Best Engineering Courses and Branches

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Choosing a good career is very important. The time when we are supposed to choose our career/course to do is after passing the 12th standard. This is where your school life ends. You start a new chapter in your life- college life! It is up to you to select the path. This article will just describe you about various courses that you can do after your school life (12th science). In the end, the choice is yours. You have to decide your own path!

Earlier, there used to be less courses on the offering. Students had less choice. Science students opted for BSc, Engineering or Medicine. Further, the courses offered in the above programs were basic and traditional. Let me give you an example- earlier, engineering was all about Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemical. Later with time, trades like IT, EC, Plastic Engineering etc were added. You may also check – Engineering entrance exams in India.

Now, there are so many courses on the offering that students don’t even know about many of them! So, this article will help you to know more about many ‘unknown’ courses that you can do after 12th science!

First of all, let us concentrate on Engineering:

Engineering branches

#Electrical Engineering

Related to electricity- its production, transmission and management. An evergreen branch when it comes to job opportunities!

#Mechanical Engineering

Related to machines, their working, parts manufacturing etc. Again, an evergreen branch when it comes to job opportunities!

#Civil Engineering

Construction of buildings and structures, surveying land etc.

# Chemical Engineering

All about chemicals, their production, management etc.

#Computer Engineering

Related to programming software, computers etc.

#Production Engineering-

Managing and overseeing the production and processes of a factory.

# Information Technology

Managing Information, data etc.

#Electronics and Communications Engineering

Related to electronics items and their systems

#Food Processing Engineering

Related to food, its processing, new technologies related to food etc

#Power Engineering-

Related to electrical engg. All about production, transmission and management of power.

#Biomedical Engineering

Combination of Engineering and Medical Science.

# Automobile Engineering

Related to vehicles- designing them, their parts etc.

#Aeronautical Engineering

Related to aviation. Maintaining and designing aeroplanes.

#Marine Engineering

Catering the Engineering requirements in a ship.

#Environmental Engineering

Using technology to improve our environment.

#Plastic Engineering

Designing plastic products, developing new type of plastic etc.

#Textile Engineering

All about designing machines for textile industry, developing new materials for clothing etc.

#Rubber Engineering-

Designing new products, developing new technology for rubber products etc.

#Petroleum Engineering

Refining and producing petrol and by-products, developing new technology for it etc.

#Material Engineering-

Studying about various materials, their uses, properties etc. Developing new technology.

#Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Related to automation, making control systems etc.

#Sound Engineering

Related to sound systems, equipment, editing sound etc.

#Mechatronics Engineering

Combination of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering.

#Mining Technology Engineering

Related to mining equipments, technology etc.

#Agricultural Engineering

Using Engineering technology to increase agricultural production.

So that’s all folks! Too many branches to choose from! But before choosing your trade, make sure that you like it. If you like what you do, then you are more likely to get success! Also make sure that you get admission in a good college. Best of luck folks!

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113 thoughts on “Best Engineering Courses and Branches”

  1. Sir I’m interested in engineering course but I’m too weak in chemistry subject….So please suggest me which engg branch is to be taken?

    • Any branch other than Chemical Engineering, Food Processing Technology and Petroleum Engineering will be fine for you.

    • Automobile, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering etc are related to it.

  2. sir, at this moment i don’t no more about computer but i have interested in it ,can i take computer engineering ? and which is best either hardware or software?

  3. Sir,
    My self Rajesh, i’m interested in engineering.My choice is Mechanical,Production, and computer science. But to be honest I’m not that good in maths. What do you think will suit me or recommend me any other courses.

    • Rajesh, mathematics will be involved in almost all engineering branches. Especially in 1st year, you won’t be able to avoid mathematics subject. It would be better, if you face the subject and prepare it will. Choices you mentioned are good. Petroleum Engineering and Core branches of engineering are also good. Ensure that you pursue the course from a reputed institute.

  4. i m studying diploma in mechanical engg…..

    What can i do after this… What oportunities i hav after completing diploma???

    • Shambhu, you may go for B.E./B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering after completing Diploma program (lateral entry). DME (Diploma Marine Engineering) pre sea training course is a program that will help you join the merchant navy sector!

  5. Hello sir,
    my self pranal,from mumbai.
    I jst appeared 12 now.
    I have a keen interest in maths.
    Applying for civil services is good.
    Doing bsc and gìving exams of railways n all gov sector

    • Nisanth, all branches have good scope if you pursue them from a good College. Core Branches are always evergreen. Other good Engineering branches are- Petroleum, Chemical and IC Engineering.

  6. Sir,i am from nepal.In class 11,i have passed with physics,chemistry,mathematics and biology but in class 12,i have not taken mathematics subject because it is not compulsory to be taken or study(mathematics is optional for bio students).i have passed class 11 board with mathematics but class 12 board without mathematics.Can i apply for civil engineering in india?

    • Kshitish, Instrumentation and Control as well as Electronics Engineering Branches will help you get started. After B.E./B.Tech., you may go for M.E./M.Tech. courses focusing on Robotics.

    • Sahin, both are good. But I’d say Chemical Engineering is but more good. But you have to be aware of the working conditions and nature of work, when it comes to this branch.

  7. Hello sir, thanks for such a helpful blog. Sir, I like programming, electric circuits & robotics. Which branch should I prefer with above mentioned interests? Is there scope for robotics in India ?

    • Shubham, you may go for Instrumentation and Control Engineering or Mechatronics Engineering. You may specialize in Robotics after Graduation.

  8. sir,i’m currently studing in class interested subjects r maths nd physics.
    i wnt to pursue btech,then mtech but i’m confused which branch should i pursue.
    another problem is that i have not taken any competitive coaching it’s just cbse one.
    so would i be able to crack entrance exams!!!!
    really confused,plzz guide me sir

  9. Dear sir,
    I am from kolkata. I have passed my higher secondary exam in 2011 with 74% marks. After that i got admitted in physics (hons.) though my favorite subject was math. But i knew that i will be failed so i didn’t give exam. After that i did work in it sector. Right now i am thinking that to come back in Higher study…but i am very confused which subject i will choose…sometimes i think to study aeronautical engineering, sometimes mechanical engineering…i don’t understand what will i do??? Please sir suggest me..

    • Adhikari, both Aeronautical and Mechanical Branches are good. I’d give Mechanical Engineering a slight edge over the other branch. At the end of the day, the college in which you get admission also matters a lot! Make sure that you get admission in a good College.

  10. sir i am presently doing diploma in computer engg. from govt. polytechnic sundernagar himachal pradesh . now i think that it will be good for me in future as i have very low condifence . i am also shy type. please help me can i want to go to top companies like google , microsoft , wipro can i please help me.

  11. Sir, I got 82.3% in 12th and 70 in jee. I’m interested in electrical, mechanical and IT. I dont know which option to choose.can u help please??

  12. sir i dont know what i can do after 12 ….i am interested in aronatical and mechanical which is best for getting job.. .

  13. Hiee sir, my self harish I m confused about what to do after 12th , I m going to study my engineering in Bangalore ,according to Bangalore city which course is best for getting more jobs apporchonities…..

  14. hello sir ,I am passionate and intetested in cs but want to know that
    Is there a god job opportunity or not ? please reply waiting……

    • Ashish, CS still has got scope. But a lot depends on the College from which you graduate as well as your skills.

  15. Sir i m so confuse to take a right decision about my career that what should I do after 12 . I want to earn a lot of money . So can you tell me in which field I should go

  16. Sir, i am poor in physics and little bit in can u suggest me which engg brach will be good for me among Elex and telecomm,mechanical and computer

  17. Sirr. . I have a question.!
    I’m really confused about that k,, ” If I take I.T. branch.. then I have option to job in gujarat ?”

    • Ravi, IT sector is developing in Gujarat. Jobs are available in cities like Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad in abundance!

  18. Sir I wanted to do research and development
    Which stream should I choose?
    Related to.
    Bio technology,polymer chemistry
    Or chemical ,electronics,
    Or something other you may suggest ..

    In future I wanted to become. A Manufacturer
    And start own company.

  19. hello….sir I want to know which engineery degree is best for my future petroleum, mechanical or electrical engineering

    • Ritik, both are core branches of Engineering. To be honest, both branches will provide you with ample amounts of job opportunities!

  20. Am currently in 12th standard. Iam cofused to choose a course in engineering.please help me out. Iam interested in aeronautical n computer science.. I got 93% in inter help me to choose a better course.

  21. sir! I am in 12th class from up board.which are the most demanded engineering branches and posts in India.I am studying PCM subjects now.

    • Jasveer, the core branches are in good demand. Apart from that- Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, IC Engineering etc are also good ones.

  22. sir,in my 12th i hve studied biomaths in confused of selecting courses after 12.but i hve a faith that i can do anytng whatever i select with my own intrest.the problem is that how can i bringforth the intrest i had & tell me whether bioengineering not biomedical courses available in india more possibly in tamilnadu

  23. sir, I give my 12th board exm ths year n now in these holidays I want to do some course which was benficial for me ..I m a science student n think to opt for engineering or Bsc according to ths plzz suggest me some course ..plzz rply sir as soon as possible…I m very thnkful to ur rply….

    • Aditi, if you are weak in English, you may polish English speaking skills. You may also learn foreign languages. Also, check out short courses like web development, graphics related ones etc.

  24. but i am not interested to do computer engg futhur i am good in chem maths n i am very much confused between civil electronics and mechatronics can u plzzz suggest me wat to do next??

  25. Jst An Amzing n Helpng Site To Needed peoples .. who Found In trouble in his future planng ..
    Thank You …….! 🙂

  26. sir..iam sathish..iam expecting 194 cutoff marks in 12th public exams sir..iam interested in engg sir..iam from middle class family sir..i have to earn more money and i want to uplift my life to greater extent sir..please refer me courses suitable for me..iam interested in electronics..and especially in mechanical sir..mechanical is good or not?? can i have good job with decent salary sir.?? ur opinion about mechatronics… waiting fr ur reply sir…

  27. Sir computer science good for me or not……..because i have more knowledge of computer……. So i want to choose cs…..

  28. i have had a love for machines since childhood. but people say mech engg is tough so im confused whether to go or not for mechanical engineering.. id really appreciate your advice.

  29. apart from mechanical enghineereing,does civil engineering and forensic psychology have any scope in the present worl specially India

  30. Sir,i have a one question. Mai abroad ki job krna chaahta hu but engineering kr k toh mujhko kaunsi engineering krni chahiye ? Plzz help us

    • Tarunesh, try Engineering branches like- Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc.

  31. Sir what is difference in Information Technology and Computer engg ? Which will have a better veiw in job prospectus in future. …

    • Dhruv, IT is relatively new, dealing with information management, database etc. CS is more of a core line, involving programming etc.

  32. ..Sir, I am a 10th grade(ICSE) student. I have many doubts regarding my career options. Some of them are as follows:-

    -I study in ICSE board right now, and live in Gujarat. Is it advisable to change my board after 10th ? I want to be in a college in Gujarat if possible.

    -I have interest in software engineering. But when I gave an aptitude test, the result showed me that I should go with mechanical branch as I have more potential in that. Is that advisable? Because currently I possess no interest in mechanical branch.

    -last question, I have heard that aeronautical engineering is a great branch in mechanical and has a lot of job opportunities, are there any colleges in Gujarat for the same?

    Okay, so these were some of my questions. Waiting for your reply. Thank you!

  33. sir ,
    I m in 12th standard nd pursuing wth non med.

    nd I m vry much cofused about the engg. courses
    nd acc. to my interest I m vry much interstd in physcs nd maths
    so whch course is best for me…??
    plzz hlp me….

  34. I’m in 11th now and have took science
    Biology, chemistry and designing are my passion but i’m confused in which engineering line i could use all these..any suggestions?

  35. I am about to finish 12th std and I am interested in technologically based jobs in MNCs and now I am totally confused and upset in choosing the right course coz i dont have deep knowledge about any of the courses….so please help me sir..!!

  36. I am science student but of my problem i am not able to study MBBS,,and engeering . what can i do ? which course should i have to prefer?

    • Aadit, other than MBBS and Engineering, you have other options like- B Sc, BAMS, BDS, B Pharm, Pharm D, Diploma courses etc. There are other design related courses too, which I have mentioned in the article.

    • Shokie, you have to select a good branch based on criteria such as the marks you obtained, your passion job scope etc.

  37. im confused which option to choose and which will hv better job opportunities in Mumbai and i also want to know about colleges in Mumbai which provides the above courses

    • First consider your passions. Choose a branch based on that first. if it is job that matters, go for any of the core branches, IC etc. Regarding colleges in Mumbai, unfortunately I don’t have that information, as I’m not from Mumbai.

    • Aish, if you are genuinely interested, then do it. Just make sure that you get admission in a good college, to do that course.


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