GTU Backlog Rules 2023 | Detention, Allowed ATKTs & More

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Hi readers! This post will be of help to engineering students of GTU. Here, I’ve provided all the details that you need to know about GTU’s latest ATKT/backlog rule.

GTU stands for Gujarat Technological University. Many engineering colleges in Gujarat are affiliated to this University.   Like all other engineering Universities, GTU too has its set of rules and regulations regarding ATKTs/Backlogs. The main aim of this post is to educate and inform students about the latest backlog rules implemented by GTU.   What is an ATKT? What’s the maximum permissible number of backlogs before getting detained? What are the general rules and regulations regarding backlogs? You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –  

GTU Backlog Rules 2022

Backlogs are also known popularly as ATKTs. If a student fails in any particular subject at the end of semester examination, he/she will get a backlog against that subject.  

What after getting a backlog?

Once the results are declared, a student will be able to ascertain whether he/she has obtained any ATKT or not. If yes, he/she must register for the remedial examination of that subject and attempt to clear the backlog in remedial attempt.  

Detention rule

The maximum permissible number of backlogs a student can have under his/her name at a time is 4. If a student collects more than 4 ATKTs, then he/she won’t be allocated new subjects. He/she won’t be allowed to move to the next semester/year.   For the purpose of detaining students, immediate previous backlogs are not counted by GTU. For example, imagine that you are a fourth semester student. You have 1 backlog in first semester, 2 backlogs in second semester and 3 backlogs in third semester.   In total, you have 6 backlogs. It is more than the maximum permissible 4! But as per detention rule, immediate previous backlogs won’t be counted. Only first and second semester’s backlogs will be counted for detention purpose. And you have 3 backlogs in first and second semesters combined! In short, you won’t be detained in fourth semester!   But if you fail to clear these ATKTs, you will be detained after completing fourth semester! I hope you understand how the ATKT rule of GTU works.   If you don’t want to amass ATKTs, check out this guide – GTU study tips. If you are keen to know more about attendance criteria, check out this guide – GTU attendance rules.

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