5 sure-shot ways to make money using internet

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Internet has changed the way we work, play and entertain ourselves. Such is the influence of internet on our lives that, without it, even for a few hours, the world economy will incur huge losses. We spend lots of time online- chatting, playing games, watching movies and videos, shopping etc. So, why not make money using internet? Many a times, we get to know about various sites that offer us the option of working from home, using a computer with internet connection.

Money Matters! Make money using internet
Money Matters!

The type of work varies from site to site. It may be data entry type jobs, Ad clicking jobs, review writing jobs etc. But how do we know the credibility of such sites? Yes, you may google the site and look for consumer complaints, but there are many ‘smart’ but crooked sites out there, looking to lure people into their hook. Many sites that promise ‘easy-money’ demand a payment to be made before granting you a membership. 60% of the time, such sites turn out to be some sort of scam, which will shut down after a few months after siphoning off all the money invested by its members.

I’m not saying that all such sites are fraud and dishonest. There are honest players out there, but they don’t promise ‘fast-money’ or ‘get rich quick’ schemes. You have to work your ass off to earn some money. My friends have asked me to suggest some ways to earn money online. So I decided to put up an article on this site. The methods described will surely earn you good money. But you have to be patient and hard-working to get it.


Start Blogging

You don’t have to master HTML coding to start a simple blog. There are various CMS (Content Management Systems) like Wordpress and Blogger that provide its users an easy to use interface to manage a blog. It requires hard-work, patience and knowledge to turn it into a ‘money-making’ blog. You can blog about things you love, a unique niche. If you love sports, blog about various sports events and news. You love cooking? Why not start a blog, share your recipes and get famous? If your blog gets lots of readers, you can rake in good money through advertisements. But don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. It takes time to get readers coming, and the blog should be of help to people. You can start up free blog on platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, but I advise you to register a domain name and then start blog using the above mentioned CMSs.



Freelancing can earn you good money if you are talented in your field. You can become a freelance writer, photographer, programmer, code-writer etc, depending on your qualifications, talent and passion. The plus point of freelancing is that you choose your own working hours. I consider freelancing the best option for students, who can earn money, making use of their spare time. There are various sites that are looking for freelancers. Such sites act as a point of contact between the employer and the freelancer. I suggest that you visit this site to get started.


Set up an E-shop

Just like blogging, this too isn’t rocket science. There are many software and websites out there that will help you set up and E store. Why not check out this site and start your own E store?


Make money using YouTube!

Yes, you can make money using YouTube! In fact, there are many people out there earning money using this site. Basically, it is related to google putting advertisements (AdSense) on your videos, and you getting paid for the number of clicks the ad receives. But before starting right away, you have to become a YouTube partner. If you regularly upload videos in YouTube, you can apply for the partner program. Click here to know more about it. Note that there are some guidelines and rules to be followed to get accepted by YouTube. Once you become a partner, they will place ads on your videos that are doing good and getting viewed often and you get paid for the number of clicks the ads receives.


Hope you found my article informative and useful. Remember, there are no such things like ‘easy-money’ and ‘something for nothing’. Smart-work, perseverance and passion is all you require to succeed.

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  1. I tried some ad posting jobs with registry fee of 1000 bucks. It really sucks, some other options without registration fees please.. 🙂

    • Thoungamba, why not try link shortening services like- Shorte.st and content writing sites like Listverse and Bubblews? They are legit ones.


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