GTU Attendance Rules 2023

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Hi readers! Are you pursuing engineering education from GTU (Gujarat Technological University)? If yes, this post will be of help to you. In this post, you will find all the details that you need to know about GTU attendance rule for the term 2022.

Minimum attendance required, days of absence covered under medical leave, validity of medical certificate – you will find these details in this post. GTU students may use this post to make sure that they satisfy the minimum attendance criteria.   We have been getting numerous queries about GTU’s attendance system and requirement. After replying to few such questions, we decided to settle this matter once and for all by writing a post.   Note: Minimum attendance criteria may vary from one institute to another. Though GTU has a specified a standard percentage, many colleges have set their own rules and regulations. For example, some strict colleges demand over 85% attendance from its students!   Let us move to the meat of the matter now – GTU attendance rules and regulations. Let us start –  

GTU attendance rules and regulations 2022


Minimum attendance required

Minimum attendance required is 75%. Without satisfying this criteria, a student will have trouble appearing for main/external examination. A student must have at least 75% attendance in order to be considered eligible to fill up GTU examination form.  

Absence due to illness that is considered by the institute

10% of the total period of absence (due to illness/health conditions) of a student will be counted as attended days by the institute (student must provide valid medical certificate though). For example, if a student remains absent for 10 days due to illness, 10% of the duration (1 day) will be considered as present/attended by the college.  

Validity of medical certificate

In order to avail the above mentioned benefit after a period of absence due to illness, a student must furnish valid medical certificate. The certificate must highlight valid dates and reason of absence. The certificate must be signed and stamped by a practicing Doctor. You may also check – GTU exam tips.

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