Top 6 ways to make money from Android mobile phone

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The mobile phone market earlier used to be dominated by the iOs as well as the Symbian OS. But after the introduction of Android OS, Android smartphones have now flooded the mobile phone market! These days, 7 out of 10 people are users of Android phone, when it comes to developing nations like India and Brazil! What if I say that you folks may make money right out of your Android phone? Yes, just using the smartphone, you may make decent money! I’ll share some nice strategies that’ll help you achieve the above mentioned feat! Read on and choose the method that suits you best!


Ways to make money using Android mobile phone-


#1 Using rewarding paying apps

Do you know what makes Android OS so exciting? It is the open source platform and the large community of app developers. Due to the above mentioned factors, there is no dearth of awesome free and premium apps on the Google Play Store!


Among those apps, some apps pays the users for completing different tasks. For example- there are apps that pays users for completing surveys, apps that pays users for downloading new apps from play Store etc.


Among those apps, my favourite one is- mCent. It is an app that pays users for trying out new apps from the Play Store. It also has an awesome referral program, that pays well for each referred friend.


One may earn up to 100 Rupees free talk time by simply downloading apps using mCent. You may use the talk time to top up your mobile phone or you may top up others’ mobile phone and charge money for it.


An excellent app, I must say. So far, I’ve been able to make as much as 1,035 Indian Rupees using the app, which is a pretty decent amount, when we are talking about passive income!

mCent referral link

There are other such paying apps out there. But mCent is my preferred one since it is the most well paying one among them. It is also really easy to use too! Install it from Play Store and start making money!


#2 Using Blogger App

Blogger service is offered by Google. Using this service, you may create and maintain free blogs! Also, they have created a good Android app for this service.


You know, this is excellent news since it’ll help you manage your blog right from your Android phone! You may create a free blog and maintain it using the app from your phone. You may monetize the blog using AdSense program that also belongs to Google!


If you are creative enough, you may also promote your own affiliate and referral links (like the mCent referral link) using your blog and get stuff promoted for free! One may create more than one blog. Try to focus on particular niches that are much searched for and you’ll get rewarded, if the blog is good enough.


#3 Make money using WhatsApp

WhatApp logo

If it is an Android OS mobile phone you are using, there is 85% chance that you have WhatsApp installed on your device! It is the most popular messaging app out there!


What if I say that one can make money using WhatsApp? Yes, you read it right! I’ve already written a detailed article about how to make money using WhatsApp. Do click on that link and go through that useful and informative article!


#4 Using apps like Mobikwik, Paytm, Freecharge etc

The above mentioned apps helps users get mobile recharges done. The good news is that these apps comes along with awesome recharge offers time and again!


Sometimes they come up with good cashback offers. Other times, they come up with free coupons and vouchers that a user may redeem at food outlets, movie theatres etc.


So how to make money using them, you might ask. Well, one may use these apps to offer recharge services to others. For example- if a 40% cashback offer pops up, you may approach others and offer to get their recharge done using the app and your credit/debit card. Do the recharge and get the amount from them. So far, you haven’t lost money or gained it.


Soon, you will get another 40% of the cashback amount credited to your account. So, out of nowhere, you get money in form of cashback!


Similarly, you may also get food vouchers, movie tickets etc using the same method!


#5 Make money using the Facebook app and Page manager app


Just like WhatsApp, Facebook app is also one such app that is almost always used by Android phone users from around the world! And yes, you may make money using Facebook app too!


If you own a good Facebook page and have the Page manager app on your Android phone, you may make money using that app from your Android phone! Check out this article to know how you may make money out of Facebook.


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#6 Make money selling stuff

Apps like OLX, Quikr etc are excellent platforms using which one may sell used stuff and get paid for it! These apps are free to install and are easy to use as well.

One may use them and sell one’s own or friends’ as well as relatives’ used unwanted stuff and make money out of it.

These are some effective and easy ways to make money using your Android mobile phone. Not just mobile phones, one may even make use of devices like tablets and get the above mentioned tasks done!

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