GTU BE 8th semester results 2013

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Hello GTU friends, as per a circular found on the official GTU site, GTU will declare the 8th semester BE exam results on 5th June. A circular addressed to examiners states that the 8th semester BE papers have been assessed electronically, not manually, in the old fashioned way.

On, it is being shown that the University has been directed by the court to provide the result of 8th semester BE students by 5th of June. As a result, GTU has introduced E-assessment method. In this method, the exam papers are scanned and uploaded to the servers/stored in system and the examiners are provided with their usernames and passwords.

When a GTU examiner logs in using the username and password issued to him by the university, he is directed to the designated set of papers that he has to check. This new method comes with many advantages. The best one is ease of transportation. Here, there is no need of transporting the papers by road. So, there will be less chances of lost papers etc. Also, it is very easy to transfer papers electronically.

The process of examining papers also gets incredibly fast. GTU is known for announcing results very late. Last time they announced the results of BE 7th semester some 3 months after the exam. But with E-assessment, the checking is expected to get over faster than before.

But, there are also some concerns about e-assessment in GTU. Will the scanned format of our BE 8th semester papers be of good quality? Will the examiners be able to read our answers well? How will the examiners get used to this format of examining papers? Will it have a negative effect on the results of BE 8th semester students?

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Normally, GTU announces the results of BE 8th semester students within 20 days of the end of exams. Now, with e-examining, the results are expected to be out faster. Also, the circular on states that GTU has been asked to give the results of final year BE 8th semester engineering students by 5th June. So, there is a good chance that results will be out in near future. So, frequently visit

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