Unique/new Engineering branches with good job opportunities

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There are so many Engineering branches available these days to choose from! The numbers of available branches are so much so that it has become difficult for Engineering aspirants to choose a good branch! Basically, I think that the Core branches are decent ones. Also, you must check out this list of top Engineering branches. But the real problem is that with time, new and innovative Engineering branches are being introduced. In the past, IT (Information Technology) was one such new branch. At present, there are still more new branches being introduced! In this article, I will list down some exciting, relatively new Engineering branches, which are pretty high placed when it comes to availability of job opportunities.


In case of most of these relatively new branches, students have very little knowledge about them and the job opportunities that they offer. Many aspirants even are not aware about the availability of such branches!


Through this article, I think that I will be able to help out such students and Engineering aspirants. Such relatively new branches are very less saturated (in terms of job market saturation). There are very less number of students opting for such programs. As a result, the number of graduates related to such branches is also very less. Thanks to this trend, finding decent job after graduation won’t be a problem for Graduates!


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Let us check out the list of these relatively new, unique and exciting branches of Engineering-


Some relatively new/unique and exciting Engineering branches offering good career prospects



As you can see, some of the above mentioned Engineering branches are relatively new ones. Some of them have been existing for quite some time, but they are quite unique since they are focusing on some fields that are severely under-staffed (in terms of qualified Engineers). In both these cases, it enhances the career prospects that these Engineering branches offers.

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  1. i want some information aerounatical engineering&biomedical.best colleges for these courses inbanglore

    • Jameema, Aeronautical Engineering is all about designing, manufacturing and maintaining Aircraft/Helicopters etc. It is a part of Aerospace Engineering. Biomedical Engineering combines the concepts of Biology Engineering and puts them to use in areas such as healthcare, research etc.


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