Exchange Engineering seats in Gujarat after reshuffling rounds

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The Engineering Admission process in Gujarat state is almost coming to an end. The mock rounds have finished and the results had been announced some 2 weeks ago. After the completion of the Mock rounds, even the reshuffling rounds have also been conducted. The results of the reshuffling phase have also been announced.

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If a student is interested in changing his/her college or branch, then there is the possibility of taking help of other interested students, who are also interested in changing seats. I’ll give you an example of how this method works.

Suppose all the reshuffling rounds come to an end and you have been provided with an Engineering seat in a College in Surat. But you want a seat in an Engineering College near your home, say in Rajkot.

But since there are not reshuffling rounds to depend on, this task may seem impossible. However, if you know some student, who has a seat in an Engineering College in Rajkot, who also wants to change college, and take admission in your college in Surat (for his/her own reasons), then you may proceed with an ‘exchange process’.

All colleges support exchange system, if both parties are mutually interested in each others’ seats. The fees and other such deposits will be transferred to each others’ new Colleges! So there is nothing to worry about things like- paying fees again, making deposits again, notifying ACPC etc.

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The same process applies for change in stream also. If two students are interested in swapping each others’ branches, then they can proceed with the process.

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