Genetic Engineering in India: Career scope, syllabus & details

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In this article, we will check out details related to the field of Genetic Engineering. We will check out course details, career prospects, value of the course etc. When compared to other Engineering and science related professional courses, Genetic Engineering is less popular. Students and parents are not aware of this course’s potential. This has resulted in very less number of students taking up this course. Students are skeptic about the career prospects associated with course. In this article, I will provide accurate details and help clear all the doubts and misconceptions that students and parents have been having!

Genetic Engineering: Basic course details

Genetic Engineering can be said to be a combination of two topics- concepts of Biology and concepts of Engineering! This combination course is a new entrant. Genetic Engineering entered the fray long after traditional branches like Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering!

In simple terms, Genetic Engineering is related to the study of Animal as well as plants’ genes. It involves using concepts of Engineering and Technology to recombine DNA of different species, experiment on genes, manipulating and redesigning them etc. Some of the important subjects topics covered are- genome mapping, micro biology, bio chemistry and molecular biology.


Courses available

4 years long BE/B Tech programs are offered by select few number of Colleges. Similarly, B Sc programs are also offered by select few number of Colleges.


Biotechnology is one such field that is closely related to Genetic Engineering. So, if you are unable to go for Genetic Engineering course, you may go for B Sc in Biotechnology or BE/B Tech in Biotechnology. After that, you may choose to specialize in Genetics!


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Eligibility Criteria

12th Science stream students who have had Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects, and have successfully cleared the board examinations are eligible to pursue this course. To get admission into College, one must clear state wise and/or National level Entrance examinations.


Job opportunities and scope

Research sector is the best place where one could build a successful career. Especially since the field of Genetics is developing, research field related to it is being well funded. Lots of job opportunities are present in the R&D field. Skilled Genetic Engineering professionals are in huge demand in the R&D sector.


Apart from that, other noticeable sectors where Genetic Engineering graduates could build a career are- Healthcare, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry and Food processing Industry.

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