Easy ways to make money from WhatsApp

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Welcome to yet another article belonging to the ‘make money’ category! In this article, I’ll describe some awesome ways that one may use to make money from WhatsApp. Yes, you read it right, it is possible to make money from the famous messaging app- WhatsApp! Please go through the entire article, study the various methods listed and use the one that suits you best!

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Best ways to make money from WhatsApp-


#1 Making use of link shortening services


A relatively easy way to make money using WhatsApp! When it comes to this method, it is all about using paid URL shortening services such as Shorte.st, etc.


You see, such paid url shortening services allows users to shorten links to various web properties using their site. And for each click that the new, shortened link gets, the user will be paid a certain amount of money! So how to get started you may ask. Read on to know more-


First of all, find a well rewarding link shortening service. You may do a simple Google search, go through some reviews and come to a conclusion! Once you find a good shortening partner, register on that site.


After registering, now it is time to find awesome viral worthy content that will get shared by WhatsApp users. Usually, stuff like links to funny images, hot/trending news, viral videos, interesting facts etc tend to go viral. Make it a point to search hard and find such stuff from the web. You may also use links to your site/blog’s articles and stuff too, if you own one.


After finding the stuff to share, copy its url. Shorten the url using the shortener offered by the site. You’ll get a new short url immediately, which you may start sharing on WhatsApp!


Copy that link and start sharing it with your WhatsApp contacts. You may also create relevant groups on WhatsApp, such as- funny images, funny videos, trending news etc and share these links over there. Another brilliant idea is to create a ‘Broadcast list’ and share the link to more than one contact at a time!


The main aim should be to increase the ‘views’ and the ‘exposure’ of the shortened link! Along with the link, provide a brief description regarding what the content is all about! Suppose you are sharing pics of funny gifs, write a description like- ‘Epic funny gifs that’ll make you laugh non-stop!’. Write a catchy description so that more and more people will click through, upon seeing the link and description.


If everything is done right, the link will get clicks! For each click, you will be paid a certain amount. It may vary from 0.01 to 5$, depending on the country/territory from where the clicks are recorded.


For clicks from developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany etc, the payout rate is pretty decent. So, it is safe to say that people from the above listed countries can definitely take advantage of this method and generate decent amount of money with relatively less effort!


#2 Using Affiliate marketing


Hey, don’t judge this method by its name and think that this is a complicated method! In reality, affiliate marketing’s concept is pretty simple and WhatsApp is a pretty powerful platform to make use of this method to make some money.


Basically, Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and services of companies/brands etc and earning a cut/commission for each sale you get! In case of most affiliate programs, you will be provided unique urls of various products that you’ll be promoting.


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Motivational WhatsApp DPs


For each sale that is made via your unique url, you will get a commission. So, how to get started you may ask. Simple, find a rewarding Affiliate program! Let us take Amazon.com’s affiliate program for example.


Amazon has an awesome affiliate program. It is pretty easy to sign up for their affiliate program. You’ll find the option to sign up as an affiliate on their site.


Next, you may choose the products to promote. Upon finding one, gather your unique affiliate url and start promoting it on WhatsApp! You may share the link directly with your contacts, share them on relevant groups etc.


Just like we did in the first method, make it sure that a catchy and informative description is also provided along with the link. Point out details like- product description, brand, discount available etc.


Try to promote stuff that comes with huge discounts! They usually tend to convert well and thus will help you earn commission!


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Try to find best deals on awesome products and promote it! People usually look for discounts, sale deals etc. Deliver it to them and you’ll have a better chance of landing a sale!


Regarding Affiliate programs, there are many of them out there, not just Amazon! Try to find the one that you think you’ll be able to promote well, to targeted audience!


#3 Using PPD networks


PPD stands for Pay Per Download. Basically, PPD sites (such as CleanFiles, FileIce etc) allows users to host files on servers. Users may then promote those files, using custom links that’ll be generated.


When someone clicks on that link to get the file, he/she will be asked to go through a survey/task before he/she may download the file!


For each survey completed and a successful download, you, the publisher, will be paid money! This is the working method of PPD networks.


So, how to get started? First of all, find a good PPD network (FileIce, CleanFiles etc). Register and upload a good file, a file that people are willing to download at any cost.


Obtain the download url and start promoting it on WhatsApp. Share it directly with your contacts, on relevant WhatsApp groups etc.


If the file is good enough and is shared with the right audience, you will get some downloads and thus money! The earning differs from country to country. For example, for clicks and downloads from countries such as USA, Norway, Denmark, Germany etc, the payout may be as high as 50$!


Generally, in case of downloads from people of developed countries, the payout is good. While in case of downloads from folks of developing countries, the payout is average or low!


Useful suggestion-

In all the three methods, I mentioned about sharing of links in appropriate, relevant groups. But what if you don’t have targeted WhatsApp group with enough members in it? Or what if you don’t have enough targeted audience in your WhatsApp contact list?


In such cases, build a WhatsApp group from scratch! There is an easy way to get started- from Facebook!


Go to Facebook and check out groups that you are interested in. For example- funny images groups. Become member over there. Open discussion regarding your plan to start a WhatsApp group related to the same theme as that of the Facebook group. Request interested folks to drop their phone numbers so that they too may get added to the group!


In this way, you may create a group/improve your WhatsApp contacts list fast. Also, you will be having targeted audience too, which is easy to convert and help you make money using WhatsApp! If you really liked this article, do share it with your friends! Leave your feedback in the comment section below.


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  1. Where I register on my details and how to make money from whatsapp? I’m not getting any idea. please give an conclusion

  2. Yesterday i signup with amazon.com but they are for site but i dont have any site and u said u said we can affiliate from whatsapp so what to provide and what to do??

  3. Am a copycat Author, I just created a group with my Whatsaap line, something occurred to me that i can promote my blog an at the same time make money. Am a Nigerian I will be suing #1 and #3 can I be getting per $ or cent? Thank you.

  4. Problem with this plan is you need to have phone numbers of whats app users. Meaning unless you personally know 500+ people and have them in your address book you wont earn anything.

    • Payment method differs. Paypal is one such method. There are other services available too and depends on the type of work you do and the one who is making the payment.


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