Google interested in buying WhatsApp

WhatsApp logo

Google has shown its interest in buying WhatsApp recently. WhatsApp is a mobile application used for instant messaging. WhatsApp is available for various mobile platforms like Android phones, Symbian, Windows phone, Blackberry and the iOs (Apple iPhone). WhatsApp allows its users to send text messages, videos and picture messages to other WhatsApp users. The popularity …

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4 best part time jobs for college students


College students frequently face this problem- they run short of money. Well, parents of students always provide them with money at the beginning of each month. But the students it seems are not good at basic calculations, for they end up spending all that money before the month ends. Too many expenses to manage like- …

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All about Amitabh Bachchan’s Supremo comic series

Amitabh Bachchan

In the 1980’s, Amitabh Bachchan was not only an actor, he was a superhero a la Superman, hiding his face using a mask, fighting crimes and kicking villains in their balls and thus keeping his superhero identity a secret! Hey, not in real life, but in a fictional world depicted in the comic series named …

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All about Google doodles

Google Logo

Many a times, we see that Google has made changes to its logo to mark a special occasion. You might have seen one today, honouring Maria Sybilla Merian. They transform their logo and make it related to the occasion. Welcome to the world of Google Doodles. Doodles are basically works of art that Google uses …

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5 sure-shot ways to make money using internet

Internet has changed the way we work, play and entertain ourselves. Such is the influence of internet on our lives that, without it, even for a few hours, the world economy will incur huge losses. We spend lots of time online- chatting, playing games, watching movies and videos, shopping etc. So, why not make money …

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7 job interview tips you shouldn’t miss

Who doesn’t want to get that dream job, cherished for years? The only thing that stands between you and landing your dream job is the process called interview. Either you get your dream job, or you get what is left behind by others. This article will help you prepare better for your job interview. Why …

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Great courses to do after engineering in 2023

All you need to know about the best courses after engineering can be found here. This article will be of great help to guys who are either in final or pre final year of engineering. One must plan well in advance about one’s studies and career. This article analyses in detail many courses and options …

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My SSB Interview experience

I was out of school, having finished my 12th standard and enrolled for Engineering in a college in Surat, Gujarat. I had filled forms of NDA exam while I was still in school. Now, when I started my college life, I got the admit card of NDA exam. Thanks to our postal department, I got …

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Some interesting and funny College life facts

College life: the freedom, the sense of being grown up and     responsibility of us on our own shoulder! College life prepares us for the big bad world that lies ahead. We learn a lot about ourselves and fellow homo-sapiens while living on our own in the dorms and hostels. Another interesting aspect of college life …

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