Tips to pass TOM and DOM GTU exams easily

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TOM and DOM are two subjects that gives shivers to Mechanical Engineering students. Especially when it comes to lazy students of GTU, these two subjects are nightmares for students. Okay, I was just joking there when I termed Gujarat Technological Students as lazy. Now let’s talk business. TOM (Theory of Machines) and DOM (Dynamics of Machines) are indeed tough subjects. But they aren’t invincible. With the right strategy, these two subjects can be cleared without getting any ATKTs!


Pass TOM and DOM subjects’ examinations easily

The strategy is really simple. The key is to lighten up the burden. These two subjects are mostly technical subjects. So, mugging up won’t be of any help. Understanding the concepts is the key. For that, one must either attend lectures and understand the concepts or approach some bright students, who can teach you the concepts.

Talking about lightening the burden, tackle these subjects early on. Don’t wait for the last day or week to arrive! This is a big mistake that many students commit! They decide to take up TOM and DOM only few days before the exam.

These two subjects are such that they can’t be prepared properly in less time. Especially if you rush through these subjects, you will fail miserably.

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If you are running low on time, do try to cover up the important topics thoroughly. Doing this, instead of running through whole text book hastily, will benefit you more!

And last, but not the least, practice is all that matters. The more practice you do, the better your mastery over these subjects will be. TOM and DOM can be mastered through sheer practice. Begin your practice early on, focus on the important topics more and you sure will score well in these papers in your Mechanical Engineering external exams conducted by GTU.

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