job profile to the profile of the employer.


7 Integrated Law courses

For Arts stream students, B.A. L.L.B. will be the best Integrated Law course that they could pursue! B.A. L.L.B. Integrated course’s duration is 5 years.


I’ve already written an article about Integrated Law courses, the way they work, career prospects etc. Do read it to get more detailed knowledge about this course. You may also check out the list of law courses.


Basically, an integrated law course combines two programs – a UG level Degree program and LL.B. program. Some of the popular integrated LL.B. programs for arts stream students are –

  • BA LL.B.
  • BBA LL.B.


As I mentioned before, the course duration is five years. On course completion, a candidate will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree as well as law degree! After completing Integrated LL.B. program, one may register with relevant chapter of the Bar Council and begin his/her law practice.


Important subjects present in Law syllabus –

  • Constitutional Laws
  • Property Laws
  • Banking Laws
  • Environmental Laws
  • Company Laws
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Family Laws
  • Labour and Industrial Laws
  • Human Rights laws
  • Administrative Laws
  • Public International Laws


Integrated Law Jobs, Scope & Salary

Lawyers have access to government, private and self-employment opportunities. First of all, let us talk about government job opportunities. Skilled lawyers are hired by PSUs, municipal corporations, Government departments (transport, irrigation, electricity and more) etc. Law graduates are also eligible to apply for UPSC exam and secure civil service post. They may also apply for State PSC exams and join Class 1 or 2 posts.


Let us talk about private job opportunities now. Lawyers are usually hired by law firms, consultancies, MNCs, corporate firms etc. Lawyers may even choose the path of self-employment and start independent law practice or start their own law firm/consultancy.


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – profile of the employer, type of job (government or private), job location and more. When it comes to government job, the salary will be based on the grade of the employee. On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 35-65K INR per month.


When it comes to this profession, experience matters a lot. And the college from which you complete the program also has an influence on your career. For example, in the beginning, you may end up working under a senior, experienced lawyer. During that phase, your salary will be considerably low. And that phase is dedicated towards learning the tricks of the trade and gaining some real-life work experience.


At the same time, candidates passing out from reputed law institutes have a higher chance of getting hired by high paying employers!


8 Journalism and Mass Communication courses

This one is a job oriented and ‘in demand’ course. The Media sector is going through a phase of immense growth! Not only traditional forms of Media like print and TV, online media is also something that is catching up.


All this has resulted in increased number of job openings in Media sector! So, it is safe to say that Mass Communication professionals are in demand these days!


When it comes to Mass Communication, there are different types of courses available, like Degree, Diploma as well as Certificate courses. Degree course lasts 3 years. The duration of Diploma and Certificate courses ranges between 1-2 years.


Students who have a flair for Journalism, social activism etc will thrive in this field. Also, having good communications skills will be an added benefit!


12th Arts stream students who have successfully cleared board examinations may apply for this course. There are many Private as well as Government Institutes offering this course to students. Even there are institutes offering certificate as well as Diploma courses. Please make sure that those private institutes are recognized by the Government!


Talking about job opportunities after this course, Media houses are the prime recruiters. These days, thanks to the arrival of unconventional online media brands, a whole new set of job opportunities has also been unfurled in front of Mass Communication students!


Here are some of the popular journalism and mass communication programs for arts stream students –

  • BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • BA Media Studies
  • BA Journalism
  • BA Visual Communication
  • BA Mass Media
  • BBA Media Management
  • B.Sc. Visual Communication
  • BA Journalism and Mass Communication


Important subjects present in Journalism and Mass Communication syllabus –

  • Media Ethics
  • Mass Communication
  • Editing
  • Reporting
  • Languages and Translation
  • Communication Skills
  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media


Journalism & Mass Communication Jobs, Scope & Salary

Mass communication is a broad field. This sector generates different types of job profiles and opportunities. The type of job you may land depends upon the course you choose. For example, after completing BJMC course, you may gain access to the following job profiles – reporter, editor, journalist, investigative journalist, columnist etc.


Mass communication graduates have access to government and private job opportunities. Government broadcast departments such as DD and AIR are the prime recruiters. Since these are Bachelor’s Degree programs, graduates may even apply for UPSC and State PSC based jobs. They may even apply for other government jobs (banks, PSUs, municipal corporations etc) that require a Bachelor’s Degree.


On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 15-40K INR per month. And the starting salary is totally dependent on factors such as – job profile, profile of the employer and job location.


9 Hotel Management courses

Just like the previous entry, this one is also a job oriented course! It is a no nonsense course and trains students to take on managerial responsibilities in Hotel and hospitality Industry!


Course duration in case of Degree course is 3 years. Diploma courses are also available, whose duration ranges between 1-2 years.


With tourism sector of India going through a good phase, the Hotel business is also doing well. Government is also supporting tourism industry and thus it looks like Hotel business will continue this upward journey!


Skilled Hotel Management professionals are valued by Big and medium sized hotels. Five star and other high rated Hotels are the prime recruiters.


Arts stream students who have passed 12th standard examinations may pursue this course right after 12th!


Here are some of the popular hotel and hospitality management courses for arts stream students –

  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)
  • Diploma in Baking, Beverages and Catering
  • Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • BHA (Bachelor of Hotel Administration)
  • DHMCT (Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology)
  • B.Sc. Hospitality and Travel Management
  • B.Sc. Hotel and Hospitality Management


Important subjects present in Hotel Management syllabus –

  • Communication Skills
  • Foreign Language
  • Food Production
  • Travel Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing


Some of the above mentioned subjects are recurring ones. Students will have to face them in more than one semester!


Hotel Management Jobs, Scope & Salary

In India, hotel, hospitality, travel and tourism sectors are known to generate different types of job profiles and opportunities. After completing BHM or BHMCT course, candidates may find a decent job in places such as – resorts, hotels, club houses, cruise ships, tour management firms etc.


State tourism departments are also known to hire hotel management graduates. The tourism department hires hotel managers for working at government-run hotels, guest houses, resorts etc.


In the above mentioned hospitality institutes, a hotel management graduates may don the following roles – hotel manager, resort manager, customer service manager, kitchen manager, store/purchase manager, assistant manager etc. The starting salary is based on the job profile as well as the type of the employer.


If it is a government hospitality institute that you are working for, your salary will be based on the pay scale and grade. The average private sector salary could be anywhere between 25-50K INR per month. This is just an average figure. For example, hotel managers plying their trade at five star rated luxury hotels will earn more when compared to staff at two or three star hotels!


10 Event Management courses

Event Management is one such field where one can make it really big, if one has the necessary skills and connections! Degree course in Event Management lasts 3 years.


I’ve already written a detailed article about Event Management courses. In that article, I’ve covered details such as types of courses, career prospects, value of the course, nature of work involved etc.


In short, Event Management is a job oriented course, which even 12th Arts stream students may pursue after completing 12th standard schooling successfully.


These are some of the popular event management programs for arts stream students –

  • BBA in Event Management
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • B.Sc. Hospitality and Event Management


Important subjects present in Event Management syllabus –

  • Study of main events
  • Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Business Laws


Event management programs deal with core management subjects. The program trains students to solve event management-specific problems, challenges and situations by applying concepts of management principles and practice.


For example, let us consider a corporate event. To execute the event successfully, one will need – food and beverages for the guests, necessary seating arrangement, sound and visual systems (speakers, mike, projectors, screen etc), transport arrangement for guests (if necessary) and more.


A lot of planning, materials, money, staff and organization skills are required to pull-off one such event. An event manger is trained to take care of these things. He/she is knowledgeable about aspects such as – planning, scheduling, flow of events/processes, staff management, finance management, materials management, legal aspects of hosting an event (contracts, permissions, timing and more) etc.


I must also add that event management is not just limited to parties, corporate events and marriages. Sporting events, political events, music concerts and other events also come under this domain!


Event Management Jobs, Scope & Salary

Event managers have access to ample amount of private and self-employment opportunities. They are usually hired by event management firms. They may even choose to start their own event management firm.


After pursuing an advanced program like MBA in Event Management, one may even get hired by larger event management firms and consultancy firms for organizing huge events like sports tournaments, concerts, corporate events etc.


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – profile of the employer, job location and more. On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 12-35K INR per month.


11 Aviation courses

Candidates who have passed 12th arts have access to different types of aviation programs. While they don’t have access to technical aviation programs (like AME, B.Tech., CPL training etc), they are eligible to pursue non-technical courses, which are related to the field of aviation.


Some such popular aviation courses are –

  • Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
  • BBA in Airport Management
  • B.Sc. Airline and Airport Management
  • B.Sc. Aviation Hospitality
  • B.Sc. Aviation and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Ground Staff Operations
  • Diploma in Air Ticketing


Bachelor’s Degree programs listed above last for a period of three years. On the other hand, diploma programs last for a period of one to two years.


Students who have passed 12th standard from a recognized board are eligible to pursue these programs. A non-technical aviation program deals with topics such as – airport operations management, cargo handling and management, flight attendant training, aviation hospitality, air ticket booking, front office operations and more.


Each course deals with a particular area of aviation sector. For example, cabin crew training program will help you become an air hostess or cabin crew. The program mainly deals with aviation hospitality and customer service. On the other hand, ground staff operations program deals with aspects such as – cargo handling, passenger management, baggage handling, airport safety & security etc. You may also check – Aviation courses in India.


Aviation Jobs, Scope & Salary

The non-technical programs listed above can lead to towards job profiles such as – air hostess/flight attendant, cargo manager, cargo handler, baggage handler, customer care officer, ticketing staff, front office staff, airport management staff etc. The job profile totally depends upon the selection of the program.


Just like the job profile, the starting salary too depends upon the type of domain you choose. For example, air hostesses and flight attendants can earn anywhere between 60-120K INR per month. On the other hand, a ticketing staff can earn around 35-45K INR per month. In short, the salary changes from one job role to another!


Aviation program graduates are usually hired by – airport management authorities, airlines, hospitality firms, travel agencies or firms etc.


12 Fashion Design courses

Just like BFA, to thrive in the field of Fashion Designing, one must possess creativity! If you think you are creative and have a taste for fashion, this course is for you!


Bachelor Degree program in Fashion Designing lasts 4 years. In this program, students are given theoretical knowledge as well as practical training!


12th Arts stream students who have successfully cleared their 12th board examinations are eligible to apply for this course.


Here are some of the popular fashion design programs for arts stream students –

  • B.Des. Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • B.Sc. Fashion Design


Typical fashion design program deals with subjects such as – sketching, computer aided design, textile materials, fashion merchandising, fashion communication, apparel design, clothing design, patterns and styles etc.


In order to thrive in this field, you’d need some creativity. In fact, this is a profession where you can express your creativity through your work!


Fashion Design Jobs, Scope & Salary

Fashion designers have access to different types of private and self-employment opportunities. They are usually hired by fashion labels, design firms, designers etc. They may even choose the path of self-employment and become and independent fashion designer.


After earning respect and popularity in the field, a fashion designer may start his/her own label. He/she may even start collections by organizing exhibitions or shows. But this works if you have a killer portfolio under your belt.


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – profile of the employer, job location and more. On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 20-65K INR per month.


13 Travel and Tourism courses

Travel and tourism forms an important part of the hospitality sector. Travel enables tourism to thrive. And tourism is a main source of income for hospitality establishments such as – hotels, resorts, clubs, cruise ships etc.


In short, it is an ecosystem where one domain enables the growth of another. A tourist hot-spot like Jaipur is a perfect example of this ecosystem. The city is a tourist hot-spot. Tourists from across India as well as foreign tourists visit this place.


Thanks to the booming tourism sector, hotels and other hospitality establishments in Jaipur are able to generate decent revenue. These establishments even employ thousands of folks, thus providing them with a source of livelihood!


Here are some of the popular travel and tourism courses after 12th arts –

  • BTTM (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management)
  • BHTM (Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management)
  • B.Sc. Hospitality and Travel Management


The course duration of the programs mentioned above could be anywhere between three to four years. Candidates who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue these programs. You may also check – Travel & Tourism courses in India.


Travel and Tourism Jobs, Scope & Salary

Travel and tourism is an important part of hospitality sector. Some of the prime recruiters are as follows – tour agencies, travel firms, airlines, travel consultancies, travel portals, adventure tour organizers etc. Well, they are even hired by hospitality firms like hotels, resorts, spas, clubs etc.


The average starting salary could be anywhere between 25-45K INR per month. It depends upon factors like – the job profile, type of employer and location of the job.


14 Animation and multimedia courses

Are you passionate about sketching, animation and visual effects? If yes, this domain will be of help to you. Arts stream students are eligible to pursue animation and multimedia courses.


Here are some of the notable animation and multimedia courses in India –

  • B.Des. Animation and Game Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects
  • BA in Animation
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia


Bachelor’s Degree programs listed above last for a period of three years. These are UG level animation courses. On the other hand, diploma programs last for a period of one to two years. If you search for it, you’ll be able to find informal or short-term animation courses too. But these short-term programs are not as detailed as Bachelor’s Degree or diploma ones.


Some of the core subjects covered by the above mentioned programs include – basics of design, digital design, sketching and illustration, basics of visual effects, motion graphics, relevant software, 2D compositing, 3D compositing, rotoscoping, motion tracking, set preparation, set extension, free hand practice, photography composition, marker and rig removal etc. You may also check – Animation courses in India.


Animation & multimedia Jobs, Scope & Salary

In this profession, creativity and talent can take you to great heights. It is a job where your creativity can be expressed.


Animators and multimedia professionals are hired by – animation firms/agencies, graphic design agencies, advertising agencies, film and TV production firms, digital marketing firms, OTT platforms, online video publishers, news and broadcast firms etc.


In these firms or establishments, graduates may don the following roles – animator, FX artist, color grader, graphics designer, motion graphics designer, simulation artist, rotoscoping artist etc. Experience and skills matter a lot in this profession. If you have impressive set of works under your belt, recruiters will come looking for you. In the beginning, you may face some trouble. But with experience, things will improve. As I mentioned before, creativity, talent and hard work can take you places!


Starting salary, the average sum, could be anywhere between 30-60K INR per month. It may vary depending upon the profile of the job, type of job and profile of the employer.


15 Teacher Training courses

Arts stream students have access to a handful of teacher training courses. Qualified teachers helps educate children and nurture them into good human beings! Teachers have their own place and status in the society. Teaching is a highly respected profession in India.


Here are some of the popular teacher training programs for arts stream students –

  • D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)
  • B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  • B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementaty Education)
  • Nursery teacher training (NTT) course
  • Anganwadi teacher training course


After 12th, Arts stream students may go for teacher training courses like- Integrated B.Ed. course, B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education), B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education). Nursery level teacher training courses also exist in India.


Teaching Jobs, Scope & Salary

Teachers have access to ample amount of private, government and self-employment opportunities. Prominent government sector recruiters include – government schools, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya etc. Prominent private recruiters include – private schools, private coaching centers, private special classes etc.


Teachers may even choose the path of self-employment and start their own coaching class or private tuition classes. They may even use online tutoring portals and earn money while teaching from home!


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – profile of the employer, type of job (government or private), job location and more. When it comes to government job, the salary will be based on the grade of the employee. On an average, starting salary (private) could be anywhere between 25-55K INR per month.


16 Diploma courses after 12th arts

In India, a student will be able to find different types of diploma programs. Broadly speaking, these programs can be classified into the following types – technical and non-technical programs.


Arts stream students are eligible to pursue many of these non-technical diploma courses. These courses span disciplines such as – paramedical science, design, management, yoga, media science, animation etc.


Here are some such popular diploma courses for arts stream students –

  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Animation
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism


These diploma programs last for a period of one to two years. The course duration may vary from one institute to another.


Diploma Jobs, Scope & Salary

First of all, I must say that the job profile is dependent on the type of diploma course that you choose. For example, if you choose diploma in photography course, you will be able to get a job related to that domain. On an average, diploma holders can expect around 18-35K INR per month. The salary will vary from one domain to another.


17 Graphic Design courses

Here are some of the popular graphic design courses for arts stream students –

  • Bachelor of Animation and Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of UI and Graphic Design
  • B.Sc. Animation and Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design


Above, I’ve listed down some of the best UG level graphic design programs. The list consists of Bachelor’s Degree as well as diploma programs.


Generally speaking, the Bachelor’s Degree programs last for a period of three years. Diploma programs last for a period of one to two years. Apart from these programs, graphic design certification programs also exist in India. Most of them are just skill-development programs.


Graphic Design Jobs, Scope & Salary

Skilled graphic designers are in huge demand. They are hired by firms/agencies and may also have access to ample amount of self-employment opportunities.


Graphic designers are usually hired by – digital marketing firms, online publishing firms, online portals and websites, video production firms, animation studios, game design studios, app development studios/firms, printing and publishing firms, TV and broadcast firms, advertising agencies etc.


In these places, depending upon your skills and knowledge, you may don the following roles – UI designer, graphic designer, printing supervisor, digital content creator, illustrator etc. On an average, the starting salary could be anywhere between 25 to 45K INR per month. A graphic designer may even do freelance gigs or start his/her own little graphic design venture.


18 Home Science courses

Home science, the discipline, deals with the following main subjects – human development, management of resources (at home) and communication. It also covers additional subjects such as – food and nutrition, child health, clothing and textile etc.


Here are some of the popular UG level home science programs for arts stream students –

  • BA in Home Science
  • BA in Home Management
  • B.Sc. in Home Science
  • Diploma in Home Science
  • Certificate in Home Science


Bachelor’s Degree programs last for a period of three years. Diploma program lasts for a period of one to two years.


19 Photography courses

Here are some of the popular photography courses for 12th arts stream students –

  • BA in Photography
  • Bachelor of Photography
  • Diploma in Photography


The list consists of Bachelor’s Degree as well as Diploma programs. The Bachelor’s Degree programs last for a period of three years. On the other hand, the diploma program lasts for a period of one to two years.


The photography curriculum covers core subjects such as – photography equipment (cameras, lenses, tripods etc), advanced photo editing, basics of photography, portrait photography, product photography, interior photography, food photography, videography, event photography, relevant software, lighting, design thinking, graphic designing, composition, fine arts photography etc.


Photography Jobs, Scope & Salary

Skilled photographers are usually hired by – TV and film production firms, documentary creating firms, internet video content creating firms, digital marketing firms, advertising agencies, TV broadcast firms, newspapers/magazines/publishing firms, online portals and websites etc.


A photographer may even start his/her own studio and choose the path of self-employment. The starting salary at a traditional place (like publishing firms, broadcast firm or advertising firm) could be anywhere between 25-45K INR per month. You may also check – Photography courses in India.


20 BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

BSW stands for Bachelor of Social Work. It is a UG level program. The course is three years long.


In simple terms, this program deals with the domain of social work. It deals with community and society related aspects such as – healthcare, education, rehabilitation, women empowerment, childcare, community development etc.


After completing this course, you will be able to identify problems faced by various segments of the society. After identifying the problem, you will be able to apply your knowledge & skills to solve those problems. You may also check – List of high salary jobs in India.


The curriculum covers the following core subjects – social science, humanities, English, local languages, social work, family education, counseling etc. Let us check out career prospects now.


BSW Jobs, Scope & Salary

BSW graduates are usually hired by – NGOs, community health centers, old age homes, relevant government departments and initiatives, counseling centers etc. They may also apply for government jobs such as – UPSC, State PSCs, bank jobs, SSC jobs etc.


Private job starting salary could be anywhere between 25-45K INR per month. In case of a government job, the salary is based on the pay scale, grade and rank of the individual.


FAQs –

Which course is best after 12th arts?

It is difficult to point out a single course. Here are some good courses – BA, BPA, BJMC (Journalism and Mass Communication), B.Voc., D.Voc., Integrated law courses etc.

Which subject is best in arts?

The answer to this question depends upon factors such as – your academic interests, passion and likes. For example – if you are good at dancing, performing arts subjects will benefit you.

Can I do Diploma after 12th arts?

Yes, arts stream candidates have access to Diploma courses. Some of the popular Diploma courses include – D.Voc. (Diploma of Vocation), Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Interior Design, Diploma in Jewellery Design etc.

What are the career options after 12th arts?

Popular career options include – performing arts, visual arts, designing, journalism, management, Govt jobs etc.

Which course gives the highest salary?

It is difficult to point out a specific course! If you are good at a specific thing/work/field, you will be able to earn a decent amount of money.

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    • If you want to become a Police Officer, you must crack relevant selection test. Graduation is the minimum qualification required in case of such tests. You may pursue any recognized Bachelor’s Degree course from a recognized University/Institute.

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    • There’s decent scope. But you should have the talent to thrive in this field. Also the quality of the college from which you pursue the course will also decide the fate of your career.

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    • No specific subject requirement. Minimum qualification required is 10+2 pass with 50% minimum aggregate marks required. Note: Minimum aggregate marks criteria may vary from one institute to another.

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    • Hi, some of the best courses have been mentioned in the article. Pursue a course that suits you the best. Take an aptitude test and find the course that will be ideal for you.

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    • These three subjects usually don’t fall under the same course. You will have to choose one field and go forward with it. For becoming travel presenter or host, Mass Communication, Visual Communication or Journalism courses will be of help to you.

  66. Hello Sir, I am santosh from Nanded (Maharashtra). I have 78% in the 12th Art. Of course I can do the tourist guide?

    • Yes, you may pursue Diploma course related to Tourist Guide training. You may also pursue other relevant courses such as BA in Travel Management, BA in Travel and Hospitality Management and BA in Travel and Tourism Management.

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    • You may go for courses like BA in Animation, BA in Animation and Graphic Design, B.Des. Interior Design, B.Sc. in Interior Design or BA in Interior Design.

  70. Hello sir,
    I’m Rishi jaiswal from Delhi. I have completed 12th from arts.I have interested fine arts.But I am not understanding that what do.My result has came 47% sir I’m confuse that what should I do. please suggest me sir.I have no idea somebody about career with this ability. I request please tell me sir..

    • Being an Arts stream student, you are not eligible to pursue Civil Engineering. But if you have had mathematics subject in 12th, you may study Architecture course- B. Arch.

  71. hlo.sir my name is sandeep singh . me punjab ka rahe wala hu.mane p.s.e.b se 12th ke ha. or marks 80% hae.mere leae kunsa course asha rhe ga. I am pendu studend.
    pls ask ans……..

  72. Hlo sir my name is harman
    from punjab amritsar
    Sir mene abi 10th k exam diye hai aur m apse yeh puchna chata hun k m konsa subject +1 men rkho jo sokha b ho aur canada america mein ja sko plz muze btaye kya m arts krne ke baad ja skta hu plzz reply me a anser

    • Harman, it is possible to find jobs abroad after arts stream. You’ll have to pursue good courses like MBA, CMA, BBA etc and chances of landing a job abroad will increase.

  73. hlo sir
    my bro recently passed 12th in history , pol. sci. ,english, punjabi, phy, education ,
    plz suggest best course for him
    english 63
    punjabi 62
    history 82
    pol sci. 80
    phy edu. 8o

  74. Hlo
    I am Gurwinder singh from punjab. Main sir 12th ‘arts’ class de exam dite ne . main koe v engineering da course kr sakda
    because i want to become engineer

    • Gurwinder, if you have had mathematics subject in 12th, you may appear for NATA entrance test and pursue Architecture.

  75. Hlw,
    i’m sarbani from kolkata ,i have just given my 12th exam nd waiting for the results. i’m confused that in which course should i take which i can go further with. actualy, i’m from arts stream nd my subjects are history,geography,economics, nd 2 comm.sub. i m totaly not interested in eco. and my passion is singing,travelling,cook foods,reading etc. sir please help me to find out which course(cheaper) i should do after result? i’m totally confused,

    • Sarbani, give a look at these courses- BA in Culinary Arts, BA in Travel and Tourism Management, Literature courses and BA in Music.

  76. sir i am prince ….
    i just finished 12 th class …so what i can do right now …..i am arts student … sir plz give me the right way for a good job…

    • Prince, tell me more about your interests and likes. Finding a course will be much easier with those details with me.

  77. Okay I am using my dad’s account presently my name is Sayantika I read in 11 in India in my school I don’t have any subject called Archaeology but after 12 I want to do something with Archaeology will I be able to do

  78. hlo sir am parvinder singh pinku.sir mane 12th compleat ki ha art stream me.mere pass subjects ENGLISH ,HINDI , PUNJABI , PHYSICAL. history wase music me kafi age hu.but muje smj nhi ma rha muje age keya krna chahiye?.i am confuse. plzz ap bta dijiye sir

  79. Hello ….
    I am nisha singh from uttar Pradesh (varanasi) still i will finish my exams in 2017. But when I saw this link…I really got a hope for my good future.I am intrested in fine arts…i like paintings. …but I am little tensed for my future……because to fulfil my family needs i want a job of better salary………i want to do BFA course and to get a best job ……..

  80. Hello sir,
    I m riya from assam… I hav js appeard my 12th xams(arts) n waitng for d results… i m confused to choose a course which i cn go wd further…. I wnt a job in banking sector… So which course will help me in getting jobs in banks.. Plz suggest me.. Waitin fo ur answer….

    • Riya, simple graduation Degree like BA would enable you to take up Banking job. Graduation is the minimum requirement for PO posts in Banks. You will have to crack IBPS or relevant Banking examination to get the job (after graduation).

  81. Hello Sir, I recently completed my 11th from commerce steam but now I want to switch to arts and I’m confused about the career options after 12th in arts. I want to discontinue commerce because I do not see any career options in commerce that suit me. And I would like to know if I can become a HR of a reputed company by taking arts this year?

    • Sarah, after 12th Arts, you may pursue 3 or 4 years long Graduation Degree courses. After completing that, you may go for MBA and specialize in HR management. This path will help you get the job that you’ve been dreaming for.

  82. Hey Arun,
    I’m Mubashshirin from Mumbai …I have just given my 12th exams n waiting for my results :p I can’t really decide a course which I can go further with …like I have passion for singing ..want to really do something in social impact space something revolutionary n I also have a love for corporates wanna excel in that field maybe coz I see my dad n friends as entrepreneurs .I would really appreciate if yu could suggest me something… that’ll really help me.
    ( BTW I really loved your stick Drawing n yes indeed this article is pretty cool! )
    Thanks :)?

    • Mubashshirin, for thriving in corporate sector, MBA will be the best choice. You may go for any 3 or 4 years long Bachelor’s Degree program, complete it and then try for securing admission in MBA program. You’ll have to crack CAT exam to secure admission in reputed management institutes.

  83. Hello Sir,
    I am Nikita from Mumbai just now i have given my HSC exam i was the student of Science but now i wanted to pursue my career in B.F.A in music so am i eligible for this and can u tell me that making career in music is a good option or not ….please sir help me out of this problem.and guide me with the right thing…

  84. Sir i have completed my 10th and want to take humanities . I want to go for 3 sides ( Law, hotel management , and media and journalism ) what will be the best option

    • Manav, after completing 12th arts, you may go for professional courses such as- integrated law, BHM or BA in Journalism and Mass Communication to achieve your goal.

  85. Sir,i am interested in hotel management & tourism can i choose arts stream for any of these course and which course is best

  86. dear sir or mam.
    i am a fond of touring new places and much focus on dance and fasion.
    i would also like acting .. i am a 10th passed student with science and still a 11st year student. so suggest me about my future to i proceed good
    Thank you sir/madam

    • Shivam, you may try travel and tourism courses, Fashion Design or performing arts courses. You’ll have to select any one field though, depending on your aptitude.

  87. Hii sir … this sapna from delhi …. I complete my 12th board exams n now waiting for results …. m confused what to do …. m intrested in fashion desinging n journalism also … so what should I do …. n I also want to do job … I am desperate to do job … please help me out .. what should have to do

    • Sapna, if you want a job that involves creativity, go for fashion designing course. Otherwise you may go for Journalism and Mass Communication course.

  88. Hiii sir … this is sapna chouhan first of all thank you …
    I am waiting for my result this year …of +2 n m totally confuse about what to do . There is no one whom I can ask question about what to do ……
    So please …….. help me out ….. n m interested in fashion designing n also in journalism n I also want to do job … so please help me out ….. m totally confused should I do BA english n after that some another courses …… waiting for your answer …..

    • Kiu, yes there is scope. You may pursue language course and become a translator or interpreter. Other than that, you may crack Civil Services and other relevant exams. This way, you could become Diplomat or Foreign Service officer and work at Embassy.

  89. helllow sir ! i have given my exams in 12th arts this year i have intrest in web n graphic desinging but m confised what shuld i do for my graduation

  90. sir,I am an MPC student in intermediate, my aim is to become collector, so which group is suggestable in Bachelor’s degree.sir,please suggest me….

    • Manisha, any Graduation course would be enough. It is your preparation for the Civil Service Examination that matters the most.

    • Madhu, go for integrated B.Ed. course. Otherwise go for graduation and then follow that up with B.Ed. To become a Government school teacher, you must crack relevant teacher’s eligibility test.

  91. Hello sir . I am student of b.a semester 1 eng honours. Sir can I do teacher training course. Please tell me teacher training courses..

  92. Sir ..I am confused in choosing between 2 ug courses…B.A. Sociology or BCA…can yu temme which course has great scope in chennai?

  93. sir, my name is Naveen. I am complited intermediate. And sir plz I want your advice for farther. What can I do farther.
    Plz help me sir and give me any
    suggest for make my career plz sir plz

  94. hello sir,
    maine B.A ,Hindi honours kiya hain ,nd after that M.A( Hindi) course complete kiya. mai janna chahti hu ki mai kis job ke liye apply kr skti hu?

    • Kamna, you may apply for Banking jobs (that require just graduation), teaching job, State Government jobs etc.

  95. Hi Sir, I’m Datta completed 12th class in arts stream.
    But I am confused about my please sir suggest me in my career…

  96. Hello sir, i have recently appeared in class 12th arts examination and i was confusing about choosing courses. Im interested in achitecture and drawings. If you dont mine, sir can you please give me the best suggestion to make over it.

    • Maino, if you had Mathematics subject in 12th, you may go for NATA entrance test, score good marks in it and join a good Architecture Institute.

  97. Hello SIR
    My Name Is Chandrashekhar Soni i pass 12th with 58% but i am fully confused i am intrested in communication or technology Services SO please Help me WHAT i DO PLZ

  98. Sir if I done 11comm and I want to change the stream and want to take arts stream without wasting 1year directly in 12std….

  99. Hi I took arts in 12th . I have interest in hardware related courses.. pls suggest some courses related to this and from which university I should do this. thank you. for your help.

  100. Hi Sir, I complete my BA( Rural Development & Hindi) in 2005 but now I’m confuse abut my career now I want to think about my career so can you tale me chick courses are good for my career….?

  101. Hiiii…….I m riya ……..I m 10 passed student ….. I confused which field to choose science or arts……..I’m interested in genetics ……. what I should choose in science field

    • Riya, if you are interested in the field of genetics, you may take PCB (Biology group) subjects in 11th and 12th. After 12th, you may go for B.Sc. in Genetics or Genetic Engineering course. Law can be pursued in the form of integrated law course after any stream- Science, Commerce or Arts.

    • Shilpa, you have access to lots of professional courses after 12th arts stream. Some of the best ones have been mentioned in this article. Please tell more about your passion/area of interest. It will help us select a good course.

    • Pankaj, if you have had mathematics subject in 12th, you may appear for NATA entrance test, get good rank in it and join a good Architecture institute.

  102. hello sir I complete my + 2 in Arts ( mathematics economics political)stream with 68% marks. so tell me which course is best for me to getting job in future.

    • Pankaj, all the courses mentioned above have decent job scope. The key is to find a course that suits your aptitude.

  103. Sir,
    I am miss Minal padte completed my 12th commerence and confused about what to do in artï field…..i have best creativity..please suggest me for courses..about what to do now!please please suggest me a course…i am interested in drawing acurate sketches..i have drawn many sketchs..and also i have completed 8 to 10 drawing books..

    • Minal, you may study BA in Animation and Multimedia, BFA, Sculpting etc. BA in Drawing and Painting is a very good course too. Consider all the courses mentioned here and make an informed choice.

  104. hello sir I m from delhi..
    I am confused in between cs or law what is the best career option for…me….after 12th I had just finished 12 and waiting for my result

    • Anjali, if you have good communication skills, confident and good personality, good memory, investigative and interrogative skills, you may go for Integrated Law course Otherwise go for CS course.

  105. hlo sir
    first of all thanku sooo much suggest me for mba
    sir I ask my brother he done 12th arts stream with economices but currently his not intrsted in study so, m qstion is what can he do…..?
    sir please reply

  106. Hello sir, I completed my +2 science last year with 70% marks and joined btech because of the force of my parents but I quit the course this year and I am a highly passionated musician my dreams are always to work in creative fields howewver verybody says bsc audio engineering is not a good degree. So which degree course good for me? How about visual communication and electronic media. Please help sir.

    • Tony, B.Sc. SE is a good course, actually. If you have taste and passion in that field, it will help you build a good career. B.Tech. or Diploma Sound Engineering programs are also good. Visual Communication is good too.

  107. hello sir….
    I’m Preet sir I want to ask that my sister has passed 12 by arts stream and she wants to do bba after 12th but she doesn’t know English very well so my question is…. is English mandatory for bba?

    • Preet, many institutes do have that criteria. I think she could work and improve her English. Go ahead and pursue the course if she wants it.

  108. Hello sir…
    I will be clearing class 12 this year.. I m planning to do B.a n along with it I will be preparing for upsc…. But now I m getting confused plz can u suggest some courses for me…

  109. hlw sir……
    m priyanka this side from Delhi
    sir I done my 12th stream of comerce with 70% marks and 10th i got 80%marks
    and now currently m students of Delhi unvircity in regular collages (p) in final year
    i choose (p) becoz mujhe MBA krni h
    but I confused what should I do…? mba criteria ya fir koi professional course etc……
    sir please reply me as fast as possible
    and my brother passed in 12th 60%in arts stream so after 12th what’s can he do…..?

  110. Sir,
    I’m totally confused wat to do
    After going through a aptitude test
    I got to knw I’m good at arts, sports, and writing
    Three options are there and many opportunity which I dnt wanna give up
    So plz guide me to wat to do

  111. Sir,
    I’m currently in 11th grade and wish to become a psychologist though I’m not very sure which one. I keep swinging back and forth between clinical, counseling and child psychologist.
    Which one do you think has a larger scope? How many years will it take for me to get a job once I’m done with my 12th grade?
    Can I expect a good pay package, by good I mean a starting salary of at least rs. 30,000 per month after I complete my education.
    Please do correct me if I am wrong but I believe the courses I will need to take in order to become a psychologist will be BA, MA and m Phil, correct?
    Thank you in advance for ridding me of my doubts.

    • Sakshi, the courses you mentioned are in the correct order. My knowledge about this field is limited. I can’t tell you which area is the most rewarding one. After 12th, UG and PG combination will help you land decent job. Time taken will be above 5 years for this. You may expect a good salary after master’s education.

  112. hii… ia m a student of arts n having psychology n finearts too wat should be best for me tooo follow up nxt to be in a reputed stage plzzzzzzzzzzz reply….

  113. Sir i done my 12th before 1yr now am persuing b.a political hons but sir! I’m interested in computers I’m very confused help me sir I wasted my 1yr i don’t want to do b.a political but .I was confused that time and without thinking started doing.. Help me sir and give me some suggestion about computers related courses.. I got 60% marks and I have these subjects pol.sci, English, history, fine arts , physical edu! ! Rply me sir as fast as possible I don’t want to waste my 1yr again!! Thank you!!

  114. Hello sir, i have just wrote my 12 exams and waiting for my result.
    Iam confused what subjects do i advocate as my Honours subjects.The subjects that i choose in 12 are English,Socilogy,Political Science,Education & Economics.Iam confused which subject to choose for my BA honours.Besides i wanted to join sports college as i hv.been interested in Basketball since i was little.What do i do.I want be a sports person but also need to work to support my family after BA?? If u could help?

  115. hi sir
    i m preparing for my 12th std and i am very confused about what should i do after 12th
    i m interested in psychology and i wanted to know whether becoming a psychic detective or anything thats related to that has scope in india or abroad?

    • Dhwani, you may go for BA in Psychology. I’m not sure about the scope abroad. In India, there is decent scope (if you’ve higher qualifications).

  116. helo sir i m Anushka maine 10 cbse se kiya h or 12 up board 70% nd 65% maine computer course bhi kiya h Dca nd tally.ise tym Ba 3rd year me hu.. i want become a teacher or a banker. my sub. is english economics education.mijhe job krna h u can help me wht can i do sir.

    • Anushka, for becoming a teacher, you may go for B.Ed. program after graduation. It will help you become a teacher (you’ll have to crack TET exam though). For Banking career, BA Degree would be enough. Still, a Diploma in Banking and Finance could further boost your chances.

  117. Sir first of all thank you so much for this information. I’m a student of 12th arts with the subjects eco, history, pol sci, Hindi and English. I’m interested in doing something out of the box and something which gives me the opportunity to express my self and at the same time I want to help the people around me and infact bring about a change in the thinking of the people. I also like interacting with the people and knowing more about their lifestyle and their culture. I want to be in a somewhat promising career with a nice pay package. I know I’m being quite impulsive and stupid but can you please suggest me something which would be just the right career for me??

    • Niharika, there are some careers through which you can influence people. Some of them are- Journalism, Visual Communication, Law. If you are academically bright, you may try for Civil Services examination. Bachelor of Social Work is also a decent course.

  118. sir i complet my 12th i like to do sketching and creative work,,,,,,,, but i’m soo confused ….. what to do? how to do?

  119. I have appeared for 12th(commerce) board last month I want to become a music producer and produce for films TV and albums so for this which degree I should go for it?

  120. HELLO, Sir I am Manpreet and I Passed My +2 Arts with 85% and I want to go In Foreign For Studying And Working? SO What I have to Do And Sir I am so confused please suggest me some good ideas for my better Future?

    • Manpreet, first of all, you’ll have to find a proper university and course abroad. Then comes the admission process. Secure admission and proceed with emigration process.

  121. Hiii sir I m arshi Gupta From jammu I m writing my examination of 12 th class . I want to know about army navy air force course I have taken commerce without maths . Being a girl in which line i can go and suggestion for law course

    • Arshi, girls can’t join directly Armed Forces as Officers directly after 12th. You’ll have to complete graduation course first (any 3 or 4 years long course). Then you may make use of test like CDSE and join the Armed Forces as a Commissioned Officer.

  122. Hellow sir or madam, I am Indrojit Das. I’m from West Bengal. I have completed my graduation with English honours. I want to continue my further study with computer related courses. Is there any course available for me? Plz give a suggestion, I’ll be very thankful to you.

    • Gurminder, as evident from the article, there are many courses, which you may pursue after 12th. Tell me more about your area of interest. Based on it, suitable professional course can be found.

  123. sir mai teaching me bahut intrust rakhta hu sir mai 12 clear hu with 60 % hai mai kon sa course karu Jo mai teacher ban Jay.

  124. Hi! Sir i’m kaushi from tamil nadu nd i belong to a poor family. Pls suggest me that i taken art’s steam in 10 so what can i do after completing my study nd to get a gud job pls pls pls sir. Thank you

  125. Sir ,maina apni 12th arts stream from open Haryana board sa ki hai mera pass subject tha Hindi ,English ,public administration,political science,history or main janna chahta Hun ki main aga bba ya BBS continue kar sakta Hun ka Na

  126. First of all thank you for this article Mr.Arun . I’m currently giving my board exams(CBSE board) and I am expecting around 90% .
    I have a few questions that I’d like to run by you . Firstly , can I pursue Bba course abroad after doing humanities without maths ?
    Secondly , I’m interested in management courses , which courses can I pursue abroad ?

    • Kanishk, abroad, the eligibility criteria may be different. I’m not much knowledgeable about it. In India, it is very much possible. Some other management course you may pursue are- Diploma in management, BBA + MBA (Integrated) and BMS.

  127. Dear sir,
    I’m currently in 11th and have taken arts. I’m wishing to study psychology. What are the subjects required for studying psychology and what are the careers I can pursue with a psychology degree?

    • Vidya, you may go for BA Psychology after 12th Arts. There are no specific subject requirements. You may find a job in places such as- Mental Hospitals, Correction centres, rehabilitation centres etc (Government and Private). You may also take up teaching job (preferable after completing Master’s program). After completing Master’s and PhD, you may also take up research jobs.

  128. sir can u recommend me that which subject will be better for UPSC history,geography,psychology,economics or anything else..also for professorship which subject would be better..
    waiting for your reply

  129. Sir,
    I am currently doing my class 12 boards exams .
    I fear that my result may not b as good as i expect it to be . One of my friends told me to keep a second option by applying for entrance exams .
    Can you kindly suggest some entrance exams . I have a strong interest in economics .( I am also a scheduled tribe )
    Thank you

  130. sir i am a student of class 12th science.i hav given 12th cbse board in march 2016 . i want to become a professor or an IAS officer . i am interested in opting B.A. for graduation.but i am confused about the subjects.either i should do B.A honors aur simple B.A in any subject . plz advise me as soon as possible..i am expecting atleast 80% in 12th.
    waiting for your reply

  131. Im samar, from gurdaspur(punjab)
    my subject<math,economics,sanskrit,punjabi,english nd aditinal subject <computer nd evs) plzz hlp me …… who is the better course ???

  132. hello,Sir, what can i do after 12 iam very confused. i liked four options eco hons, hons, law or defence. But you give me some best suggestions for my future. what can i do.

  133. First of all thank uh sir for reply.but can i also opt bca and could uh also suggest some of the courses and job opportunity in their feilds plz plz sir and how sir i need to aso this thing shall i change my field.??

    • Daksh, mny colleges do offer admission to Arts stream students for BCA program. After completing the course, you may take on job roles such as software developer, software tester, project engineer etc.

  134. Hi!!
    First of all Thank you so much sir…
    Sir, I am presently writing my 12th exam & will be completing it this April.
    Sir, 12th mein mere subjects the→
    English, Urdu, Hindi, Political science,
    History and Economics.
    Mai bahot confuse hu ki 12th bad kya kru ..mujhe history,English, mein intrest hai..iske alava mujhe fation design or teaching ka bhi shauq sb mein mai deside nhi kr parhi hu ki mai kya choose kru…
    Sir plzz help me ..
    Waiting for your reply…

    • For teaching career, you may go for courses like B.P.Ed. (Physical Education) or Bachelor of Elementary Education. BA in History will also suit you. After BA in History, you may go for PG courses and eventually become a lecturer!

  135. sir i want to ask this thing that i have completed my 10 in year 2012 with 62%.then i took admission in science field but i was failed in class 11 then next year that is 2014 i clr it but in 12 th i got back in maths .. then i took admission in open school and pass my 12 th with 50%. sir kindly suggest me some courses and i took science becaz i want to do b tech in computer. but now i m totally confused what to do i m from middle class family sp plz plz plz sir kindly suggest…

    • Daksh, there still are engineering colleges where you may get admission. Otherwise you may also go for B.Com. in Computer Science degree.

  136. Sir….I have completed my 12th arts …..I have interest in anchoring ……I think I have that ability…… But I have no idea about career with this ability …….I request you that please tell me various courses and job opportunites which are related to anchoring……!!! How I get that jobs also…..!!!
    I will wait for your reply sir….!!!
    Thanking you….!!!

    • Sneha, anchoring will help you build career in Television, Performing Arts and Entertainment industries. You may also anchor corporate and other live events also. A good degree course related to this field would be BA in Mass Communication and Journalism. Though the course is not directly related to anchoring, it will help you acquire some key skills related to anchoring. Some other courses are- Diploma in Anchoring, Diploma in Anchoring and Jockeying, Diploma in Acting and Anchoring etc. Similar certificate courses are available too!

  137. Hlw Sir…
    My name Prince I hve complete my 12th in arts…i got 73%….Sir plz suggest me some special course….like BBA,,MASS Communication and JOURNALISM etc……which one is best

    • Price, you are not eligible to pursue B.Tech. However, you may pursue courses such as Architecture, BCA, BBA, BA in Journalism and Mass Communication etc.

  138. Hello sir
    my name is midhun p k
    i m completed +2 with 80% but now i m really confused for next step
    plz help me sir for choosing courses ,sir i know drawing ,i m really interested in media based and art based courses ,
    like this
    1, b.a visual art
    2,b.a graphic designing & animation
    3,b.a visual effect ,v f x
    4,b.a multimedia
    5,b.a visual communication
    6,bsc visual media
    7, fashion design
    sur which is best and most scope

    • Midhun, all fields have their own potential and scope. I’d say that BHM, if pursued from a reputed institute, will help you land a good job. Graphic Design and Animation is also a good course. Whether you will get success or not, in that field, depends upon your skills and creativity.

  139. Hello Sir.
    My Name is Sana.
    I live in Kuwait. I’m going to finish my 12th by April….
    I dn,t know what course to take…
    I’ m interested in teaching and Home management…
    Sir If you can Suggest me something….
    I’m also Interested in travelling….
    Waiting for your reply……….

    • Sana, you may go for BA Degree and follow it up with B.Ed. This will help you take up teaching job. Some other courses that you may try are- B.P.Ed., Diploma in Physical Education etc.

  140. Hello, I just complete my 12th In arts stream nd ab main B.A kr rahi hu..i have a lots interest in fashion design..can you plzz tell me best institute jo ki affordable bhi ho.

  141. Hello Sir, I am Shazia perusing computers first year from Hyderabad, I’ve completed my MEC in inter with 72%…. Earlier I was not aware about BFA course (bachelor of fine arts). So I wanted to known weather I can opt any designing course or event management course after my studies… me out with a better advise weather what I can do with my skills. thank you

  142. Hello sir
    Main maharshtra se ho main abhi 12 Arts ka exam complite kya ho mujh ko na computer hardware main aur NDA Main interest ho main in dono main kya bahetar ho ga
    Aur is ke leye kya karna ho ga

  143. Hi sir .i am presently writing my 12th exam and will be completing it this april . i am a lot of confusions regarding the degree to persue after 12th . the sujects i ahve taken in 12th r commerce , economics , accountany ,and business math . i am not that keen on doing a degree in economics of i would prefer to do something . i am really interested in history and geography . so is there any course i an persue with history and geography having taken commerce stream . ??
    is there and other option ???

    • Samitha, if you are interested in History, you may go for BA program in History subject. Other courses available in front of you are- CA, Management courses etc.

  144. Sir, I’m going to take arts in 11th is there any chances that after 12th if I take B.H.M. I could get a good job in U.S.

  145. Hi Sir,

    I am krishna from kolkata. i have completed my 12 from Arts stream. My family is financially not that good. I have less than 50 % is 12th. What are best available options for me. Can i get into computer related things.

    • Prakash, you may try courses such as management courses (BBA, BMS, BHM, BBA+MBA etc), Integrated Law, Journalism and Mass Communication etc.

  146. Im 2 mch confusd dat what I do bcoz I don’t know about al courses so please help me subjects are-hindi, English, economics, psychology and home science. Please suggest me.

    • Sneha, you may go for traditional courses like BA, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics,BPA etc. Other than that, you may also go for courses like management, law, architecture, BCA etc.

  147. hello sir i am arju i belong to Bihar presently i am living in new Delhi as far as my qualification is concerned i have done my 10th and 12th i am pursuing ba sector from Bihar but after ba i don’t want to study because my family background is so week i can’t study tell me any course computer related other related after that course give me easily job but i like English subject i am doing English (Hons) i am intelligent in English i want to be life in english come what may can you tell me also computer related course

  148. sir I am a plus two intermediate student. I have interested in law.what are the scopes and opportunities in this course. please suggest for me.

    • Midhun, you may go for Integrated Law course after 12th. Make sure that you have skills required to thrive in this field. Scope is good. But a lot depends on your aptitude and skills. After completing the course, you may go for higher studies or take up job posts of private lawyer, associate lawyer, legal consultant etc.

  149. First of all…………..Than q so much ……….sir…………
    Can u tell me what r the options in arts stream when takng up 11th stndrd

    • Ramya, options can be divided into the following broad categories- traditional courses, management courses, integrated law, technical courses (Architecture and BCA), diploma courses and other certification courses.

  150. hello sir i am fahim i belong to bihar i have done my 10 th and 12th with arts stream i am pursuing ba eng (hons) i want to know that i want to earn which is the best computer course so that i could earn job easily in India and outside please help me

  151. Hello sir,
    meine 12th clear ki h cbse board se 54%
    nd mei improvement exams b dungi
    mere sbjects hain
    Geographx, history, english, hindi, Political science
    mjhe ye puchna hai k mere lye best course for graduation konsa hai
    Meri kch smajh ni aa rha kya kru kaha jau
    mera ye ek saal to drop ho gya ab nahi karna
    Plzz kuch suggestion de diye

  152. HELLO SIR,

  153. sir, madam i am 12pass in arts ,my subject are(political science, geography, economics, english, bengali) but right now i am confused that which career should i go for because i don”t have any idea about these studies and 1)diploma in mining 2)hospital management course , i am a fond of traveling new places and also wanted a very good salary package so sir please suggest me that which career should i go for & which career gave me better future , and one last thing that if you suggest me the right course or any other option for me please mention the institution names , thanking you……..

  154. Hello sir
    In what ways can an Arts student get involved with the United Nations? And is a job in an embassy a career option for arts students?

    • Navya, BA Languages (Foreign) can help you land translator type job. Other than that, you may also land other desk jobs after completing various relevant BA Degrees.

  155. Hello sir…. I m a science student who will pass her 12 this year. … I m planning to do mass comm. But I m confused about the college nd whether there are job opportunities after doing mass comm . plzz suggest me should I do it or not..???

  156. Sir or Mam I just complete my 12th in arts stream and I have a lots of interest in Politics. So I am thinking for doing Journalism and Mass Communication and I am looking for best Institution for it.

  157. Hello… i have completed my mechanical engineering at diploma level (3yr) which is normally done after completing 10th….. bt now i am not interested in becoming an engineer… So plzz can u suggest me anything so i can give 12th private exam and do future study in that field… (no specific interest in any field till now developed )

    • Lisa, watch out for UPSC as well as State wise PSCs’ advertisements and notifications for which Graduates may apply.

  158. hello sir…my name is ujall and i am from west bengal (Darjeeling)..i’ve completed my H.S exam and got 65% on it…so i want to be a S.I. police what can i do sir??.

  159. hello ,sir
    i vamshi from warangal,
    This academic year2015 i completed degree ( with an aggreegate percentage of 79.5%.
    and in intermediate (M.P.C) only 49.6% .then i wil qualified to AIR FORCE pls tell me sir.i must intrested to join in AIR FORCE
    i am waiting for ur reply sir
    thanking u sir


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