Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTA)

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In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Bachelor of Tourism Administration course. It is a job oriented Bachelor’s Degree course. This article covers topics such as – course details, duration, eligibility, colleges, admission, fees, syllabus, careers and salary.

Bachelor of Tourism Administration course is well known by the short name BTA. This course is also sometimes represented as BA Tourism Administration.   BTA course is 3 years long. It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. Students who have passed 10+2 (Arts, Commerce or Science) are eligible to pursue this course.   Here’s an overview of Bachelor of Tourism Administration course –

  • Name of the course: BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration)
  • Type of course: Bachelor’s Degree course
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Eligibility criteria: 10+2 passed (Arts, Commerce or Science) from a recognized board

What’s BTA course all about? What’s the scope associated with this course? You will find answers to these questions in the next paragraph.   Let us check out some basic details about Bachelor of Tourism Administration course –

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration): Basic Details

As the name suggests, BTA course focuses on the domain of tourism management. The course also covers relevant sectors such as – travel, aviation, hotel and hospitality management.   Tourism sector is gaining huge popularity in recent times. Tourism industry is contributing a decent figure towards Indian economy.   Tourism sector has got huge potential in our country. Taking these facts into consideration, emphasis must be laid on improving this sector further! This is where Tourism Administration comes handy!   The main aim of tourism administration is to optimize and improve tourism sector operations while keeping tourists happy! It ensures increased profits and good customer experience!   BTA course trains students in the following areas –

  • Tourism management
  • Travel management
  • Hospitality management
  • Hotel management
  • Tourism finance
  • Tourism economy
  • Tourist behavior
  • Customer services
  • Food service management
  • Communication skills

Bachelor of Tourism Administration course trains students in the above mentioned areas. The course trains students and turn them into skilled tourism managers/administrators.   Let us take a closer look at the course details. Here they are –

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration): Course Details

Type of course

It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course.


The academic program is 3 years long. Each academic year consists of two semesters. The entire academic program consists of six semesters.


10+2 passed from a recognized board.

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Colleges

There exists many Government and Private colleges across India offering this course. Government colleges charge relatively lower fees than their private counterparts.

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Admission

Reputed institutes rely on merit based admission process. Such institutes make use of relevant entrance test to select deserving candidates. Some institutes are also known to conduct their own qualifying test in order to select deserving candidates.   Some other institutes are also known to conduct direct as well as donation based admission process.

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Fees

Fees charged for the academic program may vary from one institute to another. Course fees depends upon the following factors –

  • Type of institute (Government, Private, Aided etc)
  • Location of the college
  • Status and rating of the college
  • Scholarship status (of student, if applicable)

Government colleges are known to charge low fees. Average fees in private colleges could be anywhere between 30-60K INR per semester.

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Syllabus

Here are some of the important subjects present in BTA curriculum –

  • Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Cultural History and Heritage of India
  • Tourism Policy and Law
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Management
  • Travel Agency Training
  • Tour Guiding Skills and Training
  • HR Management
  • Computer Utilization and Application
  • Office Management and Functions
  • Air Ticketing
  • Public Relations
  • Tour Operation

PG courses and further education

After completing BTA course, graduates may take up a job or go for higher studies. BTA graduates have access to a wide variety of PG courses. Some of the notable PG courses are –

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Jobs

Diverse job opportunities are available in front of travel and tourism management professionals. Government as well as private sector enterprises are known to recruit them. Self employment is another popular career path that professionals may go for!   When it comes to Government sector, one may find a job at Tourism Boards (State as well as Central), Government Tourist information offices, Government run Hotels, Airlines, Transportation services etc.   When it comes to private sector, one may work for Travel agencies, Tour operators, Travel consultants, Airlines, Airports, Travel and ticketing websites, Visa and travel document service firms, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist information office, Cruise lines etc.   If one has entrepreneurship skills and access to decent financial resource, one may start own travel agency, ticketing firm, tour agency, travel consultancy, tourist information service etc.

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  Common job profiles available in front of travel and tourism professionals include-

  • Travel Agency staff
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Operator
  • Ticketing staff
  • Air hostess
  • Airline employee / Airport staff
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tour Guide
  • Customer service manager
  • Event manager
  • Tour manager
  • Tourism promoter / marketer

BTA (Bachelor of Tourism Administration) Salary

Starting salary of a travel and tourism manager depends upon a number of factors. Some of the prominent factors are –

  • Institute from which the candidate completed the course
  • Level of education (UG, PG etc)
  • His/her specialization
  • The domain he/she has chosen
  • Job location

On an average, starting salary could be anywhere between 10-25K INR per month. In case of a Government job, the salary will be as per the pay scale and grade.

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