M.Tech. Environmental Engineering: Career Scope, Eligibility & Details

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This article is about Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering program. It is a PG course that B.E./ B.Tech. Environmental Engineering graduates (or other relevant branches that I’ve mentioned in the article) may pursue after completing their Bachelor’s Degree program. Here, I will provide information such as- basic course details, important subjects, eligibility criteria, scope and job opportunities.


Students who are interested in an advanced course that focuses on Environmental issues and solutions may pursue this course. Since this course focuses extensively on waste management (solid and water), renewable energy, sustainable development etc, professionals who have completed this course are in huge demand. Especially the R&D sector has lots of opportunities open for you, after you complete this Master’s Level course. Come, let us check out the basic course details and course duration-

M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering: Basic course details

It is a 2 years long Post Graduate Level program. The 2 years’ duration is divided into 4 semesters, with each semester lasting a period of 6 months each. During each semester, a student will have to face different sets of theoretical subjects and practical lab sessions associated with them. In case of 3rd and 4th semester, along with theoretical subjects, thesis and project work will also play an integral part.


M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering program is about using concepts of Engineering and Technology to study Environmental issues and come up with practical solutions. The motto of B.E./ B.Tech. Environmental Engineering program is also quite the same, but the M.E./ M.Tech. program is of higher level and deals with advanced topics and is much more detailed.


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To get a better idea about the course structure, let us take a look at some of the important subjects present in M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering program-


M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering: Important subjects present

Just the important subjects have been listed. It has been done with the aim of giving a basic idea about the course structure to the readers.

  • Water Treatment and Management
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Project Management
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Industrial Waste Products Treatment
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Environmental System Engineering
  • Environment Protection and Legal Aspects
  • Noise Pollution Control


Along with the theoretical classes, in case of different subjects, practical and experiment sessions are also present. Recurring and elective subjects are also present in M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering program. In 3rd and 4th semester, Thesis and Project work will take up an important place.


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Eligibility Criteria

Since this is a PG course, Bachelor’s Degree in B.E./ B.Tech. Environmental Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Mining Engineering or other similar Engineering Branches is required.As long as the Bachelor’s Degree Branch is relevant, Graduates may pursue this PG course!


Also, in case of Reputed Institutes, candidates must be prepared for face huge competition, when it comes to PG Admissions! They must compete and score well in National Level Entrance test named GATE, to be considered eligible to take part in the admission process! Using this test’s score, Environmental Engineering Graduates may also land job in Public Sector Enterprises!


Career Scope, Salary and Job opportunities

Job opportunities in case of M.E./ M.Tech Environmental Engineering folks are quite similar to that of B.E./ B.Tech. Environmental Engineering Graduates! Talking about Government sector, some departments where Environmental Engineers are required are- PWD Department, Town Planning Department, Pollution Control Board, Agriculture Development Boards, Municipal and Public Offices etc. Graduates will be able to land Officer level posts in the above mentioned Departments after completing M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering.


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Coming to the private sector, Food Processing and Technology Industry is a good place to find a job for graduates. Also, these days, thanks to strict rules, manufacturing and production units and industries are supposed to take care of waste product processing and management. Thus, they too need qualified Environmental Engineering graduates to take care of these activities. Starting salary is generally around 20-40k Rupees, depending upon the profile of the Employer (Private or Government) and Grades obtained by employee in College.


Some common job types and sectors are-

  • Government Engineers (PWD, Town Planning etc)
  • Engineers Working for NGOs
  • Forest Department (Engineer/Assistant Engineer)
  • Government Water Boards and Authorities (for example- Central Ground Water Board, State wise Water Authorities etc)
  • Government Agriculture Boards (State as well as Central)
  • Research Engineer/Scientist
  • Lecturer (Government or Private Institutes)
  • Mining Companies (Engineer as well as Research)
  • Chemical Factories (Engineer as well as Research)
  • Central Pollution Control Board (as well as State Wise Boards and Authorities)


NGOs, Mining firms and Chemical Industries are also known to recruit M.E./ M.Tech. Environmental Engineering graduates. One may also take up a teaching job at Government or Private College after this program. If it is the Research and Development sector in which one wants to build his/her career, then going for PhD course will be of help! Starting up a Consultation firm is also an option that will help one remain self employed!

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