Origin of the Internet

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Many of us can’t live without Internet even for a day. Such is the importance of internet that even it gets unavailable for a brief period of time, the trade and businesses around the world will suffer. Without internet you won’t be able to watch your favorite porn (just joking!). We won’t be able to connect with people like we do now.

So how did it all started? When, where and how the internet started off? Well, this article will answer your questions. Internet has evolved very much since it started off. It can be said that the attempt to connect computers dates back to 1960s. But that was not the origin of World Wide Web. It was created in 1990s.

This article is divided into various tome periods. Each time period saw the concept of Internet evolving. It can be said that all this originated in the 1960s. Read on and see the full process:

Attempt to Connect Computers- 1960sConnecting Computers

After the WWII, America and Soviet Union were at war with each other- the Cold War. There was always a possibility of Nuclear Attack since both the sides possessed goddamn nuclear weapons. So, during the 1960s, scientists of USA were trying to connect organizations within USA so that they could communicate with each other after a possible nuclear attack.

ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) came up with the idea of connecting computers. By 1969, four Universities had their computers connected with each other. This was the beginning/origin of Internet.

The Network Gets Bigger!- 1970s

Bigger Networks

The idea of connecting the computers worked very well. So this network was extended in 1973 and computers in London and Norway were connected. E-mail was introduced soon after it.

Internet is Used Commercially- 1980s

Commercial Use

In the 1980s, the number of people using computers increased by many folds. This led to the commercial use of internet. Many companies and businesses began to use internet commercially. By 1989, there were more than 1,00,000 hosts on internet

www is created- 1990s

www logo

The World Wide Web (www) was created in 1991. It consisted of pictures, sounds and other information arranged in such a way that even common people could use it easily and effectively. The term ‘surfing the net’ was coined. By 1999, 150 million people were using the internet worldwide. Internet was available in more than 150 countries back then.

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Broadband and Wireless internet. Mobile internet boom

Wireless networks

We all know about this phase. Broadband and wireless internet enabled fast internet access. Soon mobile internet was the talk of the town with the large scale use of mobile phones and other such handheld devices. 3G and 4G networks introduced which provides lighting fast internet access.


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