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WhatsApp has become so popular these days that there are many people who are almost always online on it! Day or night, they will always be present, chatting away with their friends! Also, many people are addicted to changing DPs every now and then! Similarly, there are people who are prone to changing their WhatsApp status from time to time! Here, I will list some awesome WhatsApp statuses, which are inspirational. Most them have been created by me! So, chances are that these statuses have never been used so far! Go through them, enjoy and use any of them as your WhatsApp status!


Inspirational WhatsApp statuses


”The more intelligent you are, the less you will argue with fools on WhatsApp.”


”What are you doing? Just spending time on WhatsApp, going through others’ statuses? Get out, do something meaningful and make your life better!”


”It is better to fail and be proved wrong than to never try and make no mistakes at all!”


”You just wasted 5 precious seconds of your life reading this meaningless status! What do you think you are doing?”


”Statuses are not meant to inspire you. You should try to inspire others through your deeds!”


”Some people are insanely gifted. Some others have to work hard to develop and hone their skills. Either way, we all can get skilled and perform amazing feats!”


”The less time you spend on WhatsApp stalking others, the more productive time you will have in your hands!”


”I say try to outdo the person that you were yesterday. You’ll get much success if you get good at it!”


”Radiate awesomeness and make others around you positive, rather than complaining about their bad traits.”


”Stop complaining, start working!”


”Time is precious! Don’t waste it just like you are doing right now, reading useless WhatsApp statuses!”


”Haters will keep on hating. Having haters indicates that you are growing and getting success!”


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Hope you liked this little collection of some unique and inspiring WhatsApp statuses. I will come up with more of them in future. Till then, make use of any status from this list and impress your WhatsApp buddies!


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