Great courses to do after engineering in 2023

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All you need to know about the best courses after engineering can be found here. This article will be of great help to guys who are either in final or pre final year of engineering. One must plan well in advance about one’s studies and career. This article analyses in detail many courses and options you can pursue after engineering.

M Tech courses

This is the course that most students pursue once they complete their engineering. This course has many takers because of the job opportunities that it has to offer. If you really want that edge over B Tech grads or you have set your eyes on becoming a lecturer, this course is highly recommended. The course is two years long and the demand for M Tech grads isn’t going to die any soon.

M.Sc. or M.S. courses

Engineering graduates are eligible to pursue relevant Master’s Degree in Science. M.Sc. or M.S. programs can be pursued by them. The key is to select a relevant and rewarding field of specialization. It is not uncommon to see Indian students pursuing M.S. Degree abroad, after completing B.E. or B.Tech. in India. Pursuing Master’s Degree will boost career prospects. It will also help one take a step towards a rewarding career in the R&D sector!

Branch specific Technical/Skills Oriented courses

There exist many technical and skill based courses, which engineering graduates may pursue. Such courses are branch-specific in nature. For example, wiring engineering will suit mechanical and electrical engineering graduates. Similarly, piping engineering will suit civil and mechanical engineering graduates. CAD will come handy in cases of electrical, mechanical, civil, automobile and other engineering branch graduates. In short, there exist many relevant technical and skill enhancing courses. Such courses are job oriented and will certainly add to the skill set of engineering graduates. Apart from that, such courses are short term in nature. You will be able to complete it in a short span of time! It is also possible to pursue such courses while you work (part time or distance education modes!).


Many companies are looking for engineers with great management skills. If you get an MBA after your B Tech, your value rises exponentially. There is no need to hurry and enroll for an MBA soon after B Tech. You may take up a job, prepare for MBA entrance at the same time and enroll after a couple of years. In this way you have three advantages: you have B Tech degree, work experience and an MBA degree by the time you finish Management course.


For those who are not interested in MBA, PGDM course will come handy. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a PG Diploma course related to management studies. One may opt for general management studies or may even choose a specialization! PGDM programs are generally around 1-2 years long. PGDM Degree from a premier management institute will definitely boost your career prospects.

Various Software Courses

This will be helpful to Computer engg and IT engg students. These fields are progressing at such a rapid pace that a mere graduation won’t get you jobs. The key is to stay up-to-date. There are various private institutes offering software and hardware courses. One must select the best available computer course which will offer you some advantage over other graduates. NIIT is well known to offer some great software courses that you can take up after engineering. The good thing is that such courses last just 6 month to 1 year.

Maritime (Merchant Navy) Courses

Fascinated at the prospect of faring seas? Have a penchant towards leading an adventurous life? Don’t mind staying in a ship for months together, away from land? Well, this is the field that you’d love. It is also highly rewarding job and offers good salary to freshers too.

Get into the armed forces

This is exciting and rewarding job. To get into the armed forces, you have to appear for the CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam, AFCAT or other relevant examination. Once you pass the written exam and SSB interview, you will have to undergo a one year course. After the completion of the course, you will be inducted into Army/Navy/ Air Force, whichever is your choice.

Animation, Graphics, VFX courses

Many of you might consider animation and multimedia courses useless. But if you are creative enough and enjoy such works, there is no dearth of job in these fields. Companies are looking for skilled and efficient grads and there is a shortage of talented grads in this field. There are a number of private institutes offering such courses. Remember to join the best one. Better yet, if you can splash some money, go abroad to complete this course.   Apart from the above mentioned courses, you may even prepare for competitive exams like GATE, UPSC as well as State-wise PSC exams. Many well known PSUs are recruiting GET (Engineering Trainees) through GATE score. A good score in the exam will help you land a good Government job! State-wise PSCs can be used to obtain state Government jobs.

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  1. Hi Arun the article you posted was a great help for me but I want some information regarding desining courses that one must pursue after having an mechanical engineering degree

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  3. hello sir i have completed be in electricle and electronics eng. so next wht should i have to do…and also i am interested to do CA is tbere any posiblites of doing ca after be ..

  4. Hi..I’m in ece 2nd yr….how is the scope for biomedical engineering or .medical electronics?will it be worth studying this as my mtech?will I get a good job?


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