CPL Course: Stages, Syllabus, Cost, Duration & Details

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Do you want to become a Commercial Pilot? Do you want to know more about the CPL training program in India? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will take a closer look at the standard CPL training program in India.

CPL Course Details

In this post, I’ve covered the following aspects of CPL training –

  • Ground training program
  • Simulator training program
  • Flight training program


We will have an in-depth analysis of each aspect of CPL training in this post! Yes, we will check out what the ground training program is like (subjects, duration and details), what the simulator training is like (equipment and details) and what the flying training part (duration and details) is like.


In India, it is not uncommon to see youngsters nourish the dream of becoming a commercial pilot! Only a handful of them manage to become a pilot though! Lack of proper career planning, lack of knowledge (about relevant courses and training), expensive training – these are some of the major factors stopping youngsters from becoming a pilot!


I’ve already written few articles about this profession. Here they are – how to become a commercial pilot in India and how to become a commercial pilot at low cost. Readers may use these guides to obtain important information about this profession.


Come, let us take a closer look at CPL training program. In the next section, you will find the following details – important stages of CPL training, subjects and duration. Let us start –


CPL Training: Syllabus, Training, Duration and Details

In India, IGRUA is the most popular CPL training institute. As a result, I’ve used their training program as reference material. The details provided in this post are derived from their training program and schedule.


CPL training program is not easy to crack! It is an intensive training program. Pilot training cadets have to undergo ground training, simulator training and flight training to obtain the CPL. It is only after clearing routine internal tests and DGCA exam that they stand a chance to earn the license!


CPL training program is popularly known as Ab Initio to CPL course. Ab Initio means – ‘from the beginning’. In short, this training program trains ‘raw’ candidates and turns them into commercial pilot material! IGRUA’s CPL course is coupled with Instrument and Multi Engine endorsement along with an option for B.Sc. Aviation Degree.


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CPL course can be broadly divided into three main parts –

  • Ground training
  • Simulator training
  • Flying training


Let us take a closer look at each stage –


1 Ground Training

Ground training consists of the following subjects –

Subjects Duration
Air Navigation 170 hours
Flight planning 80 hours
Aviation Meteorology 120 hours
Air Frames and Engines 110 hours
Tech Specific DA 40, DA 42, TB 20 80 hours
Air Regulations 100 hours
RTR 60 hours
Cockpit Resource Management 35 hours
Training Films 20 hours


Let us check out the simulator training phase now –


2 Simulator Training

Simulator training consists of the following aspects –

Training program Duration
Pilot Flying on CPT (Cockpit Procedure Trainer) for single engine aircraft 20 hours
Pilot Flying on twin engine simulator 20 hours


Let us check out the flying training phase now –


3 Flying Training

200 hours of flying training for obtaining CPL, IR and multi-engine rating (provided as per DGCA requirements).


Let us check out the cost and fees associated with CPL training course. Here it is –


CPL course: Fees and Cost

Ab Initio to CPL course will set you back by 4200000 INR. Other expenses (study material, uniform, equipment etc) will set you back by 200-250 K INR.

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