Tips to find ‘in demand’ Engineering Branches

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Choosing the right Engineering Branch is a difficult task. First of all, there are so many new branches available, apart from the traditional branches. Engineering aspirants are not well aware about the value of each and every Engineering course. So, how will one be able to find out a branch that is in good demand these days in the job market. In this article, I will provide some handy tips that will help students find out whether an Engineering branch is in demand or not.


Handy tips to find out ‘in demand’ Engineering branches

There are various ways to do this task. I will mention the best tips that will help one find out whether a certain branch is in demand or not.


1 Taking help of existing professionals

In case of an Engineering branch that is in huge demand, a number of new job opportunities are also are created each day. Also, the value of the professionals related to that field also increases.


Take for example- IC Engineering, which has got huge demand these days. IC professionals are also much valued in the market. They often get to enjoy salary increments, perks, bonuses etc. In short, they are valued by companies!


Thus, by approaching a working professional, you may check out the status of the Engineering branch that he/she is related to. In this case, you could approach an IC Engineering professional and inquire about the current status of the branch. From his/her feedback, one will be able to evaluate the situation and check out whether the said branch is in demand or not!


2 Taking help of job portals

Job portals list all kinds of jobs. But since we are interested in knowing only about Engineering branches, focus only on Engineering jobs only, while using such job portals.


Check different job post listings, take note of the Engineering branches involved, note the starting salary, perk details etc. In the end, you will have a pretty big list that features almost all the major Engineering branches and statistics related to them.


Now, sit down and compare all those branches with each other. With help of stats like salary, perks etc, one could easily find out which branch is in huge demand these days.


3 Taking help of College lecturers

College lecturers are people who remain in touch with the course they teach for their entire professional life! In case of Lecturers teaching at Engineering Colleges, they are in touch with their respective branches throughout their career.


Good Lecturers are well aware of the current trends and can certainly point out whether an Engineering branch is in demand or not!


4 Taking help of Education portals

There are lots of website out there offering useful insights related to different professional courses. Apnahangout too has published such posts, where courses have been analyzed.


One may make use of such sites and know the current value of an Engineering branch and find out whether it is in demand or not. You may also check out this article about the best job oriented Engineering branches.


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5 Taking help of magazines

There are a number of education related magazines available in India. Most of them come up with articles where they analyze new Engineering branches that are relatively less popular in India. Making use of such magazines and their articles, one can easily collect necessary details about new Engineering branches!

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