Using Indian tri color flag as WhatsApp/Facebook profile picture

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As Independence Day, the 15th of August, is nearing, more and more people are changing their WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media profiles’ display picture. Instead of using their whacky selfies, stunning pics and celebrities’ photos, folks are using the Indian tri color flag as their display picture!

Indian tri color flag
Keep the flag flying high!

This show of patriotism is not set to last long, with many folks expected to change their profile pics as soon as the Independence Day is over. On the other hand, there are sets of citizens, err, netizens who believe that changing DPs and setting the tri color flag is the new way of showing patriotism in this age of social media overuse and instant messaging. Also check – Inspirational WhatsApp DPs, Inspirational WhatsApp Status and Method to use WhatsApp DP without cropping it.

In some cases, things have crossed that fine border and landed in the area that I term as ‘stupidity’. On WhatsApp, messages began circulating, which claimed that sending 10 million or so ‘Indian Flag’ carrying messages by Indian WhatsApp users will ensure that the folks at WhatsApp will unfurl the Indian flag at their office! Yes, I read such a message!

And just today, I got another message, one written in a serious tone, urging Indians to stop using tri color flag as their WhatsApp/Facebook or any other social media profile picture. Now, I don’t know whether such messages carry valid and true information or not. The message claimed that the Indian National flag is not supposed to be used this way. Using it this way meant abusing and disrespecting it!

What is the truth and what is rubbish, I’m not aware of that. But the ‘Tri Color flag as profile picture’ saga is set to stay here. Set to stay for 4-5 days more. After that, it will be removed, only to be promptly forgotten by many. It will then take a 26th January, Republic Day, to re-ignite that sense of patriotism in us! Jai Hind!


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