GTU final year Engineering project ideas and tips

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The final year project is an affair that many GTU students hates! The Gujarat Technological University has recently changed the format of the project presentation and the aspects related to it. These changes have certainly not gone well with the final year Engineering students. So, the big question is-how to get ideas for that final year project and how to get it done effortlessly. Here are some tips and suggestions.

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Final year Engineering project ideas and tips for GTU students

First of all, when you are about to pitch project ideas, do make sure that you have 4-5 ideas ready and paperwork on the same done and ready. Because, according to observations so far, most of the times the first pitch gets rejected due to various reasons.

So, keeping other ideas and their presentation as a backup seems to be a good idea. In case the first one gets rejected, you can quickly come up with another and start working on it quickly. Because time matters! And it would be better to get started as soon as possible.

If you are working on the project yourself, well and good. But it is a common thing to outsource the working part.

It is a well known fact that many students decide to hand over the project making part to professionals, who specialize in creating and selling these projects. Rajkot is one such place that is very famous for such project makers.

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In case you are making use of such people, make sure that you give them a deadline date 2-3 weeks before your final presentation. Because, these folks usually tend to complete the work as late as possible. Then they tend to shoot up the price giving you thousand reasons for the sudden rise in the price. The common reason that they give is that the parts are not available and they have to be specially brought in!

So, keeping that point in mind, planning well ahead of the actual deadline is something that I recommend. Taking care of the above mentioned aspects will make sure that you can easily wade through the project dilemma without breaking sweat.

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