Syllabus update troubling GTU students

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

GTU (Gujarat Technological University) is leaving its students in a state of dilemma! Wondering how? Well, it is due to the change in the syllabus that they have been having. Coming down to the Diploma Engineering syllabus, subject like Maths 1 has been subjected to change.

Not just a minor change, some students claim that the change has been a complete overhaul, not a minor one! As a result of this, students, who have been relying on the old syllabus, are now being left helpless!

The students who have ATKTs pending are the worst hit ones! So long, they have been relying on the old syllabus for exam preparation. The new guys can expect their faculty to teach them and help them prepare to take on the new pattern. But the students who are going to face the subject, thanks to their backlogs, have no such luxury!

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The point is that before implementing a huge change to the syllabus, the authorities should look into the situation of students. Let’s hope that the University finds a solution to this problem!

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