How to make money using Goibibo app

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It really is possible to make money from Android mobile phones! Thanks to amazing apps that pays users for completing tasks, making money using Android phone has never been so easy. I’ve already written an article about mCent app and how to make money using it. In this article, I’ll describe how one can make ‘real money’ using Goibibo app.

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What exactly is Goibibo app?

It is a travel related app that lets users book bus tickets, flight tickets, hotel rooms etc using the app. This app comes handy to frequent travellers, who may book tickets and hotel rooms right from their mobile phones!


Process of making money from Goibibo app-

The app has an exciting referral scheme. As part of this scheme, for each friend you refer to the app using your unique referral link, you will be paid 100 GoCash credits to your Goibibo account.


GoCash is a credit system within the app. In the app, GoCash can be used like real money, for booking bus tickets, flight tickets and hotel rooms!


So, the process is to refer your friends. As soon as they download the app and register, your Goibibo account will be credited with 100 GoCash credit.


I’ve shared some cool tricks using which one may improve number of referrals, in case of mCent app. You may use the very same tips to boost referral numbers of Goibibo app too!


After racking up good number of referrals, your account should have fair amount of GoCash funds. But the problem is that GoCash can’t be converted to real money!


For this, you have to go through a trick. Now, Goibibo allows users to pay for bus, flight and hotel rooms using GoCash credits from their account.


In case of bus and flight tickets, only a portion of the ticket amount (like 20%) may be paid using it. The rest has to be paid through credit/debit card and other modes of payment.


Now, you may approach your friends and relatives and tell them that you may book flight and bus tickets for them. Some people may accept the offer, for it will save them from ticket booking hassles.


You may make the payment of the ticket using your GoCash credits (the allowed proportion) and complete the process. Now, you may charge them the real price of the ticket.


At the end of it all, you will have saved 20% (or the respective proportion allowed) of the original amount, for it has been levied from your GoCash credits, which you got via referrals!


This money saved is literally money earned!


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In case of hotel bookings the entire amount can be paid using GoCash credits. So, using the above stated method, you may earn 100% of the amount, since it has all been levied from your GoCash credits, which you got vial referrals!

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