ATM Engineering Courses in India (Diploma and Certificate)

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In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of ATM Engineering courses available in India. These courses can be pursued after completing 12th standard or equivalent. If you want to become an ATM Engineer or a technician, these courses will be of help to you! The article covers topics like course details, duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, career prospects and salary details.

What is ATM Engineering? What is it like to become an ATM Engineer or technician? What are the common tasks performed by ATM Engineers or technicians? You will find answers to these questions in the coming paragraphs.

ATM Engineering: Basic Details

I hope that most of you know what an ATM is. ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. It is also known by names like cash machine and automatic banking machine.


In simple terms, an ATM is an electronic telecommunication device that lets customers of financial institutions (example- banks) to carry out financial transactions. The machine is automated and doesn’t require human assistance to dispense money.


ATMs can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Yes, it was introduced keeping easy cash withdrawal process in mind. Since then, the machine has evolved and has now become a multipurpose device!


Using an ATM, one can perform tasks like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mobile recharge and cash transfer (not available in all devices).


ATMs are beneficial to bank customers in many ways. Thanks to ATMs, we now can travel cashless, withdraw money without having to visit a bank, send money to others without visiting a bank etc.


In the past few years, the penetration of ATMs have improved vastly in India. Now we can spot and use ATMs even in remotest parts of India! The availability and density of ATMs will improve in the coming years. Banks in India are putting considerable effort towards installing and activating ATMs in urban as well as rural areas. This trend has ignited the demand for qualified ATM engineers and technicians.


ATM engineers are trained professionals who are involved in design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repairing of ATM machines. They cater to the needs of the ATM industry.


Observing the situation in India, it is safe to say that the ATM industry will go through a phase of growth. This means that ATM engineers and technicians will be in huge demand!


An ATM machine is like a computer. It is made up of hardware components and run software (OS). ATM Engineers are trained to deal with technical aspects related to hardware and software used in ATMs. Using this knowledge, they may work in stages like production, design, maintenance, installation and repair of ATM machines!


Let us check out the course details now –


ATM Engineering Courses

In India, ATM Engineering courses are available in two main formats –

  • Diploma course
  • Certificate course


Let us check out each course format in detail and find vital details about them –


1 Diploma in ATM Engineering

It is a Diploma certificate course.


Duration: 1 year. Note: Duration may vary from one institute to another.


Eligibility criteria: 10+2 passed or equivalent.


Admission process: Depending upon the institute, it could be direct admission process or merit based admission process.


2 Certificate in ATM Engineering

It is a certification program. It is not as valued as its Diploma counterpart. Still, it is enough to acquire basic ATM Technician skills.


Duration: 6 months. Note: Duration may vary from one institute to another.


Eligibility criteria: 10+2 passed or equivalent.


Admission process: Depending upon the institute, it could be direct admission process or merit based admission process.



I’ve listed some core subjects present in ATM Engineering course. The list will help you get a better idea about the course structure.

  • Software and Operating System
  • Hardware components (CPU, Vault, Magnetic card, Body etc)
  • Installation Techniques
  • ATM Engineering and Technology
  • Communication Skills
  • Safety Setups
  • Practical Training

Career prospects and job opportunities

ATM Engineers and technicians are hired by banks as well as firms manufacturing ATMs and its components. They may work as part time or full time employees in such work setups.


In firms manufacturing ATM machines and its components, ATM engineers and technicians may work in sections like design, assembly line, production and quality control.


In case of a bank job, they will have to take care of tasks like inspection, maintenance and repair of ATM machines and their components. Other than that, they will also have to travel to predetermined locations and install new machines (when asked by the bank). They are also known to carry out refilling (money) task of ATMs.


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Starting salary depends upon factors such as job profile, job location and profile of the employee. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, starting salary could be anywhere between 7-15K Rupees per month.

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