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Are you an IT professional looking to acquire advanced IT skills? Are you an IT job aspirant? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of MCSE Certification, training and courses.

“How will this article help me?”, you may ask. Here, you will find the following details about MCSE Certification – basic details, eligibility, duration, courses, syllabus, fees, career prospects and salary.  

What is MCSE Certification?

MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions expert. It is a very valued certification offered by Microsoft. It is not uncommon to see Graduates, IT professionals and 12th passed students run after this certification.   Certifications are available in different categories. Certifications have been created on the basis of products and services offered by Microsoft.   The skills and knowledge a student obtains after training will depend upon the product or service that he/she chooses.   Some of the notable certification categories are –

  • Productivity (Office Tools)
  • Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Data
  • App Builder
  • Business Applications


Microsoft is a reputed MNC. It has made a name for itself in segments such as OS, Personal Computing, Cloud Technology, Networking, Productivity, Business Applications etc.   Microsoft products and services are so popular that many Companies and IT systems use them! They need skilled professionals to install, configure, operate, maintain and inspect Microsoft based products, services and technology!   This is where MCSE professionals come handy! They are trained to install, configure, operate, maintain and inspect Microsoft based products, services and technology.   In short, this certification can get you employed. IT based companies and communication firms are the prime recruiters.

Course Details

Let us check out some of the popular MCSE courses. Here they are –

MCSE courses

  • MCSE Business Applications
  • MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
  • MCSE Data Management and Analytics
  • MCSE Mobility
  • MCSE Productivity


There’s no clear eligibility criteria defined for this certification training.   Still, this certification is ideal for IT professionals and technicians, who have adequate work experience in the specific field/technology/service. Relevant MCSA credential is required too.


Course duration depends upon numerous factors. Some such factors are –

  • Training Institute
  • Mode of learning

Depending upon these factors, course duration could be anywhere between 5-8 months.

Training Fees

Training fees may vary from one institute to another. On an average, it can be anywhere between 10-25K INR.


Syllabus and course content varies from one certification category to another. For example, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure program deals with subjects such as cloud computing, server configuration, cloud infrastructure etc.   On the other hand, Productivity certification primarily deals with Microsoft Office products that are aimed at improving work-place productivity.


For attempting MCSE certificate exam, you must have already possess relevant MCSA Certificate. In order to get MCSE certification, you must pass 4 to 5 exams, depending upon the certification program that you choose.

Certification and Re-Certification

After clearing the required tests, you will be a Certified Microsoft Solutions expert. After a designated period (3 years), you must retake relevant tests to re-certify your credentials.

Career prospects

MCSE certified professionals have excellent job opportunities available in front of them. Job profile will vary with the certification that you choose.

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  Prime recruiters are –

  • IT firms
  • MNCs
  • Hardware and Networking firms
  • Telecommunication Firms
  • Tech firms

In the above mentioned firms, MCSE certified professionals may don the following roles –

  • Network technician
  • Network engineer
  • Cloud solutions expert
  • Desktop security and maintenance expert
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