WhatsApp: Use full size profile picture without cropping

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app on the planet right now! The best example of this statement is the fact that WhatsApp has been present on the position of ‘most popular free app’ for quite long time! Here, I’ll show you how one can use an entire picture as the profile picture, without having to crop it, on WhatsApp.

Who doesn’t want to use an awesome profile picture on WhatsApp? Well, almost all of us want to use one! But the problem with this app is that it asks users to crop the picture, before it is being assigned as a profile picture! This means that in many cases, the entire picture is not displayed in the profile pic!

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How to solve this profile picture cropping problem in WhatsApp?

The solution is simple. If you observe closely, you’ll observe that WhatsApp asks users to crop the picture in ‘square’ shape. Yes, so whatever other than that square structure is there, is left out. Suppose the picture you want to use of slightly rectangle in shape, then it will not be cropped properly, since square is the shape the app wants!

So, one of the solution to solve this problem, and to use the entire image without cropping, is to resize it and make it square shaped! This can be done using simple computer programs like Paint! But the problem here is that the image loses that sense of aesthetics! Simply re-sizing an image to square shape will leave if looking out of sorts and ‘compressed’. It won’t look good as your WhatsApp profile pic! Keeping that in mind, here is the best solution-

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courtesy- play.google.com

The best solution is to use the #SquareDroid Image editing app made by Sergey Otro! This app is aimed at making pictures square shaped, so that they can be used on apps like WhatsApp, without users needing to crop them!

The app is easy to use. You may select an already clicked image to be edited or you may click a fresh picture after opening the app! After selecting the image, the app will add border of certain thickness to the image. This is done to make the image square shaped!

image before #SquareDroid edit
Courtesy- play.google.com

User can change the look and feel of the border added. Its color, texture, color gradient etc can be changed easily. The free version of this app is enough to get this task done efficiently! The final edited image can be saved. The image will be saved in a folder named #Square.

Image after #SquareDroid edit
Courtesy- play.google.com

This edited picture now can be used as the profile picture on WhatsApp by you! Since it is square shaped, thanks to the newly added border, one may use the entire image, not just a cropped section of it!

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