4 best part time jobs for college students

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Money is still a major issue! commons.wikemedia.org

College students frequently face this problem- they run short of money. Well, parents of students always provide them with money at the beginning of each month. But the students it seems are not good at basic calculations, for they end up spending all that money before the month ends. Too many expenses to manage like- new branded clothes, expensive dates, mobile recharge, cigarettes, beer cans and online porn subscription mean that availability of money is always a problem. That’s when many dudes and gals decide to take up part time jobs.

Part time jobs will sure help you earn some ‘much-needed’ money. But if you don’t select the job properly, you may end up compromising your academics, which , apparently is of greater importance than you ‘job’. So, what kind of jobs are available for jackass collegians in India? Will the job schedule easily blend into ones daily schedule? Well, this article will suggest you some great part time jobs which you can easily do without wasting much time. I’m not forcing you to do these jobs, but they can for sure rake in some good moolah!

I’m not mentioning jobs like waiting at food outlets because they are time consuming. You will most probably be asked to work your ass off till midnight. By the time you finish work and reach home, you will be too tired to change your clothes, let alone open your book and study. The jobs mentioned below take very less time compared to the above mentioned types of boring-time consuming jobs.

Become a test subject for pharmaceutical companies

Basically you do their job- commons.wikemedia.org

Many pharmaceutical companies test their newly developed medicines, vaccines and tablets before they start its mass production and supply. They want to ensure that their shit is safe for use on humans. So, basically you will be a human version of a lab rat. They will test their latest medicines on you, with your permission. Yes, you will have to sign an agreement stating that you and only you are responsible for whatever shit happens with you during the test and that the company is in no way responsible for it if shit gets real.

‘Are you sure it is safe? I have a class test tomorrow’. commons.wikimedia.org

If you are a lucky bastard, you may end up getting superpowers, just like in movies, where superheroes are formed after experiments on them go wrong! I was just joking there. Also, on the day of the test, you will have to follow certain diet restrictions and you will also have to submit your blood and urine samples. This job can be done once a week, I know guys doing it. The pay scale is grand, especially when you consider the time spent and the ‘work’ done. You can earn upto 1000-1500 per test. It varies from test to test.

Take tuition classes at flexible hours

Can you be a good teacher?

Are you an above average student with a liking towards teaching? If yes, you can earn some serious money through tuition classes, without wasting much money. I suggest that at first, you should take free classes for the school students who stay near you.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage them!

If they find your teaching awesome and you get the good feedback, you may start charging a small fees. The benefit here is that you have to spend just couple of hours a day. You can also select the time of the classes. If you have passion and talent, you can improve the results of lots of school students and earn good bucks at the same time!

Become a sperm donor

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Many of you would call it a ‘dream job’. To make a mark in this field, you need to have quality ‘stuff’ in you. Many of you would be aware of the procedure, thanks to the movie- Vicky Donor. The highlight of this job is that it requires very less time to do. But whether you succeed or not depends on your genetics and other such stuff. Your sample will be subjected to various tests before they ‘use’ it. So what about the gals? Don’t worry gals, just like guys donate sperm, you can donate ‘eggs’ too. But overdoing egg donation can cause serious health troubles, don’t forget that.

Become a freelance data collector

market research
market research

Companies are spending millions of rupees annually, conducting market research. Market research helps them to know better about the consumers, their reviews about products, their tastes, likes, dislikes etc. So the companies always make it a point to conduct market research before they launch a new product. So, do they conduct the research by themselves? No, there are many Market Research firms out there, that does the job of surveying the market and potential customers. These market research companies require data collectors to carry around the ‘survey forms’ and collect data. If you have a two wheeler and some free time, you too can easily manage to do this job. Being a freelance data collector, you can choose the days you work. Also, collecting the ‘data’ is not rocket science! It is damn easy. A simple survey will last no more than five minutes. All you have to do is interview people and fill the forms according to their answers. If you have good social and communication skills, you can do this job easily and efficiently. You may also check – best careers in India.

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