Some interesting and funny College life facts

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College life: the freedom, the sense of being grown up and     responsibility of us on our own shoulder! College life prepares us for the big bad world that lies ahead. We learn a lot about ourselves and fellow homo-sapiens while living on our own in the dorms and hostels. Another interesting aspect of college life is certain discoveries and improvisations that we make while we are on our own and find ourself in a difficult situation. This article deals with some interesting facts that college life teaches us.

1 Even scholars may fail in exams.


No matter how smart you had been in school, you stand a real chance of failing in college exams. I’ve seen many a book-worms struggling in the exams despite long hours of “ratta-maar”.


2 Sleep: You never get enough of it.


A good sound sleep is what many college students crave all day long. The long lists of class tests and assignment work plays a spoilsport during many a nights, otherwise the students kill the night watching movies and chatting away on their lappies. Either way, sound sleep is a luxury.


3 Last Day is the day to do it!


When it comes to exams and assignments, there is never a better time to prepare than the last day! Even if you have weeks to prepare for them you will leave them to the last few days. Seems like it is an unwritten law!


4 Daily showers are not necessary.


At home one would shower almost daily, thanks to our parents. Now that one is in hostel and on one’s own, showers become scarce and optional. As long as the perfume and deo cans are not empty, showers can wait. There is another point to make here; by avoiding shower we are saving water! Going green I must say!


5 Washing clothes: Once in 2 weeks!


Gone are the days of washing clothes each and every day. Student don’t have time and money to do meaningful things so how could you expect them to wash their dirty clothes every single day? Clothes can be worn until they look shaggy and utterly dirty. And the bad smell? Next article deals with it.


6 The Sniff Test.


Not sure whether your unwashed clothes are good to wear? Perhaps the Sniff test could be of some help. Sniff it and come to a judgment.


7 Exams just got more creative!


During exams many students end up writing their own made-up  answers. Better yet end up writing freaking film songs and stories! Creative huh?


8 The Myth: College life is all fun.


At school, while we were toiling hard for the board exams, our teachers used to say,” This is the time that you should put your ass down and study. Once in a college, life is all fun and party and badass adventures”. Well this is utterly false and the teachers had been saying it all wrong. Actually college life is harder than school life for you are your own guardian and caretaker. Assignments, Class tests, Projects, Lectures; college life can become a nightmare if you can’t manage it all. So get that ‘All fun’ thing out of your mind.


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Despite all this college life is one of the best times of our life. The friendships formed at this stage lasts a lifetime and prepares us to take on the world. There are many other such facts, but hey, I have to go to college now!

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