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The number of Medical Colleges in Gujarat I increasing each year. Some new Government Colleges have been opened. At the same time, number of private colleges has also been given the permission to go ahead by the authorities. This has led to an increase in the medical seats in Gujarat. So, more students can follow their dream of pursuing MBBS and becoming a Doctor. Here, I will share some tips regarding MBBS admission in Gujarat for the year 2014.

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Check out this guide if you want to study MBBS abroad. Before you jump in and get admission in a medical college, make sure that you give adequate importance to the following factors also-


Tips for Gujarat Medical Admission for the academic year 2014


#1 Approval by the authorities

First comes the approval status of an institute. All Government colleges are approved by the appropriate authorities. Not only them, the private ones also have to get approved by the authorities to start a medical college.


So, make sure that the college you are about to get admission in is approved by the responsible authorities. Check the official website of the authorities and see whether the institute has been granted permission by them.


#2 Fee structure

Government Medical colleges have this low fee, which is subsidized fee. But in case of private medical colleges, the fee is usually higher. It is decided by the trust or the organization running the institute. To an extent, the fee is also influenced by the authority granting the permission.


Before taking admission in a private college, make sure that you go through the fee details. Visit the official website of the authorities and check the fee structure. Check whether a hike in fee is on the cards or not. Usually, this happens less. But still, it may happen. So, it is better to be aware of this possible fee hike.


#3 Infrastructure and Faculty

Well, I’ve mentioned it on the 3rd spot. But actually, it is much more crucial, you know. The sign of a good medical college can be known by the quality of its infrastructure and faculty.


Before taking admission in a medical college, make sure that you visit it and take a note of the infrastructure. The college should have adequate facilities like hospital with good inflow of patients, learning facilities, labs, playground, recreational facilities, gym, hostel etc.


Then comes the quality of the faculty. Some colleges are notorious for hiring already practicing Doctors. Those fellows many times fail to do justice to their teaching job, in their quest to manage two jobs at the same time!


Make sure that you visit the college and ask the existing students about the quality and the experience and qualification of the faculty. A bad faculty would be the last thing you want to have!


#4 Location of the college

Well, not very crucial factor, but still, you should take it into consideration. Do a bit of research about the location of the college. Check if the area is notorious for illegal activities, violence etc.


If you find that there is something very seriously wrong with the location, reconsider the choice of that college. It may not seem to be a big problem in the beginning, but a bad location can often play spoil-sport in the long run!


#5 Give the hostel a good check

Usually, majority of the students, who move out to a hostel for doing MBBS, are doing so for the first time in their life. So, to ensure that the transition is a smooth one, the hostel infrastructure and environment has to be good.


Make sure that the hostel is well furnished. Make sure that it satisfies basic amenities like water supply, electricity, recreation etc. Further, make sure that the harmony there is good too.


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I hope these tips will be of use to you while trying to get admission in a medical college. MBBS is a long course and takes some time to complete. So, choosing a good college, keeping in mind these suggestions, will make sure that you have a good time while at college!

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