How to Study Further While Doing Job in India

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In India, the competition out there in the job market is cut throat! Many qualified professionals are not getting good jobs, such is the intensity of the competition here. In order to stay ahead, beat the competition and land a good job, good education is of utmost importance. Now, I’m not saying that education is everything. I believe that above education, it is possessing a certain skill set and applying those skills that matters the most. But, at the end of the day, good education certainly comes handy.


Many Indian students go through the grind of school studies and college studies. They finish a graduation course- like Engineering, and land an average job based on their qualifications.


They don’t stretch themselves! They get a job and get into a comfort zone. They say no to further education and remain content with their present job!


This needs to be changed. They should be motivated to opt for further studies. Because doing so will ensure that they get an edge over others in this tough market and thus stand a chance of landing an even better job!


I do agree that many Indian graduates go for further studies and post graduation course. They go for courses like- MBA, M Tech etc. It is an encouraging sight, you know. But at the same time, there is a good portion of students, who are unwilling to move in this direction.


The sad part is that they have so many opportunities in their hand and they are turning their face away from them! Well, this article will help you make your mind and help you get started in the direction of further studies and a better job.


Studying even after getting a job: Facts that’ll help


#1 Get out of that comfort zone

The problem of the human mind is that once it enters a comfort zone, it becomes a bit difficult to get over that zone. I mean, the mind would conspire against leaving it.


For example- after completing gradation, you get a job. You know that studying further and getting a PG degree will be of great help to you in getting a better job. Still, your mind will play around, asking you to continue with the present job.


It is necessary to fight this aspect of the mind. You must take conscious actions each day to help gain control over your mind. You should break free and get out of that comfort zone. Because, it is only after breaking free that you’ll be able to do the following things-


#2 Distance learning is a great option

Technological advancements have been taking place at an exponential rate. Thus advancement has had its say on the field of education too. Distance education has got a huge boost thanks to this technological advancement.


There are numerous institutes and Universities offering distance learning courses. The courses includes- online MBA, Hotel Management studies and loads more. You may even explore different types of online learning programs in India.


After choosing a good and approved university or institute, you may carry on with your present job and studies at the same time. If you are good with time management, you could pass the exams with flying colors, without negatively affecting the present job.


#3 Many companies offer attractive plans for further studies

Many times, depending on your luck, your further studies may get sponsored by your present employers. Let me describe this scenario with an example. Suppose that you completed your B Tech in Mechanical Engineering. After that, you get recruited by an ambitious company.


You do well at your job and one day wish your employers about your wish to go for further studies- M Tech. Many times, if the employers see good ROI, they may sponsor your study related expenses! You basically complete further studies without spending a penny of your own! Your employer pays for it.


It is a win-win situation for both parties. You are getting a chance to go for further studies and your employer will get a highly qualified professional, who’ll be of much help to them!


#4 There are some attractive, new courses

If it is job market saturation and time spent on courses that worries you, you have some good alternatives. There are some very good courses that offer good job prospects. Further, the course duration is also less in many of these cases.


Let me give you an example of fire and safety management. This course also can be done as a PG course, in the form of a diploma or certificate course. The duration of the course may vary from 6 months to 1 year. But the demand for this course is much higher than the already saturated courses.


That was just an example. There are many such courses, like- related to Marine Engineering field, Mining etc. For IT and computer science professionals, these are some hot and happening domains – Blockchain Technology, AI and Machine Learning.


#5 You may earn for a while and spend it on your studies

If it is money that worries you, then you better continue with your present job. Go on with it for 4-5 years. After saving up enough, you can use that very money to fund your further studies! Well, I recommend this method to those who face financial constraints.



At first, there may be obstructions and difficulties. But doing post graduation studies and courses is good for you in the long run. And I’m sure that the tips I shared will come handy for those, who are struggling to get started in that direction.

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  1. sir I need guidance from you about choosing a course after plus two.sir I would like to travall around the world.whitch type of course is apt for me?.sir I want a valuable advise from you. thank you

  2. Sir i need guidance for further career opportunities after 12th if i m,serving in indian air force as an airmen… I am a student of science stream.. Its complicated to select a distance education university with satisfactory output, resulting and reputation after a completion of course… Need advice.. Thanks


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