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Do you want a job that involves lots of travelling? Do you want a job that will take you around the world? If yes is the answer to those questions, this article will be of help to you. In this article, you’ll be reading about courses, which will help you get jobs that will help you travel.

I’ve already written detailed articles on topics like courses after 12th science, courses after 12th arts and courses after 12th commerce. Many students have been reading those articles. In the comments section, some of the readers have been asking me about professional courses that leads to jobs that will let them travel around the word. This article has been inspired by those questions.

If you are a travel enthusiast and want to have a job that involves travel, the professional courses mentioned here will be of help to you. Let us start the list-

Courses to study to get jobs that involve travel


1 Merchant Navy (Maritime courses / training)

A job in Merchant Navy is a dream come true for many youngsters! The job involves adventure and lots of travelling! Those who love to travel and won’t mind spending half an year aboard a merchant navy ship may pursue maritime courses and take up a job in this sector.


Merchant Navy offers diverse job opportunities. Different job profiles exist for professionals having different qualifications. For a list of good maritime courses, check out this article- Best Maritime courses.


Marine Engineering, GP Rating, GME and B.Sc. Nautical Science are good courses, which will help you get a job in the merchant navy.


2 Commercial Pilot Training

The profession of a pilot is glamorous, financially rewarding and respected by the society. Becoming a Commercial Pilot is not an easy task. It takes certain amount of skill, determination, confidence and fitness to become a competent pilot! This job will take you places around the world!


To become a Commercial Pilot, one must successfully complete Flying training at a recognized Flying School. To get more details about the process, you may check this article out- Become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Science.


3 Air Hostess / Flight Attendant courses

Like the above entry, this profession is also a part of the aviation sector. A pilot is supposed to handle and manoeuvre the aircraft. The job of an air hostess / flight steward is to take care of the passengers and attend to their needs. They are also responsible for making sure that the amenities present in the aircraft are serviceable and that all safety procedures are being followed.


Like in case of pilots, air hostesses also get to travel around the world, thanks to their job! To become an air hostess, one may go for training courses offered by numerous institutes in India. For more details, check this article out- Air Hostess courses in India.


4 Photography Courses

If you are passionate about photography and have good skills, this profession could take you around the world. Wildlife photographers, photojournalists, lifestyle photographers and travel photographers travel around the world to get that perfect snap! One may work as a freelancer or for media firms.


If you want to know more details about good photography courses available in India, do check out this list- Photography courses in India.


5 Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts courses will help you become a Chef. How that is related to travel, you might ask. Well, cruise lines are known to hire skilled chefs to take care of their catering department. If you manage to become a chef aboard a cruise ship, the job will involve travel, good food and decent remuneration!


6 Hospitality and Travel Management courses

Hospitality professionals are known to get hired by cruise lines, tour operators and travel management companies. Such professionals may take on job profiles like tour guide or manager. You may also check – Travel and tourism courses.


As part of such a job, one could travel to vacation spots across the world, guide tourists, arrange facilities for them etc.


7 Other management courses

Management courses like MBA, BBS and BMS can help one specialize in fields like marketing, event management, supply chain management etc. Management professionals working in these fields travel a lot, thanks to the nature of their work! In short, management courses can help you land a travel based job!


Let us check an example out. Let us talk about event management. A management professional who has specialized in this field may have to travel to exotic locations or wildlife parks to organize social as well as adventure events. Hope you get the idea about how travel is involved in such a job.


If you want an in-depth guide on management courses, please go through this article- management courses after 12th.


8 Language courses

Pursuing native and foreign languages won’t just help you become a teacher! With the help of right language combinations, you may become a translator or interpreter. One may work as a staff member for MNCs / Individuals or may work as a freelancer. This job could take you around the world! You may also check – Foreign language courses by IGNOU.


9 Geology course

In simple terms, Geology is the study of Earth, structure and constituents of its rocks and the processes by which they change. Basically it is Earth science.


This job can take you places. Geology deals with mining, petroleum geology, environmental issues etc. For studies and work, geologists may have to travel to various parts of the world! If you have passed 12th standard and want to become a geologist, you may consider pursuing B.Sc. Geology course!


10 Archaeology

The field of archaeology has seen great technological advancements. Latest technology like remote sensing, satellite imagery and aerial survey are used these days. Still, this profession allows one to travel places, take field surveys and indulge in activities like excavation, observation and analysis.


Undergraduate and Post graduate Archaeology courses are available in India. For more details, please go through this article- Archaeology courses in India.


11 Social Work courses

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Works will help one find a job in NGOs and similar setups. Depending on the agency, one could visit various parts of the world and engage in voluntary and supporting activities there.


Other than Bachelor of Social Work Degree, nursing graduates may also indulge in such activities and visit various countries. If you have a will to help others, Degree doesn’t matter! One may use one’s skills and aid NGOs.


12 Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication offers diverse job opportunities. Many of the jobs offered involve extensive travel. Job profiles like Reporter, Photojournalist, Journalist, Anchor etc suit those who love to travel.


If you are interested in knowing more about relevant courses, do check these articles out- Journalism after 12th, Mass Communication after 12th and Visual Communication after 12th.


I’ve mentioned some of the best courses and careers that will help you travel around. If you want to suggest relevant courses, please make use of the comment section.

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