7 job interview tips you shouldn’t miss

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Who doesn’t want to get that dream job, cherished for years? The only thing that stands between you and landing your dream job is the process called interview. Either you get your dream job, or you get what is left behind by others. This article will help you prepare better for your job interview. Why not crack that very first interview and bag the job that you have always loved?

As you all know, the number of colleges, irrespective of the trades are increasing. It seems every ‘trust’ has found the ‘Education’ sector very lucrative. Colleges are popping out like mushrooms. So do the number of graduates. The numbers get bigger with each year. The competition just increases.

Earlier, there used to be less candidates and the interviewers had a simple job to do, of selecting the best candidate. Now the scenario has changed. The sheer number of graduates is increasing like never before. The interviewers have a tougher job now, digging out the ‘diamond’ from ‘dirt’. For this they have evolved smarter methods. Apparently, the interviewer’s breed is pretty smart, constantly updating their selection process.

Make sure you follow the steps below and impress the hell out of your interviewers.


Apply for the job you love

Well, this ought to be done before you apply for a job. You should only apply for a job that you love to do. No, there is no law stating that it has to be done as I say. You may apply for any job, virtually any, as long as you have the necessary qualifications. But by applying for the one that you always loved, you are prepared to give your all for it. Besides that, once you get selected, you will be able to make rapid progress in your career, because you are doing what you love and there is no way you are going to screw up later. Do you think you will be able to perform a job that you don’t like?


Prepare a ‘no nonsense’ Resume

This is where many candidates get the beating. Either they don’t mention the necessary details or they end up loading loads of details. Keep your resume simple and up-to-date. You should be honest while making your CV. There are various sites out there describing the ‘art’ of writing Resume. You may also check – best careers in India.


Improve your Communication Skills and Social skills

Now a days, interviews doesn’t always mean personal interviews. There are ‘group-interviews’ too, where all candidates will be interviewed together, in a group. You will be notified about the type of interview well in advance. If it happens to be a ‘Group’ set-up, you better devote some time developing your communication skills unless you are Oprah Winfrey! The aim of such interview is to see how well you work in a team and how good your social skills are. Also be calm, collected and confident during such interviews.


Brush up your knowledge

Before the interview, it is recommended that you go through the topics that are fundamental to your field. Also try to update your general knowledge, current affair knowledge etc. The TV can also be used to watch news channels, not just MTV! Interviewers may go for a ‘rapid-fire’ round, where they will shoot at you 5-10 questions in quick succession. Be prepared to face the extreme. There are some questions that will be asked for sure, like- ‘Tell us more about your family/college/friends’, ‘Why do you want to join our company?’ etc. Prepare such questions in advance.


Dress to impress

The good old saying comes to my mind-“ First impression is the last impression”. Dress like a gentleman, make a good ‘first-impression’. Many times, the Company may ask the candidate to stick to a ‘dress-code’ for appearing in the interview. Watch out if there are such dress codes and dress accordingly. Now you are out of college, dress like a man! Make sure that you formals are clean, pressed and not too ‘loud-colored’ and overly designed. Spare the latter for your marriage party instead!


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Be punctual

No employer will like the idea of employing a man who doesn’t value time. Be punctual, be there on time. Get to know about the location of interview. If possible, go there before your interview, make sure of the route, distance ,time taken to reach there etc. On the day of interview, make an early start from your home. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and certificates before leaving. Making an early start is always better than waiting for the right time to leave. You never know what the traffic lights have in stock for you.


Keep calm and stay positive

The author knows the feeling while waiting for the interviewer’s call. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Stay positive and calm. Follow these lines-‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst’. Remember to smile when you greet the interviewers. You’ll bag the job if you deserve it!

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