Tips for GTU Students to Learn and Improve English Easily

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GTU (Gujarat Technological University) might have won many awards and accolades for its performances so far. But, when it comes to the quality of passed out students, one aspect requires much improvement. I’m talking about the communication skills of GTU students in English. Many of the present students and passed out graduates have trouble in speaking, writing and understanding English! Even some premier colleges under GTU face this problem!

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I know of students, who have passed out or who are in the final year of their course, and they can’t even write an application in English! They can’t read and entire novel and understand the story! I mean, such is the poor plight of many GTU students. This mainly happens with Gujarati medium students, who suddenly have to switch to English when they enroll in GTU colleges.


The result of this phenomenon is something very scary. Most of the Gujarati medium students, unable to grasp English, fail to understand what is being taught. I’ve observed this event very closely. Many of them end up getting ATKTs in more than one subject!


Most of them get a grasp over English slowly. By the time they get set, they might have accumulated a good number of backlogs. Some might even have got detained by excess of ATKTs. You see, this is a serious issue.


The problem is not only limited to the time of GTU students in their colleges. This problem also haunts them once they are out of college. For example, some students, in their final year, don’t even know how to write an application in English! How you think they are going to face an interview in English? How are they going to survive in this highly competitive world without good communicative skills in English?


Students, this is a serious problem. You should act smartly to get over this obstacle. If you have the desire, you can do a lot. I mean, you can improve your English to a large extent, with the help of the tips I’m about to give. I guess these tips will be of particular help to Gujarati medium students.


Effective tips and methods for GTU students to master English language

Since the medium of teaching in GTU is English, you can’t ignore it. If you follow my tips religiously, I can guarantee that you’ll have improved English skills by 3 months! Yes, I promise!


#1 Attend Spoken English Class from the very start

This is the best practical way to master English. It will be of particular help to those, who have next to zero knowledge about English.


If you enroll for a spoken English class at the beginning of your Engineering studies, you’ll get an ‘edge’ in studies. I suggest students to attend such classes in the vacation before starting of GTU academic year.


In this way, by the time the GTU academic year starts, you will have a good grip over English language! Having said that, I’d also like to add that even students in any semester can join such courses! While joining such classes, make sure that it is a reputed one.


#2 Keep Dictionary always with you

Don’t forget to buy a dictionary. After buying one, always keep it at a place, where you can find it easily. Make it a point to make use of it regularly.


If you have spare time, make it a point to learn new words and their meaning using a dictionary. For example, make it a habit to learn 20 new words each day using your dictionary. This way, at the end of a month, you’d have learned about 600 words and their meaning!


Do you know, you can converse fluently in English, if you know 1000 words and their meaning properly!


#3 Read English Newspapers, magazines and publications regularly

Make it a habit to read an English Newspaper daily. You may also read other daily or weekly publications, magazines, novels etc. Why not make good use of your college’s library?


While reading, keep your dictionary handy. Whenever you arrive upon difficult words or sentences, make use of the dictionary to clear your doubts.


I know that it is not an easy task, particularly when you have much to study. But, believe me, this hard work will pay off in the end!


#4 Try to take help of a friend who is fluent in English

Do you have a friend who speak in English very well? Why not take his help?


Try to take help of English medium students, who you think have good command over English language. There is no shame in learning from others.


#5 Make use of technology

There are many good apps and software that’ll help you teach English. There are dictionary apps, English coach apps etc out there, available for free!


Instead of surfing for fun and downloading movies, make good use of internet! Download such useful software and make good use of them.


Also, there are many online English teaching sites. Access them and make use of them. You are getting so much useful stuff for free! Please ensure that you use them regularly!


#6 Try to talk in English

Why do you think an American kid can speak fluent English effortlessly? It is because English is his mother tongue! He speaks it at home, school and everywhere.


You too can ‘adopt’ English as your mother tongue for a while! Yes, I’m talking about conversing in English with others! You might sound awkward and you might often utter the wrong words. But it is a good strategy to master English.


Talk in English with your room mates and college buddies. Don’t let shyness overpower you! Just speak it out! Within very short time, you’ll see enormous improvement in your language!


#7 Bonus Tip-

This is a very effective strategy. First of all, you need a friend to participate, who is also keen on improving English skills.


The plan is to read the headlines of a Newspaper. Both of you have to read the headlines. The next step is to discuss and debate on that topic, in English!


Isn’t it a nice idea? I guess it is a killer tip to master English language!


What GTU authorities can do about the topic

I think the GTU administration should look into this matter and take some effective actions. Why not arrange a grooming session for first year students, where they’ll be taught the importance of learning English?


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Websites to learn English online

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Why not make a dedicated program aimed at Gujarati medium students, which will help them learn English effectively? These are just my humble suggestions!



Okay guys, if you are really serious about improving your English, make sure that you follow the above tips consistently. Hard work is the key. GTU exams are easy to crack if you have good language skills. You can perform well in exams only if you understand the topics. I hope you’ll start working in the right direction!

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