Gujarat ACPC Engineering choice filling guide and tips

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These days, the entire admission process for professional courses is done online! Only handful of parts are did offline. But all this technological development has proved to be a boon for 12th science passed students. Aspirants of courses like Engineering can fill out their choices of Colleges right from the comfort of their home! GSEB has also done a good job. The Gujarat Education board has created a dedicated portal for taking care of admission of 12th science passed students into various professional courses like Engineering, Pharmacy etc. Here, I’ll share some useful tips regarding choice filling process in ACPC site.


JACPC Engineering choice filling

#1 Know the dates and remember them very well

Each 12th science passed student, who enrolled for choice filling, must have got that booklet consisting of dates and important instructions from ACPC. The first thing to do is to go through the important dates list and note when different processes will be held.

There are different dates assigned to processes like registration, choice filling, mock rounds, counseling etc. So, missing an important date would be the last thing that you want to happen. Make it a point to remember the dates and act accordingly.


#2 Don’t mess up the initial registration

I know that the registration part is well over. The last date for registering was 10th June, which is well over. But this point will come handy to students who will go through this process next year. You may also check – GUJCET exam.

The initial registration is something that is really crucial and important. The details filled during that phase will be used throughout the admission process. Various details like personal information, loan preferences, caste category, financial status, fee exemption preferences etc will be asked. Be careful with what you fill out in the registration form. Because once saved and submitted, the details can’t be edited. If one has to edit, he/she has to go through tough processes, making tips to help center.


#3 Before choice filling, give last year’s merit cutoff a look

The booklet that I talked about, provided by ACPC, contains the cutoff marks and colleges that accepted students for specific merit marks. Give it a look. Get an idea about how many merit marks are required to get admission into a particular college. Based on your marks, find colleges and branches, in which you can probably get admission in. Do this process well in advance and make a good list of probable colleges and branches.


#4 Analyze the choices based on quality of college and the branch of Engineering

This is a tricky part. But let me tell you that it is very important too! There are 3 types of colleges basically in Gujarat- the good ones, the mediocre ones and the bad ones. Then there are two types of branches, looking from demand point of view- branches in demand (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical), branches not in much demand (IT, EC etc).

It happens that large number of seats will remain empty in bad colleges, in case of branches that has less demand. Don’t opt for those seats!

However, it is okay to opt for seats of branches with less demand in good colleges. In case of mediocre colleges, you must try and get admission in branches that are in demand.

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I know that this phase is not too easy. But then, you have to plan, make use of the list that you made in the above stage, and fill choices accordingly.


#5 Be realistic while filling choices

If you are well aware that you won’t be able to get admission in Mechanical Engineering at L D College, then what is the point of filling it? Many students just do it anyways, thinking that by stroke of luck, it may happen. But the competition is too stiff that this will not happen.

Keep your merit marks, cutoff of colleges the last term in mind and fill choices accordingly. Be realistic. That’s how you should do it.

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