No problem in using Indian Tri Color National Flag as WhatsApp profile picture

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We already published an article, which was written with a sense of humor, about the trend of Indians using tri color National Flag as their profile pictures on WhatsApp and other social media accounts. While that article dealt with the topic sarcastically, in a humorous tone, things got serious. Many people read that article and were still confused. Soon, we started getting bombarded by questions on Social Media regarding this topic.

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So we went into a brief research mode, made use of our contacts and found the answer. The message that was being circulated on WhatsApp, which claimed that using National flag of India as DP (Display Picture) is like disrespecting it, is just obnoxious and ridiculous. It was created by some folks who have partial information.

Indian tri color flag
Keep the flag flying high!

As long as there is no offensive text, any other offensive graphic element present in that image of Tri color flag, it is okay to use it as profile picture on WhatsApp. By the way, we are in no way promoting or supporting this trend of using flag image as profile picture. We are here to bust that silly message, that has been making its way through WhatsApp and social media.

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Inspirational WhatsApp DPs

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Use WhatsApp DP without cropping it

Instead of sporting a patriotic toned image as your DP on social media sites and WhatsApp for a day or two, why not stay responsible and patriotic citizens for the whole year? That’s a better proposal, I guess. Do share this article if it has been of use to you.


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