GTU ATKT facts and details

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

GTU students are not new to ATKTs. The love story of an Engineering student and backlogs is quite an interesting one! This will be a quick read, which reveals some interesting facts about ATKTs accumulated by GTU students. Grab some popcorn and surf through the details!

GTU ATKT facts and details-

#1 Most backlogs are accumulated in the first four semesters. That means the first two years of an average GTU Engineering student will be riddled with backlogs!

#2 Around 45% Engineering students in first semester accumulate more than 3 backlogs! This baggage of ATKTs often results in early detention of the student!

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#3 Maths- 1 and Maths-3 are subjects that clings on, when it comes to backlogs. Many students, who get ATKT in these subjects, find it difficult to clear these backlogs in remedial exams.

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