Best courses and things to do during vacation

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Everybody loves vacation. Students don’t have to attend schools, working men and women get a break from their hectic schedule. Many of us waste our vacation doing nothing. Why not do some useful courses and things that are useful? This article will describe you some useful courses and activities that you should try out during vacation. Make the best use of your vacation

1 Learn Programming and Coding

Programming books

Earlier, coding and programming were only taught in colleges. People didn’t even considered it important back then. But look at the current scenario. People with good coding and programming skills have accumulated great riches through their enterprises. Even teenagers with knowledge in app making and programming have become millionaires after their creations were bought by big companies. Yes, they didn’t become millionaires in a day. But coding and programming has good scope and with hard-work you too can achieve such feats.

But I’m not saying that each one of you should do such courses. If you are interested in such things, you can surely try out courses like C, C++, Java etc. Check out some of the best computer courses and online courses in India. You may also check – Software engineering courses.

2 Attend Cooking classes


Every person should know how to cook. This is a basic but very important skill. There are many cooking classes with special ‘vacation’ courses. There are different types of cooking class courses like European, Chinese, Indian etc. Choose the one in which you are interested. If you don’t have the money to attend a cooking class, you can use the internet to learn it.

3 Activities like swimming, karate etc

Learning Swimming

Don’t know how to swim? Why not learn it this vacation? There are many swimming clubs out there that offers vacation programs. Swimming is a great activity for our body and is a basic skill that you should learn.

Like swimming, you may also learn karate and other forms of martial arts. Martial arts helps us become more disciplined, boosts our confidence and enhances our personality

You may also go for cricket, football or tennis coaching too. You may also check – Sports courses.

4 Protect the environment

Planting trees

Our Earth is getting more and more polluted. Trees are being cut down and forests cleared. Temperatures are rising all over the world. The situation will only improve if each one of us put in some effort.

Form a group and plant trees. Create awareness about pollution and Global warming among the people.

5 Teach poor and illiterate children


The best way to eradicate poverty is by eliminating illiteracy. Form a group and arrange classes for the poor and illiterate children near your area. It feels great. You may also check – Teacher training courses.

6 Read great books


Before vacation, you didn’t had the time to read that classic novel. Now, during vacation, you have plenty of time. Sit down and read good books.

Well, there are many other courses and activities too that I haven’t mentioned here. Feel free to post your own suggestions. Try to make good use of you vacation this time.

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