Best Engineering Courses in GTU

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Have you passed 12th standard? Are you planning to pursue a good Engineering program from GTU? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve listed down some of the best Engineering programs that GTU has to offer.

GTU stands for Gujarat Technological University. Many good Engineering colleges in Gujarat are affiliated to this University.   GTU is very well known for upgrading its quality with each passing year. At present, it is laying extra emphasis on practical learning and project work.   GTU offers quality Engineering education to students. Before heading to the meat of the matter – best Engineering courses in GTU – let me provide you with links to some useful guides. Here they are –

Come, let us check out the list of best engineering branches in GTU. Here they are –

Best Engineering courses in GTU

Mechanical Engineering primarily deals with the design, working, maintenance and operation of machines and their parts. It is a vast field and consists of disciplines such as – Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering etc.   Electrical Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering. This branch primarily deals with generation and transmission of electricity, electric circuits, transformers etc. Electrical engineers may pursue Master’s Degree in fields such as CS, EC, Large Scale Integrated Circuits etc.   Civil Engineering, as we all know, primarily deals with planning, construction and maintenance of buildings and other physical structures (bridges, roads, canals, dams etc). It is a very important branch of engineering. It is a vast field and consists of sub-disciplines such as – transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, infrastructure engineering etc.   Chemical Engineering primarily deals with chemical reaction, chemical processes and production of various types of chemicals. Chemical engineers are usually hired by refineries, fertilizer manufacturing firms, chemical factories and oil and natural gas firms.   Computer Science Engineering primarily deals with computer hardware, software and programming. Coding has gained huge popularity in the recent times. We rely on software for tasks such as – banking, finance, education, healthcare, business etc.   IT stands for Information Technology. We rely on IT systems for tasks such as – banking, education, business, healthcare etc. In order to design, develop, install and operate IT systems, we need skilled IT Engineers.   IC stands for Instrumentation and Control. This branch primarily deals with – hydraulics, pneumatic systems, instrumentation, control systems etc. It is a job oriented branch and is known to generate ample job opportunities.   EC stands for Electronics and Communication Engineering. This branch primarily deals with electronic systems, equipment, communication systems, electromagnetic waves etc.   Electronics Engineering primarily deals with electronic systems, circuits, electronic equipment etc. Programming and automation are also important parts of this branch.   Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering deals with electronics as well as telecommunication systems. Though this branch is similar to EC and Electronics Engineering, it focuses extensively on communication systems.   Petroleum Engineering primarily deals with exploration & surveying of potential reservoirs, extraction, processing, storage and transportation of petroleum and other by-products.   Aeronautical Engineering primarily deals with the design, making, maintenance and operation of aircraft and its parts. Engine, wings, electronic systems – this branch covers everything related to an aircraft!   Automobile Engineering can be said to be a part of Mechanical Engineering. This branch made a place of its own after automobile technology has made advance in leaps and bounds! This branch primarily deals with the design, manufacturing, maintenance and research of automobiles!   Plastic Engineering deals with the processing, production and study of plastic products and materials. Plastic is used for making household utensils, toys etc. It is also used in pharmaceutical sector.

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  Food Processing and Technology combines concepts of agriculture, chemistry, food processing and technology. As a result, this branch is capable of increasing food productivity and improving nutrition standards!   Textile Engineering primarily deals with textile machinery, processes, material and production. Textile sector is known to use heavy machinery for processing and production. It also involves chemical processes!

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