How to choose the right Engineering College

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Are you looking for admission in an Engineering college? There are many engineering colleges out there, but you must choose wisely. Business houses and private trusts have set their eyes on the education sector. As a result, numerous engineering colleges have popped up in India.

Due to the large number of engineering colleges, even students with low merits gets admission to engineering courses. But many of these colleges have been hastily setup. They lack infrastructure, faculty and quality of education imparted.

I often get questions like ‘Which course should I take up?’, ‘Which colleges are the best?’, ‘How to choose the right career etc. So, I wrote articles like ‘Best Courses to take’, ‘Top Engineering colleges in Gujarat’ and ‘Choose the right career’, courses after 12th Science etc. Many students found those articles helpful. Recently I got an e-mail from a student. He asked me to help him select a good engineering college. So, I decided to put up a helpful article on ‘How to choose the right Engineering College’. Please read on:

You should consider the following factors before taking admission in an engineering college.


1 Quality of faculty

Many new colleges lacks good faculty. Some colleges don’t even have the necessary faculty. Before taking admission in an engineering college, take your time, go to the college and talk to the students about the faculty. Check if the college has a good, experienced and adequate faculty.


2 Facilities and Infrastructure

The college you are going to take admission in must have good infrastructure facilities like labs, library, recreational facilities, canteen etc. Visit the college and check if the quality of infrastructure.


3 Fees

Before taking admission in a college, know more about its fee structure. Check if your parents can afford the fees. If you can’t afford it, take a loan, if that suits you or take admission in another good college, whose fees you can afford. There are many Government Engineering Colleges out there, that have low fees and decent infrastructure and faculty.


4 Location

Location is also very important when it comes to choosing a college. By taking admission in a college which is in your town, you can save hostel fees, money spent on food etc. Try to take admission in a college which is near your home. But if the college in your town is not up to the mark, choose the one which is nearest to your place. This way, you can travel from home to college and vice versa easily. Also the college should be at a peaceful place.


5 Campus Placements

Global recession has reduced job opportunities around the world. If a college boasts of good placements, then chances are that it would have good quality faculty, infrastructure and teaching environment.


6 Results

Check the previous results of the college. Bad results indicate the poor quality of the faculty. Few students with bad results are normal. But if majority of the students have poor results, then something is definitely wrong with the college! For an enhanced version of this post, check this out – simple tips to select the best engineering college.

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  1. Sir, I m prsuing 12th pcm wd cs now …..but I m confused abut … which engneering stream to choose after 12 ….I.e . Mechanical , it, or aeronautical……. ! Will u plz tell .. .. abut scope in india .. !

  2. Sir I have just appeared for 12th (Science), but due to some health problems missed the dates to fill JEE / CET form. Sir please advice whether i can still pusue engg. / medical without appearing the above exams. Sir please guide me as to what are the other options available.

  3. Hellooo….!!!
    currently i am in 11th science.sir i am totally confused what courses should do…? . my parents wants m to b an engineer, but i think i can’t do as i m nt interested in maths…
    so, sir plzzz help me for my best future…


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