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If you are an Engineering course aspirant, you must have come across the term of ‘Core Branches’ of Engineering. To be honest, many people are not well aware about core branches. In this article, I will explain which Engineering branches are the core ones and why they are called so. Do read the entire article and clear all your doubts!

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Which branches of Engineering are the Core branches?

The core branches are-



Why are they called Core branches?

Tell me how many Engineering branches are present at the moment. Well, the list will be very big. Let’s list some Engineering branches here- Computer Science Engineering, IT Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Food Processing and Technology, IC Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Chemical Engineering…. This list will go on and on. Many new Engineering branches have been introduced with time!


But earlier, this was not the case, there were three main Branches of Engineering present- Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. At that time, Engineering was all about building structures, creating machines and dealing with electricity.


These three branches dealt with the above mentioned requirements. For example, construction of structures got covered by Civil Engineering, topics related to making machines got covered by Mechanical Engineering and topics related to Electrical systems got covered by Electrical Engineering.


So, basically, these three branches can be said to be the base of ‘Engineering world’! This is why they are called core branches of Engineering. It is from these very branches that many other new Engineering branches came from! One could also notice that no matter which industry we take into account, core branches are involved in it in one way or the other!


These are some of the reasons why these branches are called the core branches of Engineering! You may also check – Engineering entrance exams in India.


Advantages of selecting core branches

Looking from career prospects’ point of view, core branches of Engineering has lots to offer! The most prominent advantage has to be job availability. As I mentioned above, core branches are involved in almost all types of industries! So, it is safe to say that there are jobs available for core branch graduates in different types of Industries! For graduates hailing from other branches of Engineering, this kind of luxury may not be always present!


Another main advantage is that of job security. To an extent, these branches are not too easily affected by recession. We all know how badly the recession hit IT as well as EC sectors. But coming back to core branches, the effects of recession had not been very bad! This is the reason why these branches are also called ‘Evergreen Branches’! When compared to other branches, job opportunities in case of core branches is always in a ‘healthy state’ and doesn’t fluctuate downwards in case of bad economic situations like recessions!

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