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Hospitality Industry is booming in India right now. Thanks to increased number of tourists flocking in to visit India, the Government is trying hard to improve the hospitality sector. The Government itself is investing heavily in this sector. Also, it is allowing private firms to venture into this sector and invest in it. All these factors have ensured that this sector has been developing at a good pace and is providing employment opportunities to number of people. There are many courses, which will help you build a career in hospitality sector. In this article, I will list some job oriented courses which even 10th pass or 12th pass students may pursue!

Advantages of building a career in Hospitality sector

The most important advantage is the huge potential that this sector boasts of. Public and private sector ventures are investing heavily in it. As a result, new resorts, hotels, guest houses, adventure tourism, health tourism etc are developing.


Along with development, job openings are also increasing! But, when it comes to hospitality sector, there is a dearth of quality, trained professionals. Most of the times, it is semi skilled workers who are being employed at various job posts. While public and private firms are eager to recruit qualified personnel, they are hard to find!


This means that fresh graduates, there will be ample amounts of jobs available and relatively very low competition for those job posts! A very good prospect, during these times of job market saturation and recession!


The boom in tourism industry, it seems, is here to stay! It doesn’t look like slowing down! And this is good news for hospitality sector workers. To a great extent, how the tourism sector fares directly influences the fortunes of hospitality sector. Looking at the growth rate that tourism industry is going through, it is safe to say that things will be good for hospitality sector too in the future!


Job oriented hospitality courses for 10th and 12th passed students-

Here, I will be covering only those courses that possess good potential. Also, which, even 10th and 12th standard passed students could pursue. Please read details about all the courses and choose the one that suits you best!


1 Diploma in Food Production

Food production is an integral part of the Hotel Industry. This course deals with various aspects related to food production. Some of the prominent sections being taught in this course are- basic of kitchen upkeep, use of basic kitchen tools and machinery, equipment used in food production, cooking lessons, cooking styles and methods, cost estimation, kitchen record keeping, steps to ensure kitchen’s cleanliness, pest control methods used in kitchen and store houses, organizing and coordinating kitchen staff keeping the working of a hotel in mind etc.


Those were some of the very important topic covered under the course. The duration of this course is 1 year. When it comes to eligibility criteria, both 10th and 12th class passed students may apply for this course!


2 Diploma in housekeeping and maintenance

When it comes to Hotel Industry, housekeeping and maintenance staff plays a key role in helping perform day to day tasks. This Diploma course is all about training people to perform housekeeping and maintenance tasks related to Hotel industry.


Some very important topics covered under this course are- introduction to housekeeping, importance of cleanliness, personal grooming, introduction to equipment used, introduction to common cleaning agents and their use, records and register maintenance, inventory control, communications skills, bed making, room decoration, laying tables, pest control techniques, safety procedures to be followed etc.


The duration of this Diploma course is 1 year. Eligibility criteria- both 10th and 12th class passed students may apply for this course!


3 Diploma in Front Office Operations

Normally, when we go to a hotel, the first person we meet there will be the person who is the front office operator/receptionist there. So, for hotels, having a well qualified and polite front office operator will be of much help!


Some of the important topics covered under this course are- introduction to different from Office section roles (cashier, receptionist, lobby manager etc), co-ordination between different staff of the hotel (kitchen staff, housekeeping staff etc), forms used in the front office, types of room, different tariff plans associated with different rooms, basic computer knowledge, communication skills, dealing with passport and VISA processes, dealing with telephone calls etc.


Duration of this particular course is 1 year. And talking about eligibility criteria, both 10th and 12th class passed students may apply for this course.


4 Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery production

This course covers some important topics like- introduction to basics of bakery and confectionery, introduction to different types of bakery products, preparation of food items and their storage, introduction to ingredients such as preservatives, artificial flavors etc.


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The duration of this course is 1 year. Both 10th and 12th standard passed students may apply for this course.


5 Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering

I’ve already written an article about list of best Hotel Management courses after 12th. Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering focuses on training students to take on Managerial and Administrative posts in Hotel as well as Catering sectors. Apart from Management skills, the course also gives attention to Food Production, Inter department coordination and Communication Skills! Duration of this course is 2 years.


Those were some good job oriented hospitality related courses for 10th and 12th passed students. The main aim of above mentioned courses is to help instill useful skills in students, which will help them thrive in the hospitality sector.

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