B.Sc. Digital Media Technology

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Hi readers! In this article, we will check out a professional course that is related to Digital Media Technology. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of B.Sc. in Digital Media course.

  Here, you will find everything you need to know about this academic program. This post covers details about the course such as – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, fees, scope, PG courses and career prospects.   This academic program is also known as B.Sc. in Digital Media Technology. Though the names of these courses are slightly different from each other, they share the same course content.   This academic program revolves around Digital Media Technology and its allied areas. It is a multidisciplinary field.   Here is an overview of the academic program –

  • Name of the course: B.Sc. in Digital Media
  • Type of course: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Field: Science
  • Duration: 3 years (regular classroom course)
  • Eligibility: Completed 10+2 or High school Diploma or equivalent qualification

What is Digital Media Technology all about? What’s the scope and potential associated with this domain? What is it like to become a Digital Media professional? You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Here it is –

Digital Media Technology: An Introduction

Digital Media is also known as New Media. It consists of Digitized Content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks.   Websites, Blogs, web portals, Digital TV, E Books, Video games etc are examples of Digital Media. Thanks to the internet and smartphone revolution, Digital Media has become very popular among people.   Digital Media is steadily replacing other forms of communication and information broadcasting such as Newspapers, magazines, radio etc. Also check – B.Sc. courses after 12th.   Digital Media Technology deals with the technology being used in Digital Media systems. It consists of various aspects such as –

  • Interactive Media
  • Web Designing
  • 3D Animation and Modeling
  • Internet Technology
  • Graphics
  • Media Processing
  • And more…

It is a very broad field and consists of multiple sub-disciplines. For example, Game Design is a sub-discipline of Digital Media. Also check – Digital Marketing courses in India.   Let us take a closer look at the course details. Here it is –

Course Details

Type of course

It is a Bachelor’s Degree course.


The regular classroom program is 3 years long.


10+2 pass or High School Diploma or equivalent qualification.

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Here are some of the important subjects present in B.Sc. Digital Media curriculum –

  • Visual Design
  • Media Processing
  • Digital Technology
  • Internet Technology
  • Web Design and Development
  • 3D Animation and Modeling
  • Game Design
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising

Career Prospects

Digital Media professionals have access to diverse job opportunities and profiles. As I pointed out before, this domain is quite vast. It consists of many sub-disciplines and areas of specialization. Due to this factor, there exists many job profiles, based on these sub-disciplines. Also check – courses after 12th science stream.   Here are some of the prime recruiters –

  • Digital Marketing firms
  • Digital Media firms
  • Game Design firms
  • Marketing and Advertising firms
  • News agencies
  • PR and Branding firms
  • IT firms

In the above mentioned firms, Digital Media professionals may don the following roles (depending upon his/her specialization) –

  • Digital Marketer
  • Content Creator
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Editor
  • Sub-Editor
  • Digital Media Journalist
  • Game Designer
  • Analyst
  • Technician
  • Operations Manager
  • Programmer
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