Interesting facts about Computer Storage

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Computers play a big role in our day to day lives. Earlier, computers used to occupy a whole room! But now, thank to progress of technology, we have computers which can be put in our pockets. Similarly, earlier computers had very low storage and memory. But now we have computers that boast of terabytes of storage space?


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Storage devices

Here are some fascinating and interesting facts related to computer storage.

Units of Storage and their values in Bytes
Storage Unit In Bytes
1 Petabyte 1,12,58,99,90,68,42,624
1 Exabyte 11,52,92,15,04,60,68,46,976
1 Zettabyte 1,18,05,91,62,07,17,41,13,03,424
1 Yottabyte 12,08,92,58,19,61,46,29,17,47,06,176

Here are some more facts related to computer storage:

1 It will take 20 Gigabytes to store the complete works of Beethoven.

2 It will take 5 Megabytes of data to store all the works of Shakespeare.

3 It will take 10 Terrabytes of storage to store all the printed material in The Library of Congress.


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