Mechatronics Engineering: Eligibility, career prospects & salary

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Mechatronics engineering is an integrated, relatively new, professional course. In this article, you will be reading more details about this course. Some of the important details covered are- basic course details, eligibility criteria, course duration, career scope, syllabus and important topics, postgraduate courses available, alternative courses available, salary and job types available. Let us get started!


Mechatronics engineering is a relatively new professional course that entered the scene recently in India! It is an integrated course. Mechatronics is a field of engineering consisting of elements of other fields of engineering. It is a combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, computer science and engineering, systems engineering, electronics engineering and robotics. The field of mechatronics can be said to be made up of the above mentioned fields.


Eligibility criteria

10+2 Science stream passed students who had Physics and Maths as main subjects are eligible to pursue this professional course. To take part in the admission process, students must also have appeared for state as well as National level entrance tests. Some private institutes/Deemed Universities may have their own private entrance test and selection process, when it comes to the admission process!


Course details & Syllabus

B.E./B.Tech. Mechatronics is a 4 years long Undergraduate level course. The 4 years’ duration can be divided into 8 semesters, with each semester lasting a period of 6 months. At the end of each semester, students have to face the main external examination. Passing this examination will ensure that they are eligible to move on to the next semester.


Let us take a look at the important topics and subjects present in mechatronics engineering program. This will give you an idea about the syllabus-


1st year (semesters 1& 2) subjects-

  • Mathematics-1 & 2
  • Elements of electrical engineering
  • Mechanics of solids
  • Elements of civil engineering
  • Physics
  • Environmental studies
  • Communication skills
  • Computer programming
  • Chemistry
  • Elements of mechanical engineering
  • Engineering graphics/drawing
  • Workshop


3rd semester subjects-

  • Mathematics-3
  • Basic electronics
  • Metallurgy and material science
  • Design tools
  • Digital logic design
  • Industrial drafting


4th semester subjects-

  • Mathematics-4
  • Basic mechatronics
  • Dynamics of machines
  • Control theory
  • Thermodynamics


5th semester subjects-

  • Fluid mechanics
  • C++ programming
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Energy conversion (electro mechanical)
  • Management


6th semester subjects-

  • Micro processors & controllers
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • Electric systems and electric drives
  • Electro mechanical instruments
  • Design of Mechanisms-1


7th semester subjects-

  • Modern control systems
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design
  • Robotics
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Micro controllers and embedded systems


8th semester subjects-

  • Design of mechanisms-2
  • Theory of mechanisms
  • Machine vision
  • Nanotechnology
  • Logic controllers
  • Programming
  • Quality Assurance and Control


It is evident from the syllabus details that there exists recurring subjects. Such subjects are present in more than one semester. Apart from theoretical examination, most subjects also bring with them practical examinations! Industrial visit programs will be held periodically. In case of last two semesters, along with regular studies, there also exists project work. Please note that some of the subjects mentioned in the above list are elective subjects. The availability of elective subjects may vary from one institute to another!


Alternative and PG courses available

There are some alternatives available for those who fail to get admission in B.E./B.Tech. Mechatronics engineering program. Those courses are-

  • B.Sc. Mechatronics
  • Diploma in Mechatronics


After completing B.E./B.Tech. Mechatronics engineering, graduates may go for various postgraduate courses. Some of the well known PG courses available are-

  • M.E./M.Tech. Mechatronics engineering
  • M.Sc. Mechatronics
  • MBA


Career scope, job opportunities and salary details

The field of mechatronics is very promising, when it comes to job opportunities. Mechatronics is a combination of various fields of engineering. Due to this very fact, the field of mechatronics has wide areas of applications! Thanks to the availability of many areas of applications, career prospects associated with this field is also great! Some areas where the knowledge of mechatronics is applied are-

  • Robotics
  • Telecom sector
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Biomedical systems
  • Automation
  • Nanotechnology
  • Metallurgy
  • Biomechatronics


Due to availability of large number of areas of applications, mechatronics graduates have large number of job types to choose from! It is safe to say that mechatronics graduates are very versatile. They are capable of taking up jobs from more than one engineering branch! With further specialization, through PG courses, they may choose a particular discipline and specialize in it! Some such areas of specialization are- Robotics, Biomechatronics, Nanotechnology and Programming.


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Starting salary is generally around the region of 2.5 to 5 Lakh Rupees per year. Salary depends on a number of factors such as profile of the institute (from which one has graduated), profile of the employer, location of job (salary abroad is much better) etc.


Some common job types and opportunities available in front of mechatronics graduates are-

  • Robotics engineer
  • Scientist/ Research engineer
  • Software developer/ Programmer
  • Control systems engineer
  • Automation engineer
  • Automation systems designer
  • Machine designer
  • Mechatronics engineer
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