Facebook suggesting WhatsApp contacts as ‘People you may know’

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While using Facebook, have you noticed something strange in the ‘People you may know’ or the ‘friend suggestion’ section? After Facebook bought WhatsApp, FB has been using phone numbers of WhatsApp users to help people find their friends! Let me explain in detail about how this system works.

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Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp, the former has access to personal details and phone numbers of WhatsApp users from around the world. Also, on Facebook, phone numbers of a good number of users are verified and linked to their profiles!


Suppose I have a friend- John. I have John’s phone number added in my phone’s contacts list. I also have him added on WhatsApp too. Now, based on the number present in my WhatsApp contacts list, Facebook will hunt for John’s profile on Facebook (using the phone number). If there is a profile that has the exact verified phone number linked to it and it is not added as my friend, Facebook will bring that profile to my attention using the ‘People you may know’ section!


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This is the reason why you have been seeing profiles of your WhatsApp contacts suggested to you by Facebook, in the form of ‘Friend Suggestion’!

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