BBA in Digital Marketing

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In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of BBA in Digital Marketing course. It is a new generation management course! This article covers vital information such as course duration, eligibility criteria, admission process and career prospects. The table provided below will give you the basic details.

BBA in Digital Marketing

BBA is a general management course. It covers topics and subjects that are foundations of management education. But specialization (BBA) programs exist too! Examples include – BBA in Airport Management, BBA in Shipping, BBA in Healthcare Management etc. Such courses cover the basics of management education and also focus on a specific discipline along with it!


BBA in Digital Marketing is one such specialization program. This program focuses on the field of Digital Marketing and also covers basic management subjects.


Digital Marketing can be said to be a relatively new field of marketing. It has gained huge popularity in the recent years.


The rise of social media giants, increased internet penetration and easy availability of devices (used to access the internet) has contributed to the growth of Digital Marketing.


Businesses – small, medium and big – are milking Digital Marketing and the opportunities provided by it. Businesses are using Digital Marketing to reach out to targeted audience and thus improving their profit and market share in the process!


It is not uncommon to see big brands advertising cleverly on social media websites and driving targeted traffic (buyers) to their websites! This shows the power of Digital Marketing! For small and medium scale businesses, Digital Marketing is a boon!


“What is Digital Marketing?”, you may ask. It is a vast field that covers various subjects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, E Commerce, Lead Generation, E Mail Marketing, Data Analytics, Big Data, Web Designing, Graphics Design & Content Marketing.


Digital Marketing deals with marketing products or services using digital technologies. The term digital technologies include the internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital medium.


Let us check out the course details now –


BBA in Digital Marketing: Details


Type of course

It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. Technically, it is a management education program. The course covers basic management subjects as well as Digital Marketing subjects.



The course is 3 years long. In cases of most of the institutes offering this course, the academic program is divided into semesters. Each semester is 6 months long. The entire program is made up of 6 such semesters.


Eligibility criteria

10+2 passed from a recognized board (any stream) is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course.


Admission process

Depending upon the institute, it could be either direct or merit based admission process. Reputed institutes follow merit based admission process.



The program covers both general management and digital marketing subjects. The program is a holistic mixture of classroom lectures and practical lab sessions. I’ve listed down some of the important subjects present in this program below. The list will help you know more about the course structure –

  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Basics of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Accounting
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
  • Economics
  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Design and Communication
  • Internet Technologies
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation & E Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Business Laws and Ethics
  • Digital Media Laws


Note: I’ve not listed all the subjects taught in BBA in Digital Marketing program. Only the important subjects have been mentioned. The academic program also consists of industrial training sessions!


Career prospects and job opportunities

Digital Marketing is a vast field. It offers one diverse job opportunities. Thanks to the importance of Digital Marketing, MNCs and business houses these days have dedicated digital marketing teams. Graduates may join such a work setup or they may even start their own digital marketing agency or venture!


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Graduates may find a job in the following work setups –

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Department of MNCs and Companies
  • Startups
  • Data Analytics Agencies
  • Internet Technology Businesses
  • Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Online News Portals, Magazines and Similar Publications


Common job profiles available in front of graduates include –

  • SEO Manager/Professional
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Business Marketer
  • Content Marketer/Manager
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Analytics Professional
  • Web Designer
  • Customer Care Executive


Apart from the above mentioned work setups, BBA in Digital Marketing professionals may even try their hand at business. If you are interested in the path of self employment or entrepreneurship, you may start your own venture (an agency or startup) or do freelance work.

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