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Hello readers, let me ask you a question- How many of you use have Facebook accounts? Well, as of now, it is the most popular Social Networking site. Almost all of you have an account on Facebook! If you stumbled upon this post using a search engine, then it is sure that you have an FB account! And you are here to learn how to use a profile picture without cropping it. I’ve already published an article about how to use WhatsApp profile picture without cropping it down. In this article, I’ll show how to do that same thing on FB.

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Using full size profile picture without cropping on Facebook-

A Facebook profile is not complete without a profile picture. Many of us go through great pain and effort just to get that perfect profile picture to flaunt on Facebook! But, upon uploading an awesome pic, FB asks us to crop it before displaying it on our profile. Often, this cropping process ensures that a good portion of the image is left out and is not displayed on our profile!

Just like WhatsApp, uploading a square shaped DP (Display Picture) is a solution to this problem to an extent. So, here is the first basic solution to this problem-


Solution #1- Editing pics and making them square shaped-

This task can be done easily using simple image editors like MS Paint, MS Office Picture Manager etc. All you gotta do is open the image using any of these image editors, access the ‘resize’ option and make the ‘length’ and ‘height’ dimensions the same.

Once the length and height dimensions become equal, the image becomes square shaped. And square shaped profile pics can be displayed in full size even after going through the mandatory cropping process!

But the main problem associated with this method is that the image is often ‘compressed’ too much, giving it an odd look. Yes, often, making rectangle shaped images square gives it an odd look, altering the appearance of things in the image. In that case, you may try the below two solutions-


Solution #2- Use Instagram for clicking profile pics

This could be the perfect solution for you! Because the pics snapped using Instagram are square shaped! The width and height dimensions are same. So, while uploading profile picture snapped using Instagram, cropping the picture won’t be a problem, since you may select the entire image, without leaving any part out of the frame!

Also, uploading pics from Instagram to Facebook is easy, since all you gotta do is click the ‘share’ button. Further, Instagram offers all those slick effects and filters, which adds to the glory of a pic! Still, if you are not interested in Instagram, you may check out and try the third solution-


Solution #3- Use apps like #SquareDroid-

There are hosts of apps and image resizing tools that are made for making images square shaped. The best one, which I trust is- #SquareDroid.

This app does its task without changing the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the image. This app actually adds borders to images, giving it a square shape in the process.

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Motivational WhatsApp DPs

The color and feel of the border can be changed, according to the choice of the user. After editing an image and making it square shaped, one can easily upload the entire image as Facebook profile picture, without cropping out any part of the image!

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