Trustees Playing With Students’ Future | 5 Months Since The College Shut Down | Around 1600 Students in Trouble | GTU Not Responding

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Being an educational consultant, it is my duty to help students. The previous day, while going through my Twitter feed, I saw some interesting tweets from UCET students. The students were desperately trying to bring a serious matter to the attention of authorities like CM of Gujarat, PMO, leading journalists etc through their tweets. From those tweets, I came to know that the students are in trouble. I’m writing this post for troubled students of UCET.

UCET is an Engineering College located in Kalol, Gujarat. UCET stands for Universal College of Engineering and Technology. Around 1600 students who are pursuing their studies in this institute are in deep trouble at the moment.

According to the students, the college is closed right now. It has been closed for 5 months! The reason- internal dispute between the trustees.

Students are suffering. But they are in no way responsible for the ’cause’ of this issue! They’ve no control over the situation. The problem is between the trustees running the institute. It is their problem and students studying in the college are paying the price!


Around 1600 students are suffering at the moment. Their studies have stopped. The college has been closed for more than 5 months. Their future seems to be in trouble!


There has been no action from GTU so far. GTU (Gujarat Technological University) is the body responsible for looking after the technical education affairs in Gujarat. With GTU not responding to the pleas of students, I wonder who will step in and take care of the students!


Students are losing valuable time, thanks to the trustees and their internal dispute. The trustees are playing with the lives and future of students.


Either the trustees should sit down, talk and solve their internal issues or GTU should intervene and bring the trustees back to their senses! They have no right to play with the future of students, who have paid fees to attend the college. UCET and GTU must act fast and make sure that the students have access to education!


Apnahangout is a humble educational portal. It is my duty to cover such instances where students are facing trouble and injustice. Leading news outlets such as ToI, DNA, Gujarati News portals etc haven’t covered this incident so far. I urge my readers to share this article on social media and bring this matter to the attention of leading media outlets and authorities.


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