Top 2 new courses to do after 12th science

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

After our helpful article-‘ Top courses to do after 12th science’, we have come up with a new article! This article will introduce to you two new courses that you can pursue after 12th science. The earlier article was all about the regular courses that students usually choose after 12th science. But these two courses are relatively new and are somewhat unique. These courses are- MAM (Master of Applied Management) and MCM (Master of Computer Management). Since these two courses are not very new, the number of colleges offering the course and the seats are relatively less.

MAM- Master of Applied ManagementMAM

Students who have passed 12th science stream can also choose this course, which is related to business administration. MAM is a five year long course. It is like MBA (Master of Business Administration). This course is more or less a combination of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA. So, the duration of MAM course is 5 years which is the time that you will take to complete BBA and MBA both, normally. The job prospects are excellent. This course is internationally recognized and passed out students can get jobs in managerial posts in companies and business houses. Also check out – Online MBA courses in India.

MCM- Master of Computer ManagementMCM

Again a good course that students who have passed 12th science can pursue. MCM is a five year long course. It is similar to doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications). If you do BCA and MCA both, as it is done normally, it will take 5 years. So does MCM. This course which is a combination of BCA, MCA and management also take only 5 years! Job prospect is also very bright in this field. Students will easily get jobs in software industry and other computer related fields.

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So, I hope that this article helped you out. Please also check out the article ‘Top 11 courses to do after 12th science’. It is very helpful article and many 12th science passed students refer it each day. These 2 new courses for 12th science passed students are for those students, who want to select a new and relatively unique course with good job prospects. Share your views and opinions regarding this article.

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23 thoughts on “Top 2 new courses to do after 12th science”

  1. sir what about btech in agriculture?
    is there same am5 of Mathematics involved which is in other branches?
    keep rising and shining sir

    • Imad, in the first two semesters, there will be Mathematics subject (Maths-1 and Maths-2). Afterwards, there won’t be much mathematics, when it comes to this branch.

  2. bt still sir my first choice is engineering because there is good scope for engineering as compare to BCA
    my friends and family also boost me that u can do well in engineering bt there is some underlying fear of Mathematics..

    • Imad, I agree that Engineering Degree has more value than BCA. But Mathematics will be there though, in one form or the other. I suggested some branches that don’t have much to do with Mathematics. But then those Branches are not available in your state. So that leaves you with an option to face your fear. I mean, why not take this weakness seriously and work on it?

  3. sir i think u dont want me to go for engineering???????
    bt being honest sir there is some family pressure and my choice also for engineering

  4. thanks sir you are really a generous Nd humble person
    well sir am still in confusion
    am not able to understand what to do??
    after ur comments i had a second thought about BCA bt after going through that article i got to know that it is fully ment for commerce students
    i just want that being a science student should not link up with commerce stream
    #messed up????

    • Imad, BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications is not meant for Commerce students only. It is a Science stream based course. But due to academic revisions, the course has been made available for Commerce stream students also.

  5. i know sir bt there are many branches out there just let me know that the branches i mentioned are they all though???? isn’t there any branch which will be easy to tackle?
    be blessed sir

  6. Thank u for the moral support sir
    bt there are many branches of engineering which compose of diffrent levels
    some are tough nd some are bit easy
    i just want to know the branches i mentioned is there any which is easy to tackle?
    Thank you sir
    be blessed

  7. I respect your words sir
    but these branches are not available in my state as i reside from j&k
    nd i cant go outside jk to continue my study as there are some personal reasons
    some main branches of engineering are available here
    like civil mechanical eee enc cs.. etc
    should i go with any of them??
    or should i choose anything else..but sir my first priority is engineering
    tHank you sir

    • Imad, the Engineering Branches that you mentioned involves Mathematics. If you think that you can tackle it, you may go for Engineering.

  8. ir i recently passed my 12th class examinations with average percentage and i am very much confused what to do next my subjects were pcm
    i really want to go for engineering bt my math ia not soo good
    as everyone tells me math should be very good for engineering
    sir i want a suggestion from u is there any branch in engineering which will not trouble me or i should go with any other course without engineering?
    Thank you sir


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